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My interpretation of the Genesis song "Entangled"; which is like my favorite song by them. Kinda made this for my bro since him and I are huge fan's of the band.

The girl was based off the original design in the album cover. I have no clue who the original artist is. >.<

I'm going to do my own version of the album cover soon just for fun...oy that'll be a challenge.

More stuff on the way soon.

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Brilliant. I wasn't sure about the paper in her hand, but after looking for it for a while it's an interesting focal point.

You have a great style - it's good to see a consistent style. How did it come about?
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It came about by accident really as for my shading style. I was actually doing an imitation of Alberto Vargas work and I just made it darker and smokey. Mixed with elements of the 20's/70's/and 1800's. :)

Just started doing it one day and was like "hey...this is good..XD"
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That's interesting to hear, so it was a kind of organic?

Thanks. :)
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that almost looks like you did it on computer. Nice work :thumbsup: :)
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Most of it is handrawn except for the text and rusty background.
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thats really awsome.
what do you use to color your art?
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pencil, photoshop. lol you should know by now, you saw me do it in the compy lab :3
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yeah, thanks.
I love your art.
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