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Game Nostalgia - Blobbo

I have chosen Blobbo as my second nostalgic game.

I doubt most people will have heard of this game.
You play as Blobbo. Told by his mother to tidy his room, Blobbo travels around gathering up his toy chests.... simple. Well it would be simple if not for the fact that every room is full of dangerous obstacles, ready to harm you. Bowling balls, arrows, fire, holes, water, vines, ice, portals etc
There is also Sparky, who is a fuzzy angry ball of evil who means you harm.

Each room is basically a big puzzle. To open the stairs that will take you to the next level you must first work out how to gather all of the chests in your current room. These are scattered around in awkward places that require some thought to get to without dying. Move past the wrong bowling ball and you will be crushed as all the rest come tumbling down. Push a giant marshmallow (yes giant marshmallows) out of the way and you could be punctured by an arrow.

I need to go back and finish this game as I've been stuck on level 20 for years. The version I own is 'Blobbo lite' which is a demo I believe. If purchased you would recieve a full copy of the game including a level editor and a full walkthrough. Unfortunately you can no longer buy it *sighs sadly*

For an idea of what the levels looked like - Video

The facts
Originally released as freeware in 1996 (possibly 1994) by Glenn Andreas

As far as I can tell Glenn Andreas sold Blobbo to a Japanese company who said they would port it for Super Nintendo but never did.
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