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Beautiful Invention

"How can I invent?....when she is the only invention I want..."

Oh Hare, his mind set tends to fixate. He thinks that Alice is the greatest invention in Wonderland's history...or woman for that matter. While she wanders the Chess Kingdom's dark forests he rests and ponders his perdicament...and how to win her heart. Being so shy he hasn't a clue how to tame this witty woman. He'll get his chance. Conch Lake awaits!

CLOCKS copyright 2005-2007 to me

please do not steal or copy my artwork. thank you
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© 2007 - 2021 Calliopie
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wow! Cool, :D nice work as always Calliopie!! How was your week? :)
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my week has been a stress pot!! I have a pile of sketches laying around needing my attention, including your's and it'sa paining me not to work on them waaannhh
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D8 take a breather honey! >_< dont get so stressed out! DX
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I really like this one. It's in your classic style. Plus, he're always good eyecandy. ^^
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wow really nice, I really like the tones and the color!
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