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So I've been reading some Fallout Equestria lately. I admit, I've spoiled a bit of it on TV Tropes, and personally, I don't think the setting quite so meshes well, uh, well, My Little Pony, but eh.

This is the result.
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... Goddess want an ear-scratch without assimilating me? *gulp*
UnityOfFactors's avatar
Hello, I was wondering if I could use this as a backdrop for a Youtube Video for a song I made for Fallout: equestria
DinoDude75's avatar
"I am The Goddess, I don't have to answer you."
Tsuki222's avatar
Beautifuly grotesque!
saftaman's avatar
Man,the Master was one of the gratest antagonists ever. Sadly he didnt have much dialog and the battle against him was realy easy.
Nobodylord's avatar
I dont have to prove anything to you! Prove.
Brandonloyal's avatar
So Trixie has become the master? so the Unity is becoming an Alicorn correct?
Acesential's avatar
This is perfect. You meshed The Master and Trixie perfectly.
nomadthedashite's avatar
Can I use this as her main image in the wiki? Thanks in advance. Great artwork as well.
Jackinasphere's avatar
Yeah this is pretty cool man :). Though I personally imagined Trixie as being something closer to a giant face made out of arcane energy.
CallingCtulhu's avatar
As I've said, I might have taken a *few* liberties =P
mdude009's avatar
Man I loved this guy, remembered his whole dialogue too. Funny story, Fallout Equestria actually convinced me to get the original Fallouts, never regretted it, kinda sad the stories over now but it ended well.
CallingCtulhu's avatar
Fallout 1 & 2 have one of the best video game endings ever!
slicerness's avatar
... you went into a fallout crossover thinking it would be sunshine and rainbows?
:iconimhappyplz: Lmao
that's hilarious.

but seriously, this is pretty cool.
Well, Pinkie did Promise Sunshine and Rainbows.
Stanwuuz's avatar
oooh, this made me feel like playing fallout 1 again X) Great work bro!
McMesser's avatar
Saw this first thing that comes to mind is "AHHHHHH WHAT IS THIS!"

But its pretty cool, but weird, but cool.
CallingCtulhu's avatar
I may have several issues. Maybe I just like drawing nightmarish things <_<
chinman's avatar
Bleh, I think it was probably for the best Littlepip never actually saw what the Goddess looked like. :P
CallingCtulhu's avatar
Eh, chances are that she'd gotten use to whatever morbid sights she'd encounter by now
Digara's avatar
Yeah, Trixie is more or less the master in the story, but her appearance is never stated, whenever she speaks 'in person' she projected an image of herself.
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
WHAOOO I can just say whaooo
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