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June 16, 2010
A deep meditation in pencil that yields astonishing results: Freckles, by ~Elvis882.
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For the love of God. I am DONE. :dalove:

...Holy balls. Daily Deviation...

Oh my, my 16th birthday is coming up in a month and a half, and this was the first big drawing I had finished in about 5 months time! I should get to work on more stuff before July rolls around...

A big shout out to all of those dedicated watchers who kept up with this WIP. This took in total about 5 months, probably 80+ hours of work. I've never spent this long on a single drawing before, and I'm just kind of shocked that I actually finished it at this point.

This picture was drawn from the awesome gallery of :iconmalvina-frolova:, and here is the picture I referenced off of:… Check out the rest of her gallery, it is beautiful! :heart: The model of the photo is the gorgeous :iconbloodstonished: !!

Ah, success.

Graphite on Bristol board 19x19"

Also, this is my other big drawing I did for my amazing friend Vlad! I did his portrait in January, then started to work on the Freckles drawing! =>…

Here is a picture of me holding the drawing, so you can see how big it is! Lol! =>

Thank you sooooo much for all of your comments/faves on this! I logged onto dA and I had like 1,700 messages overnight!! I appreciate this support so much, and I'll try to reply to all of your comments! :hug: :dalove:

Ok guys I'm not gonna submit a print of this cause it's not my original photo, I just drew it. The photo itself is not copyright to me so i will not sell something that is not originally mine.

For some info on how I drew it and some close ups: :thumb174035562:
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marmicminipark's avatar
Very Nicely done, it's in my favs now !!!!
Pappa60's avatar
fantastic fine drawing. I love to draw freckles, with varying results. You have made her beauty spots full justice. her eyes are great also. You are very talented and have made an outstanding picture. :-)
Adaculda's avatar
Great!!!😀 You are really good.
jo07jo07's avatar
FABULOUS!!!!!!!   wowUp01 
Hodghead's avatar
Good job. You just made a person. 

5 months can go suck some THIS IS AMAZING
DhmisFanArtCreator's avatar
AlaskaSnow16's avatar
Five months well spent 
I thought it was a photo 
kenfordstubbs's avatar
Speechless really....
MAUZIS's avatar
very very good !!!
McHaneyIllustration's avatar
This is beautiful!  I am trying to learn how to achieve that level of detail
BladeWithin's avatar

So fantastic.....
Deanna27's avatar
Oh my word... You are an inspiration!
LeafyHeart's avatar
enellopee's avatar
How can I draw the hair like you!:)
I love your work!
MLS-art's avatar
SamanthaMessias's avatar
FANTASTIC work, the detail is phenomenal love the reflection and the emotion in the eyes. amazing drawing.
much love
Sami :)
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
Love those charismatic eyes!
One of the most incredible drawings I've ever seen! Definitely worth the five months and 80 hours.
l1quidluck's avatar
holy crap!!!!!!!! this is a drawing
i'll never be this good :(
LupineLiberator's avatar
Wait a sec... 2010, your 16th.....
Holy crap monger. You're about the same age as me, then, just a bit older now, I think. And this.... Drawing. Sixteen. What. Just. WHAT. I am not worthy. I am a peon. Your work is so freaking incredible. All of it. :worship: Your skill level... I have no words. None.
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