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Pencil MaDnEsS

My 15th birthday is coming up next week(July 23rd). I finished this project early. This is still most likely will be my last artwork as of age 14 :P

Okay so I used only a few references for the girl(Scarlett Johanson) owl, tiger, and buildings, and I am quite satisfied with the result. :D this might be my best artwork of my life so far, who knows.

maybe you can figure out the meaning behind this, look at the woman and look at her hair and the surroundings. the woman was supposed to be the main focus of this and the world shifting around her. the sky is also falling!!!!! OMGPANIC!!!!!!! :shakefish:

So, a collage of total random, and a collection of all styles of art(i even drew a car and some abstract stuff!!!!), can only be considered true pencil madness :P

I did this completely with pencils, 2b, 4b, 9b, F, N4 dynagraph

it took me about 3 weeks total

Done on strathmore sketch paper 11x14"

I hope you like this!!!!!!

art (c) Callie Fink July 2009
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Nice stream of consciousness. Reminds me of the flurry of random images that go through my mind right before falling asleep.
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do you know how my art looked like at age 14? omygod I can't believe I was even proud of them until I found you x___x akdfdjfhaksdjfhkasdfh I think I'm going to worship you and your amazing patience :worship:
do you think i can be a artist?
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this is unreal!!!
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this is incredible!
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This is out of this world! And your only friggin 14 (well at the time)! Are you doing art o'level?
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only fifteen and such an amazing talent!!! keep up the good work! Congrats on the DD. I love your entire gallery.
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Wow!!!Beautiful drawing!!!!!
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Simply Magnificent! <3
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This is madness. :heart:
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Only fourteen and could already do that. -__-
awesome work!
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Holy Moly. Fourteen years old and you're already amazing! This is beautiful!
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wow amazing, surreal and beautiful :D i can totally tell that it's Scarlett and the owl and the tiger look awesome xx
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HOLY SHIT! you were 14 when you did this?!
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!!!! I love it :) So much work!
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wow truly inspirational.
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Holy shit.
You are AMAZING!
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