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Battlefield 4 Cursors for Windows

Can apply for probably any version of windows, at least 7/8/10

1. Unpack
2. Open folder that contains files with .cur extension
3. Find there install.inf file
4. RMB on file > Press "Install"
5. Open Control Panel > Mouse > And choose installed preset

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One thing is missing about this cursor theme is the Location and Person Select cursors. This cursor set is complete if you are using Windows 10 (version 1703 or earlier) and earlier versions of Windows, but it's considered incomplete if you are using Windows 10 (version 1709 or later) and Windows 11.

Nice, it´s awesome!!

i was searching for cursors like this, thank you!

I can't believe I found this! I used BF3 cursors for years and just now I found this cursor set!

Thank you so much!!! Any chance you can make bigger versions? If I set cursor size to 2 or more it get pretty blurry. With size 1 quality is perfect but it's kinda too small for both screen and my eyes. :D

Thanks again!

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Hi, thank you for feedback, but i have to say that I've lost source files for these cursors, i cant make any better. You can try to convert .cur files to .png then use some software to upscale these images, then convert them back to cursors. Although i dont now result of this process, but i think it pretty bad will be