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Within the Red Queens military stronghold lies the Card Regiment. These soldiers are prized within her reign, born to kill anything in their path. The hearts and diamonds can be spotted distinctively within battle because of their brightly colored red accents and numbered sashes. These warriors mount upon giant crows their reigns adorned in thorny roses with bleeding crimson paint dripping from their petals.

The Imperials of Wonderland fear such an army of men, and those who gaze upon their numbers tremble with horror. Blood will spill and fills the rivers for their beloved Queen. Do not be fooled by such decoration..your head on a pike is their only goal.

Concept and design (c) to me 2009
"CLOCKS" (c) to me 2005-2009
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© 2009 - 2021 Calliopie
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Another great piece!
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Excellent work Calliopie.
FelixMcCat's avatar
I love his mustache
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so fierce! I love it.
my favorite part is the elegance of his armor
plus his amazing mustache
matched with his apparent nastiness towards the queen's enemies!
awesome work. :D
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thanks so much XD Rather proud of this design, I wanted to add in elements of the Pearly Court from the cockney regions of the U.K with a more organic 16th century look.

This guy probably gives some serious mustache rides...his teeth are pretty knarley though XDD
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on a good day he can probably fit about 6 children and a family dog on just one side of those mighty whiskers.

whatever sort of fashion ideas you set in motion, they look way fine. :lol: I'll be honest, I don't know a thing about the pearly court, but I'm assuming they liked oyster bars
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hehehe I wouldn't doubt it, their sea ports are pretty hefty XD The Pearly Court is a traditional way of Cockey attire. They wear black and have pearls and buttons all over their outfits. I had to dress as one for a ballet of Mary Poppins some years ago.


way loads of awesome right there XD
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that's awesome!
the guy looks strangely happy to be decked out in shinies
also: his hat is hilarious.

I'd say you pulled off the pearly posit pretty well!
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