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detangling dangerous circuitry
at the beginning
I was innocent
I believed I was strong
I believed I was secure
I believed I was a protector
I believed I was an advocate
I believed I stood for righteousness
I believed I stood for justice
I believed I stood for healing
I believed I stood for the weak
I believed I stood for the helpless
I believed this would never change
but slowly
I became the weak
I became the helpless
to all the pain that I witnessed
to all the cruelty I saw committed
to all the indifference and even prejudice
my voice started out strong and diminished to a silence
I was silence by all of the
popular politics
the strong opinions
the negative thoughts
the active gaslighting
my voice died a slow cruel death
silently watching
my soul screamed
and I could remember a message from King that said
that those that stand by are just as guilty of the perpetrators
and I knew I was guilty
the guilt ate away at me
my happiness corroded
rotten on the inside
but happiness remained intact on the outside
toxic energy
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 5 4
Lions on Acid
Cake consumes cob:
it's a natural order from the deities of tobacco.
Faith dies when it won't come true.
It's hard to tell what came and what we simply never knew
If I saw you right now, I'd pretend we were red soda again.
I'd tell you stories about ponies and plants and perfume and
I'd lick the sticky, icky essence of your mind. It's rather
that you didn't kill yourself
Because, we are men.
That means that if you were dead,
I'd dance around in a kilt like a man waiting for
cannons and barets
and time to reverse so that
moments of
owwwwwwwwwwwww motion.
You and I were just lonely like lions and
did you know they were lonely?
Kings and things….
Pegasi with fucked up tails and crisply burnt wings,
dying and dyeing.
Don't remind me why. It's november
in my heart.
It gets too cold when we remember
that we may not be human.
I don't feel like I fit the description.
I can twist the tippy top of my toes until the
:iconaxes4six:axes4six 2 2
A Dream Caught In Time
Last night I dreamed about a fish that was caught in time.
I watched as it tried to swim forward,
Like a salmon to spawn, jumping upstream over waterfalls,
Pushing through this linear path that humanity has created
So we can compare our impure existence
To something that means nothing to anything outside our sphere of consciousness.
Even our language compares
What has happened
What is happening
What will happen
To the moment in which we speak.
But who am I to question such things?
I am no ruler of time,
Nor can I give humanity a machine
Often wished for
In order to warp the grains of time
I am sorry.
I have no magic spells,
No super powers to grant you your wishes
And I cannot change the course of history as you asked of me.
All I can do is dream.
Of a fish?
But all I can do is dream
And in those dreams,
This thing we call time comes to its own power
In a universe that it has created on its own terms
And shows me snippets
Of the potential beauty my mind could create.
:iconthatbookishwriter:ThatBookishWriter 1 2
when death put its hand
on my shoulder,
it shivered;
i was already
:iconinnoctemn:innoctemn 108 19
I Am Flawed
From body to soul and in between,
They blotch the parchment that is me;
I know of worse flaws I have seen,
But surely
I am flawed.
I sometimes lose my temper,
Use my mouth before my mind;
I ponder things I could do better,
And regret them for a time.
I can be harsh, I can be blunt,
I tend to hide my thoughts;
But this is far from what I want:
To be in someone's heart.
Comparisons are hard to make
Since we are all unique.
But half the time my words are fake;
The real me is a freak.
These flaws define me, describe me—
They make me what I am.
In that light, I'm proud to say that
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 523 203
A Tree that is Me
A Tree that is Me
I guess
you know best,
but why don't
I trust in
you gave?
I don't feel
'cause you gave me that
but I don't feel
I feel like a tree
a tree
that is me
I can see other
and see all I see
but I've got no
and I've got no love
all I have
is a tree
that is me
but I do have feet
why only can I
Why am I not
We use feet
to meet
but I haven't met
and I've got no love
just myself
and I'm a bum
"Don't worry"
you've said
"It will come"
but I do worry
and it hasn't come
and I see all the trees
but they can't see
sometimes it drives me
and I've got no love
and I
I am sad."
:iconwebmasterseb:webmasterseb 1 0
LSD Grin
Electrified, grinned, bucked pearls sizzle
LSD's grin, potential philosopher's grin
Expand eternally philosopher!
Great pioneer of Earthly heavens and hells!
Drink of the nectar of life!
Boiling between gum and cheek
Great gulps of what... sanity?
We're not lost
We exist
Loving and sewing
Along the path we walk leading... where?
To dissolve... dissolve... dissolve
Miscarriage into the breathing cosmos of Self!
Fattening Self loving Self Self centered
We are the bloated Sun of our perception
Living finite in the infinite Now
Now! Now! Poet, you always speak of Now!
Now is our eternal joy! Eternal destruction!
Guzzled hungrily by mathematical patterns
I can hear color! †grooves on every note
Slaughtering the finite brain to create...
An excerpt from "LSD Giggles"
:iconnostrovia-poetry:nostrovia-poetry 5 4
A Strange Kind of Love
Held close by four walls;
One door, our exit.
We sit and listen
To the music flow.
I smile as you sing
to your favorite tune;
You gaze affectionately when I laugh,
Completely enthralled.
Other people stop and stare
When they enter our sacred space.
They do not comprehend how two such as us
Can blend so smoothly together.
There is nothing that can change us,
How we interact.
We fight through it all;
Our issues always resolve.
It is natural for us to want to be close.
Skin to skin contact will be our demise
For when we connect our blood burns high
With passion no one can understand.
You are mine where I am faithfully yours.
Eventually eternity will be ours
As we fade into the night
Two vampires, bond as one
Sharing in the blissful darkness.
:iconsquidilypie:SquidilyPie 3 40
I am Bisexual
Don't like it?
Good for you
cause I dont care what you think
I am Gothic
I am Emo
I am A nerd
but who gives a shit?
I sure as hell don't!
Respect me for WHO I am
Or don't bother talking to me
Cause I will NEVER change
Never have, and never will
I am Bisexual
I am proud to be one
Don't like it?
GOOD for you
I love a guy
I love a girl
It is MY life
NOT yours to control
So don't bother judging me
cause I don't care what you think
I am WHO I am
and thats NEVER gonna change
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 32 50
Nature Weeps (poem edition)
Armed with chainsaws and machinery
i invade your sanctuaries.
My heart is set on destroying your land.
For i have come to chop down
and not replant.
I have come to use
and not replenish.
For i am man
and who can stop me.
I come in the name of industrialisation.
I come to take and build vast nations.
O nature submit to my bloody will.
Why doth thou try to resist the enevitable.
Your forests will become wastelands.
Your green leaves, smoltering ash.
Each day i will pollute you.
I will dump chemicals in your rivers.
i will fill the air with toxic gases.
i will disfigure the face of the land.
So weep, nature, weep.
Weep for all you have lost.
Weep for world that you have nurtured.
Weep for future generations that shall suffer for my actions.
Weep for me.
Weep for my generation
whose hands have hurt you so....
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 10 2
Best Friend or Not
I'm talking to you, yes you, the one that's staring at me right now
And I ask you if you remember me
Then, as I expected, you shake your head 'no'
You know, I'm that blonde girl you used to hang around
The one you used to call "Best friend"?
Still nothing? You've got to remember, you left me for my sister
You were my best friend, we used to be so close
Then that summer came, the summer that was more than a bummer
Well, for me anyway
You know, the one where we stopped talking?
Well, it was my fault I guess, I was going through a lot
I wonder if you would have cared
I tried to talk to you again at school, but I guess I was still upset
I'm sorry, truly, I am
I failed at being a good best friend
But then, you gave up on me, you started talking to my sister
And never stopped
You reminded me of everyone else
Always choosing her over me
But, hey, I accepted that a long time ago from everyone else
But not from you, never from you
But that's okay that you don't remember me
Because I remember yo
:iconsingerofthenight:SingerOfTheNight 11 2
Running in Reverse
You're standing at the finish line,
watching saccharine snowflakes settling
on the ground in front of you,
sweetening it as if it were the black coffee
you couldn't bring yourself to drink.
What's beneath it?
You aren't sure, but your feet are bare
and your fingers are frozen
and you find yourself terrified
that if you step forward you'll be cut,
so you fall backwards – one step, two,
and soon you're chasing the clock,
trying to convince it to chime in reverse,
so you can run a race against yourself
back to the starting line,
just to see how fast you can go.
Before you realize it,
you're at the beginning looking ahead,
but it blends with the finish line view,
frozen, forbidden, forlorn –
you're fighting to forget about the landscape
you've come to know as familiar,
because the quivers of your calves feels like failure;
they refuse to resume running between the two
like a train on its track going forth and back,
so you sidestep onto the subgrade and make your own path,
:iconcommonstrosity:commonstrosity 4 6
Lights of Destruction
I am not brave.
But I will fight.
I believe that this is wrong,
and I won't back down.
Lights of destruction,
hitting the walls of my home.
But I'm a Gryffindor,
the brave at heart.
This battle has begun,
I'll prove myself as my parents son.
Stone warriors, fighting to protect
Death and despair floating in the air.
A true hero dead in a friends arms,
" I'll follow you,
When  Hell Freezes Over"
The sword is in my hand,
the snake now dead at his feet.
His enemy now ,
alive, standing tall.
The battle continues,
through the castle walls.
Lives changed forever,
friends died
this war has ended,
and love has won over all.
:icondezzi5643:dezzi5643 4 3
                             Love          Hate
                              Each        Time
                            that we have fought,
                             and had lost sight
:iconfreezemybrain:FreezeMyBrain 6 7
Sound of Strings
The sound of strings floated into my ears
As I listened and reached for another beer
The strum of the guitar, the beauty of the harp
Makes a great and wonderful sound, not too sharp
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 0 4
Seek Not An Answer
I can show you no truths, I can lead you to no revelations.
I can not show you the way.
The path you take is yours alone, and you must walk it alone.
But if you are tired, if you are hungry, if you are cold I can help you.
But one night we can pretend we are not alone, we can laugh and sing and dance.
Fight back the darkness and our demons, laugh in the face of desolation.
For in the morning the sun will show us for what we really are.
Two strangers, weathering a storm.
:iconweaselfreelance:weaselfreelance 4 5

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