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NFS's Fallaway of Dream by CalliesKennel WWMM-Stage 1- Eva's Meeting her Pasture Buddy by CalliesKennel

Drengir Level Icons Earned

Barn level icon by Only-Blue27

Horse Level: Barn


Bullet; Blue Full Body drawings (+ 3 VP each) :  6VP
NFS's Fallaway of Dream by CalliesKennel WWMM-Stage 1- Eva's Meeting her Pasture Buddy by CalliesKennel
Bullet; Blue Half-body drawings (+2 VP each) :
Bullet; Blue Head shots (+3 VP each) :
Bullet; Blue Animation (simple / + 4 VP each) :
Bullet; Blue Animation (difficult / + 7 VP each) :

Bullet; Purple Simple background (+ 3 VP each) : 6VP
Bullet; Purple Elaborate background (+ 6 VP each) : 
Bullet; Orange 1 rider included (+4 VP each) : 
Bullet; Orange All supplementary humans / humanoïds (+ 1 VP per human / humanoïd) :



Bullet; Blue Competition phase drawing with BG ( + 7 VP each) :
Bullet; Blue Competition phase drawing without BG (+ 4 VP each) :

Bullet; Purple Additionnal competition drawing with BG (+4 VP each) :
Bullet; Purple Additionnal competition drawing without BG (+ 2 VP each) : 


Bullet; Green 1st Place (+ 3 VP each) :
Bullet; Green 2nd Place (+ 2 VP each) :  
Bullet; Green 3d Place (+1 VP each) : 
Bullet; Green Other prizes (+ 1,5 VP each) :


Bullet; Blue Both parents - Full Bodies (+ 1 VP each drawing) : 2VP

Bullet; Blue Both parents - Half Bodies (+ 4 VP each drawing) :
Bullet; Blue Both parents - Headshots (+ 4 VP each drawing) :  



Today Is my birthday and in honor of it. You can do art of my animals... Ill do art in return or give slots to you in return... Comment below.....

So from My Kennel -westchester Kennel Here is a list of dogs you can pick from.-WestChester Kennel: Dogs-Updated May 2018

From my NorthernFjordKennels-Northern Fjord Kennels Roster
NorthernFjordStables-Northern Fjord Stables Roster
From CopperCrestFarm-Cooper Crest Farm Horses

CooperCrestFarm TB's -Copper Crest Farm- Thoroughbreds

Rainbow Mountain Lizards
Rainbow Mountain Goats
Rainbow Mountain Horses
Rainbow Mountain Snakes

Northern Aquarium-
Northern Aquarium Roster

PineLake Nordanners

CCF's Ocean Harmony by CalliesKennel

CCF's Ocean Harmony

(Firefly x Dazzler)
5 Year Old Chestnut TB 
Cross Country
Price:  50 Points or 1 Headshot Image
Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN

CCF's Starlite Rhythm-Lease by CalliesKennel

CCF's Starlite Rhythm-Lease

(SugarFlash x Rapid Blossom)
6 Year Old Black TB
Cross Country

Price:  50 Points or 1 Headshot Image
Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN
Prompt 1-Summertime
what does your bristol do in the summer? Does it chase butterflies or dragonflies?

Prompt 2-Beach day
Does your Bristol like the beach? What do you do with your Bristol at the beach?

Prompt 3- Tricks or Talent
Does your Bristol know any tricks like Bow? Lay down? 
Beginner Prompt 1- Choosing your Bristol
How did you choose your Bristol? 

Beginner Prompt 2-Meeting your Bristol
How did you meet your Bristol and how did he or she react? 

Beginner prompt 3-Buying your Bristol
How did you get your first Bristol?

Beginner Prompt 4- Bringing your Bristol Home
How did you bring your Bristol home and how far of a ride? Did you have any stops on the way? 

  • Drinking: Water
June 2, 2018-
The group is looking for more members! We currently have a show going on and some imports. We have Bristol Mini's and Bristol Ponys up for adoption. So you would like to join comment here.. We also have a discord... Bristol Horse Discord Group

The Bristol Mini's -

Bristol Horse Mini Import Set 1 - 4/4 Open by SkyWolfSpirit Open is #3, #4 , #5

The Bristol Pony's  

Bristol Horse Imports P002, P003, P004 All OPEN by CascadiaRiverKennels OPEN is #4

Open Imports-
Bristol Horse Import C005 
Bristol Horse Import C008
Bristol Horse Import D005

These Bristols are owned by Rose-Valley-Stable and she is selling them
rose-valley-stable.deviantart.…--no extra art, so id sell for 30 pts.

rose-valley-stable.deviantart.… --- no extra art, 30 pts

rose-valley-stable.deviantart.… -- has 2 extra arts, has one first place and one-second place awards, and is full Bristol, so id sell for 60-70 points with rights to one breeding regardless if he is gelded.

#M005-Touch of Golden Sun -20 points

#M004 Midas's Gold- 20 points

So if you would like a Bristol comment Here. You can also join the group  Bristolhorse 
  • Drinking: Water
I am currently offering Free Nordanner Headshots for the Spread The Love Raffle
So if you have a horse that needs some love, please comment their reference below!


                                                   Click links below icons to go to point count for each group.


CCF's Caramel Candie by CalliesKennel Candie and Brownie-Halter by CalliesKennel


2nd Place by Diamondback-Ranch

                                                                                 0 :points:/250 USD

Registration Images : 1 

>CCF's Caramel Candie

Training Images : 

Effort Shows:

Candie and Brownie Halter-Monthly Show Results March

RNG Shows :

Other :

Breeding :

+ Story : 

Lineage :

> [S]  CCF's  Coal Miner
>[D] CCF's Blazing Dawn
> [SS] Dark Light
> [SD]  Silver Light

Offspring :



                                                   Click links below icons to go to point count for each group.


CCF's Thunderfire by CalliesKennel Storm and Thunder by CalliesKennel TB Family Adopt 03 *SOLD* by angry-horse-for-life


                                                                                  0 :points:7,500 USD

TheJockeyClub :  11 RP

                                                                        > Approved Level: Beginner | 10 RP | :star:

Registration Images : 1 

>CCF's Thunderfire (Current) (1) rp


Training Images : 

Effort Shows:

Storm and Thunder- Results: 2nd place

RNG Shows :

Other :

TB Family Adopt 03

Breeding :

+ Story : 

Lineage :

> [S] Unknown 
>[D] Unknown 
> [SS] Unknown
> [SD]  Unknown

Offspring :


                                                   Click links below icons to go to point count for each group.


CCF's Modern Song by CalliesKennel Song's SVI Maiden April  2018 by CalliesKennel


                                                                                  0 :points:/5,438.76 USD

TheJockeyClub :

   > Approved Level: Beginner |

Registration Images : 1 

 >CCF's Modern Song (Current) (1) rp

Training Images : 

Effort Shows:

>Song's SVI Maiden April 2018 ( 3) rp
>Result 2nd Place (2)rp
>winnings: 4,000

RNG Shows :

Other :

Breeding :

Lineage :

> [S] Modern Society 0.5 RP
>[D] Songbird 0.5 RP
> [SS] I Was Framed 0.5 RP
> [SD] Medaglia D'Oro  0.5 RP

Offspring :

                                                                                   Siberian Huskies
                                                          :bulletpink: WCK's Electra (Starter x Starter) [100% Siberian Husky]
                                                          :bulletblue: WCK's Tonka (Starter x Starter) [ 100% Siberian Husky]

                                                                                      Standard  Poodles
                                                        :bulletpink: WCK's Daisy's Belle (Starter x Starter) [100% Poodle]
       :bulletpink: WCK's Violet Rose ( Starter x Starter) [100% Poodle]
    Labrador Retrievers

                                                                   :bulletpink: WCK's Callie ( Unknown ) [ Lab mix]
                                        :bulletblue: WCK's Radiant Rascal (WBS Keebles Drawing Rascal x WBS The Shadows) 
                                                    :bulletpink: WCK's Maggie (Starter X Starter) [100% Lab]
                                                    :bulletblue: WCK's Trousers Chili ( Starter x Starter ) [100% Lab] 

WCK's Lulu  (Starter x Starter) 100% Lab:bulletpink:

       Golden Retrievers
:bulletpink: WCK's Rosoideae (Starter x Starter) [100% Golden Retriever]

                                                                                           Pit Bull Terriers 
                                         :bulletblue: WCK's Lana (Starter x Starter) [100 % Pit Bull Terrier]

                                                                         Black and Tan Coonhounds
                                      :bulletpink: WCK's Sadie (Starter X Starter ) [100% Black & Tan Coonhound]

                                                                                        Belgian Malinois
                                 :bulletpink: WCK's Kalahari (Starter x Starter ) [100% Belgian Malinois]

                                                              Kerry Blue Terriers
                                    :bulletpink: WCK's Paris ( Starter x Starter) [ 100% Kerry Blue Terrier]

                                                    Cocker Spaniels
:bulletpink:WCK's Shelbie (Starter xStarter) [100% Cocker Spaniels]

                                                           Hygen Hound
                                                   :bulletpink: WCK  Drama Queen ( Starter x Starter) [100% Hygen Hound]

:bulletblue: WCK's Patches (Starter x Starter) 

English Springer Spaniel
:bulletpink: WCK's Sophie ( Starter x Starter) 

Australian Shepherds
:bulletblue: BSK/WCK's Prince of Anything (BSK's Boomer x BSK's Dawn )

English Mastiff
:bulletpink: WCK's Apricot ( Starter x Starter)

:bulletpink:  WCK's Orchid ( Rex x WCK's Rosoideae)
:bulletblue: WCK's Mad Maddox ( Starter x Starter)

:bulletblue:  WCK Scout (Starter x Starter)

Irish Setters
:bulletpink: WCK's Maeve (starter x Starter)

dogs total 

13 Females 
6 males
Day 1- Arrival 
Bristol Grand Opening Show D004 Sage Words Arrival

Day 2- Vet Check 

Day 3- 
D004 Sage Words ridden by Aline Robertson-Bristol Horse Grand Opening Show Halter Entry

Day 3 - Liberty-
Grand Opening Show D004 Sage Words Liberty Entry

Day 3 - Leadline
Grand Opening Show D004 Sage Words Leadline Entry

Day 4-Hunter Under Saddle

Day 4-
Hunter Over Fences

Day 5-
Break Day

Day 6-

Day 6-
Pas De Deux

Day 6-
Freestyle Dressage

Day 7-
Break Day

Day 8-
Singles Driving

Day 8-
Paired Driving

Day 8-
Singles Harness

Day 8-
Paired Harness

Day 9-
  1. NFS Apple Twist-Apple and Moon - Halter Class RNG
  2. NFS MoonFlash-Apple and Moon - Halter Class RNG
  3. MRR Splashin In Gems -Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  4. MRR Topaz Memory- Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  5. MRR Paint The Sky-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  6. MRR Golden Embers-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

  1. MRR Topaz Memory- Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Splashin In Gems - Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  3. MRR Paint The Sky- Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  4. MRR Golden Embers- Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Singles Driving-
  1. MRR Golden Embers-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Splashin In Gems -Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Singles Carriage-
  1. MRR Topaz Memory-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Paint The Sky-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

  1. MRR Golden Embers-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Splashin In Gems -Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Freestyle Dressage-
  1. MRR Golden Embers-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Splashin In Gems -Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Hunter Under Saddle-
  1. MRR Topaz Memory-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Paint The Sky-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Hunter Over Fences-
  1. MRR Paint The Sky-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March
  2. MRR Topaz Memory-Bristol Monthly RNG Show - March

Congrats to all of the WINNERS AND HOPE TO SEE YOU IN APRIL!


Elizabeth" Liz" Smith




Oct 26,1994

Birth Place:

Nashville, Tennesee

Zodiac Sign:





140 Lbs

Physical Appearance:


Average Body
Fair Skin


Round head
Blue Eyes
long wavy brunette hair
butterfly earrings


Elizabeth was born in Nashville, Tennesee to Olivia and Ethan Smith, Her mother is a nurse and her father is a singer. Elizabeth still doesn't know what career she wants yet. She loves horses and dogs that her mother took her to the stables for her riding lessons. She is close to both of her parents. She hopes to someday have a family of her own. Ethan loved to play the Piano and guitar for Liz when she was little. Olivia sang to Liz every night when Liz was young.



Elizabeth is a Kind-hearted and shy at first till you get to know her. She is also Timid at times. 


She is timid at times.

5 YO 

CCF's Ocean Harmony by CalliesKennel
CCF's Ocean Harmony
Firefly x Dazzler

                                                                                                0/0/0/O- Cross Country

6 YO
CCF's Starlite Rhythm-Lease by CalliesKennel
CCF's Starlite Rhythm
SugarFlash x Rapid Blossom
0 / 0 / 0/0 - Cross Country

In an attempt to get my dogs more active and drawn, I'm offering some 10 or 15 point slots to Socialization images! Each image will feature One of my dogs and will have five open slots to the public.
Each image also has a theme, hinting at what the background will be like. As soon as an image's slots have been bought I will start it! 

Please comment below with which slots you would like to buy and links to the dog's references you'd like included in the image.

:bulletred: Image 1 - St Patty's Day

Paradigm's Molly Shannon  SkyWolfSpirit 
2. Kira oOCandiPopOo
3. Maggie WestChesterKennels 

:bulletred: Image 2-Meadow Run
1. Ginger Snap SkyWolfSpirit 
2. Autumn 
3. WCK's Drama Queen @WestChesterKennels 

:bulletgreen: Image 3 - Puppy Playdate
1. Pup 7 

:bulletgreen: Image 4- Pool Party
1. Lockhead Fervious 

WDS-DEC 2017

3rd In Group by DunBrochBest Of Breed by DunBrochWinners Bitch by DunBroch1st Place by DunBroch
Once inside the barn they went over to Peppermint's stall and stood in front of it, looking in on the foal. She was about a month old now.Lyrica smiled at Peppermint and gave the foal a treat. Snowflake nickered softly and took the treat from Lyrica, Lyrica said " What should we do now Bekka?" "Hmm...what would you like to do?" Bekka asked Lyrica. Lyrica said " go shopping"

"Alrighty, let's head into town then. Anywhere specific?" She asked as they headed towards Bekka's truck

Lyrica said "what stores are around here?"

"We could go to the mall." Bekka replied as she got in her truck and started it up,

Lyrica said " I would love to go there".

"Awesome." Bekka said as they started driving towards town and the mall.

Lyrica starts picking out some music to listen to on the way to the mall. she finds a cd and puts it in.

Bekka smiled softly and turned up the music while they drove. Soon enough they were pulling into the mall parking lot

Lyrica unbuckled her seatbelt and waited for Bekka.

Bekka shut the truck off and unbuckled her seatbelt and then got out of the truck. She then headed into the mall with Lyrica

Lyrica said " what stores in this mall do they have ?" She asked Bekka.

"They have a wide selection of stores here. There's a lot of clothing, some jewelry, sporting, book stores and even a food court." She said with a grin.

Lyrica said " Lets go to some clothing stores".

"Alrighty." Bekka said and headed to one of the more popular stores for clothes.

Lyrica followed Bekka towards the clothing store.

Soon enough they were in the store and looking around. Bekka smiled softly, looking at all the different clothes. She picked out a few items that she found to her liking and looked over to Lyrica. "Finding anything you like?" She asked

Lyrica said " I picked out a few items and went to the fitting room to try them on."

"Awesome." Bekka said with a smile and stretched.

Lyrica said " Bekka are you going to try yours that you picked out on?"

"Yeah, I'll go try them on now." She said and went to the dressing room to try on clothes,

Lyrica tried on her first outfit and waited for Bekka

Bekka tried out her first outfit and then went out ot show Lyrica. She seen Lyrica in her outfit and smiled. "You look gorgeous in that" She said.

Lyrica said " Thank you and so do you Bekka."  Lyrica said "I think Misty is missing out on the fun."

"Thanks!" She beamed, before speaking again. "I know, she had to work Dawn though. She's getting ready for a big show soon."

Lyrica said " Maybe we can pick out a new outfit for her to wear to the show?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful idea." She said.

Lyrica goes to try on outfit number two and comes out to show Bekka.

Bekka went back in and tried on her next outfit, she then came out as well.

Lyrica said " You look stunning Bekka in that outfit".

"Thank you very much." She said. "You look nice as well." She then went in and switched into her third and final outfit

Lyrica went in and also switch to her last outfit which was a sweetheart blue dress .

Bekka walked out and looked in the mirror at her outfit. This one was her favorite

Lyrica walked out and looked at Bekka and said " Wow Bekka you look amazing in the outfit".

"Thanks! You look lovely in your outfit as well." Bekka said with a smile.

Lyrica said " shall we find some shoes to match our outfits ?" she asked Bekka

"Sure!" Bekka said, putting their clothes in the cart before heading to the shoe section.

Lyrica walked towards the shoe section and asked " What is your favorite color Bekka?"

"Hmm...a dark red, but shoe wise I like black ones." She answered, looking at the boots.

Lyrica said " I like blue and red and Pink ".

"Ooh nice combination." Bekka said,

Lyrica says " Thank you Bekka." She said " do you see a pair of shoes you like Bekka?"

"Hmm.." Bekka said, browsing around before finding a nice pair of boots. "Yep, found a pair. Did you find any?"

" Lyrica found a pair of boots too."

"Those look nice." Bekka commented, putting her boots in the cart and then looking around. "Any other store you'd like to stop at?" She asked

Lyrica said " I want to get something for Mipha and Misty".

"Alrighty." Bekka said with  smile

Lyrica said " where shall we go to get their gift's Bekka?"

"Perhaps the book store?" Bekka asked

Lyrica said " Yes let's go there". "What genre of books do they like to read?" She asked

"Misty likes fantasy stuff, and maybe we could go to the game store to get Mipha a new game." She sid heading to the bookstore.

Lyrica walked towards the bookstore and waited for Bekka.

Bekka walked into the bookstore and headed into the supernatural section, looking at the various series and books they had

Lyrica headed towards the Fantasy section and looked around .

Soon Bekka found a series called The Iron Fey. "This series looks good." She said, holding a book up and showing Lyric

Lyrica said " that does look good we should get the series for Misty."

"Okay." Bekka said then put the series in the cart. "Ready to head to the game section now?" She asked

Lyrica said " is there any book I should read Bekka?"

"Umm...I'm not sure, do you see any to your liking?" She asked

Lyrica had found a few books to her liking . She found a series by Marissa Meyer and shows Bekka.

"Oooh, nice series." She said with a grin.

Lyrica puts the series in the car and heads to the games section.

Bekka followed after her, pushing the cart and looking at the various shops they passed. "Oooh, wait." She said, halting in front of a candle store. "I want to look at these candles and see what scents they have." She said before walking into the store and looking around, smelling the various candles.

Lyrica said " Can you pick out a candle for me " she asked Bekka

"Sure." Bekka said, before picking out a Vanilla candle for herself and a Cinnamon Apple one for Lyrica. She then put the candles in the cart and went back to heading to the game section.

Lyrica walked inside the games section and looked around and said " what kind of games does Mipha like?" she asked Bekka.

"Umm...she likes the Legend of Zelda series." Bekka replied, looking at all the different games

Lyrica looked around to see if they have that game. She found one and showed it to Bekka.
Lyrica had found a game called " The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". and showed it to Bekka

"I think she already has that one. Maybe the newest one? Breath of the Wild?" She suggested, picking the game up and showing it to Lyrica.

" Yeah lets get her that one " Lyrica said.

"Okay." Bekka said then placed the game in the cart.

Lyrica then went to the checkout and started putting her stuff up there.

Bekka followed and began putting her stuff in a seperate check out lane.

The person at the checkout had started scanning the items and putting them in the bags .

Bekka waited while the guy at the checkout scanned her items. Soon enough she was paying the man and waiting for Lyrica.

Lyrica gave the checkout guy some money for her items and grabbed the receipt and headed towards bekka.

Bekka smiled and then the two of them headed to her truck. She put her stuff in the back seat and the got in and started it.

Lyrica put her stuff in as well and got in.

"Ready to head home now? Or was there anywhere else you'd like to stop?" She asked.

Lyrica said "i'm ready to head home now".

She nodded then headed back towards Night Vale.