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Captain Boba Les

Captain Boba Les. No...not Bubbles, not Bo bo Less...he hates it when you call him that! :P Boba Les is the Admiral of the Wonderlanian Navel Fleet, and is also the prime conductor of the Transylvanian Express down to the Metalworks District. He may look soft and fluffy...but he packs a punch and hates it when you give him cutsey names. He's cursed you know! Transformed into an adorible bunny until he learns not to be mean and selfish. That an a crazy gypsy cast it on him, and he has no clue how to get rid of it. He was quite the handsome man then, but now he's just a ball of sailor cursing fluff.

Captain Boba Les from "CLOCKS": copyright 2005-2007 Calliopie

Don't steal mah artwork...I don't want to kill you...
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© 2007 - 2021 Calliopie
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Your incredible art has been featured here: Organic Feature II! Enjoy your day. :blackrose:
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wow is all i can say, aww
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i absolutly adore your style..the textures are gorgeous and i love your characters
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Thank ye kindly! Your work is amazing too, Fairy Tales ftw! <3
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Thank yah dear. :)
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This is something fierce! It stands out in style and character design, and for that, it's definately worth the fave. Great job!
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Thanks for the comment and the fav :)
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No clue how how to return to normal, eh?
Has anyone tried kissing his nose yet? No? May I? He's so cute HAHA.

Great color scheme. It looks so dark and dramatic, which makes a good contrast with.. uhm, the bunny.
I love his helmet, all the details and ornaments and that creepy eye. lovelovelove. :+fav:
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Well you could kiss his would probably just make him blush and then after coming to, cursing at you for messing up his fuzz. :P

Thanks for likeing ze drawing^^
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Pretty cool and contrasty...Me gusta mucho. :D
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It looks like he has a 3rd eye :)
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Hey, just letting you know that we've featured this piece in a news article.


Great work!
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Thanks for lettin me know :)
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can i call him boba fett? :D
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That's cute! I love how all your art comes out!
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Cursed or not but he is cute anyway. :D
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