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Selling 5 of my costumes and 4 wigs! Here:

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I've got a Merida dress, two Babydoll (Sucker Punch) costumes, a Clara Oswald dress, and a Daenerys Targaryen dress and her wig! I also make custom made Merida belts if you're thinking of cosplaying her or have a princess party company (I sell the resin buckle separate too)!

My storenvy link:

ALA Costumes!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2013, 3:28 AM
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Posting this here in case some of you aren't on facebook;

Friday - The Joker, my version that I made for Halloween. Made a new yellow top to match his here though!
Saturday - Princess dress Merida
Sunday - End-scene dress Merida with the park's winter cape. (Hnnnng perfect-face Merida)

Hope to see everyone there!!

ONLY sites I post at:

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My ONLY websites

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 2:06 PM
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I had this problem last year with random little girls pretending to be me and it recently has happened yet again on facebook so here is a list of my official sites that I post at:

Facebook: (If you friended some girl from Italy it's NOT me.)
Facebook Page:…

Everything else is fake, I rarely post on forums and don't do any sort of gaming anywhere so if you see my profile image and/or name elsewhere it's NOT me.  I'd super appreciate if you'd report any fakes you see around, or have fun calling them out, whatever floats your boat lol! <3 Thank you!!

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2012, 12:46 AM
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AX list!


Only one new costume for AX but I'll have two new ones for SDCC - not sure which I'm more excited about for that, Luke Skywalker or my secret one! So happy with how both came out (:. Still a couple things to do on them the week between AX & SDCC. I'm going to be staying out in CA after AX until SDCC - not sure what the internet situation will be like so expect a 3 week delay on replies and uploads lol. Sorry!

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omg Fanime

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2012, 5:46 AM
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Here's what I'm wearing to Fanime!


Day 1
Fawn (Disney fairies/Tinkerbell movies) - New costume #1! Just need to sew the shoe covers together and style the bangs on my wig!

Day 2
Merida (Brave) - Just need to add in some details on my quiver and grab some apples when I get into San Jose XD

Day 3
Rapunzel (Tangled) - [with AM hipster fun times with NovemberCosplay as Ariel!] - with the face character's wig. Last wig I'll do for Rapunzel I keep telling myself lol. Left everything on this costume to fix on the last day lol crap. Need to alter the straps on my corset, wash my skirt to get the wrinkles out, continue the skirt embroidery that will never be finished XD, and style the wig fufufufu. I actually styled it last week using just pure hair in the braid but of course it's pretty darn heavy so adding batting.

Designer Rapunzel - [with Nataly as Belle!] - for the B&W Ball. New costume #2! Will also be wearing the face character wig with this except switching out the normal flowers with fancy ones with bling on them. All that's left on this costume is the top zipper and the pleated thing. Need to glue my fancy flowers to clips too.

Day 4
Fawn again or possibly even Merida depending on what I feel like! (:

Sorry I don't have time to upload progress photos but there are a few on facebook if you missed them!

I will leave you with some dapper as hell Curt Smithhhh.. because I love him.. and this was randomly in my photobucket lol

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Delayed Updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 3:13 AM
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The forever delayed journal! lol I didn't realize my last one was way back in August! So here's what I've been up to;

Back in the fall sometime I was asked to write a wig tutorial for CosplayGen's magazine and I ended up in their 4th issue. It's a really amazing magazine, I like it so much more than Cosmode and not just because I can actually read it haha. It's full of gorgeous photos, has an awesome layout, and no ads. I highly suggest picking up one of their issues!  (website:…)

I also had a little feature/interview on their site a few months ago, you can see it here:…

Finally opened up my etsy shop!…
There's a coupon code going on right now until February 14th for 10% off your entire order. The coupon code is the answer to the question 'Who wrote the song "Mad World"?'. So their name (first and last, no space) is the code! XD

I'm currently making Rapunzel corsets to put up sometime next month and possibly her crown and braid wig in the future.

Had an amazing time with my friends at ALA this year! Have to give a major shout (hurr) out to my awesome roommates who had to deal with my music every morning when I got ready and at night when I was sewing LOL. Especially Miguel who was even roped into watching a couple videos and interviews and hearing about the entire history of my favorite band with me on the last day lmao, you're the best Miguel, thank you! <3 Also hung out with DarkainMX a lot and got to tag along to his shoot with SparklePipsi and got some shooting practice with my new lens! Also major thank you to Mei who took the time to take pictures of my costumes, you're the best! <3 I don't remember what else happened so if I saw you, you're awesome lol.

I didn't really get to update here but I wore Rapunzel again with a new corset, made Twisted Rapunzel (yet to upload pictures), and Merida was my other new one. Not sure if I'll be wearing Twisted Rapunzel again, the wig is a pain (MAJOR thanks to Nataly for helping me out with it!!) and it was a bit awkward when people would approach me from behind seeing the purple dress and super long blonde hair thinking 'Disney Rapunzel!' and then I turn around with scars on my face lol But surprisingly a lot of people knew the artwork it was from so I think I only scared 3 or 4 people ha. Already mentioned I loved wearing Merida so I'll probably wear that all over the place this year lol.

My Rapunzel is in Matt's amazing ALA video here: (I also worked with him at AX and you can see my Fang in this one: I love his music choices and he does gorgeous work with his videos!
I'm also in the first few seconds of this ALA one as Merida with my hair looking ridiculous:
And if you aren't sick of me yet in videos, I was also interviewed by Kim Williams at ALA so I'm mixed in with this video, mostly talking about Disney lol.

Future projects/plans!
My next convention should be Fanime, though if there isn't a good deal on flights soon I don't think I'll be able to go. But if I do make it my current costume plans are wearing Merida and Rapunzel again with these new ones:
(L to R) Nene (Samurai Warriors) for a group,  Rapunzel (designer dress) for the B&W Ball, and for now I'm leaving a spot open for the last costume since I usually have random ideas at the last minute of something I really want to do - but if that doesn't happen I'll probably make either Rogue (X-Men Evolution) or Fawn (Tinkerbell movies).

AX is after that which I really want to make 'crossplay con' with Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Roland (Shout music video) but it'll depend on who I can ring in with me (I want other Robin Hoods and need a Curt Smith lol)

Made Tifa (FF7) a few weeks ago since I got to meet her voice actress at an event… or "Winter Tifa" anyway since it's way too cold out to wear just a tank and a mini skirt, but here's the only picture you'll ever see of that costume lol

I have a cosplay tumblr now: which I'm not sure what all I'll be posting because I don't like posting my face/costumes on tumblr and I'm not a big reblogger.. Also have one for my etsy store which will just be posts of things added to the store and if there's a coupon code: If you have a cosplay tumblr let me know so I can follow you!

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Commissions/End of the year plans

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2011, 9:24 PM
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Still debating on writing up a summer con post (Fanime/AX/SDCC) but it's kind of super delayed and I'm not sure what to write about anymore lol. Does anyone actually like reading those? I think mine end up all candid pictures anyway haha. I should just upload more Disneyland photos XD


*I'm currently open for costume and wig commissions now that all my cons are over!  You can send me a note on here for quotes, inquires, etc!


Still have a couple wigs that I'm trying to get rid of – I lowered the prices and combined in shipping so grab them up!

Click for descriptions of each wig/price/buy them here:…


And next on my costume list for the rest of the year is my 'dream dress/costume', Guinevere from King Arthur (2004 movie), for a Renaissance Fair in September and possibly for Halloween as well. And I'm also working on remaking my Rapunzel braid with a better base wig so it looks better and more natural in the front and I also thought of another method for approaching the braid – which I hope will be done in October for a Rapunzel birthday party I was invited to and Mickey's Halloween Party.
All plans dependent on $$ however so it's all up in the air lol. Hopefully I'll get a few commissions though!

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SDCC Costumes

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 3:47 PM
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Thursday: Angelica (Pirates of the Caribbean: OST)
Friday: Rogue (X-Men)
Saturday: Sookie (True Blood)
Sunday: Rapunzel (Tangled) with short hair + crown

Last convention of the summer! Thank goodness, I have 0 motivation to sew and left lots of stuff to do in the hotel room lol. But at least this time I have an amazing Angelica corset, my last one was a complete ghetto pos thanks to only having a couple hours to make it! XD But that made me work even harder on it this time so I completely re-made it including a new pattern draft and this time it has real leather trim, steel bones, a coutil strength layer, and 26 hand-set grommets which my friend will have a fun time lacing up haha.
I can start concentrating on getting photos up when I get back, I have a crap load of Babydoll – I got four photoshoots with four awesome photographers at AX so I'm kind of swimming in photos of that one lol But luckily two shoots were with my weapons and two were without so it's a good balance..

Anyway, I hope to see some friends there! I'll mostly be in panels the entire time but hopefully I'll bump into some of you!

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AX Costume List!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2011, 2:26 PM
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Friday: Angelica (Pirates of the Caribbean: OST)
Saturday: Fang (FFXIII) with RoxyRoo as Lightning
Sunday: Bling Babydoll (Sucker Punch)
Monday: Rapunzel (Tangled) with flower braid

Still way too much to do, especially on Angelica, my procrastinating made it a 'make costume in three days' project lol. Thank god for late flights!
Hope to see everyone there!! <3
(I'll catch up on comments as soon as I get back, sorry!!)

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Buy some wigs!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 7, 2011, 3:58 PM
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Postponing my Fanime post until I get more photos back from Fanime! Even though I'm a photographer myself and I understand post-possessing/uploading times I still get really impatient waiting for convention photos lol.
I’ll also tell you guys then what my one new costume for AX will be, I’m really excited about it! (Hint: I’m using my own hair for it. Oh no, the shame!)

Anyway, I’m selling some wigs! All are new, never been worn wigs since I buy them and then decide not to do the costume haha.  Please spread the link around! <3

*… *


*… *


Side note – Zelda: Skyward Sword looks AMAZING! Trailer:
I cannot wait, Zelda has been my favorite video series since forever. I need to eventually cosplay Princess Zelda someday.
And no fucks given about FFXIII-2 as I doubt Fang will be anywhere. XD

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Fanime Costume List

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2011, 6:31 AM
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Friday: Short hair Rapunzel (Tangled)
Saturday: Fang (FFXIII) with WitchyElphaba as Vanille
AM: Secret group with daydreamernessa
PM: B&W Ball Fancy Fang with WitchyElphaba!
Monday: Rapunzel (Tangled) with flower braid

Small change in schedule as I can't finish Babydoll in time so I'm wearing Rapunzel twice with her two different hair styles. I'm wearing Babydoll at the end of the month for a contest, again at AX, and also SDCC so it'll get worn a lot anyway! I should take my time on making it so it stands a chance in the contest haha. My Rapunzel braid ended up being 500 pounds so I might not wear it much on Monday as I'll switch to the short wig to save my neck lol.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Also I figured out what my one new costume will be for AX so I'll tell you what it is when I get back!

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May/Fanime Progress and Updates

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 4:53 AM
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Just got back from watching POTC 4 and I don't feel like doing any sewing so I figured I should make that long delayed progress journal.

If you aren't on facebook I have a completely different costume line up from my 'New Costumes for 2011' entry. Took off the majority and added Rapunzel (Tangled), Bling Babydoll (Sucker Punch), and a surprise or two.  Really regretting not being able to do Robin Hood but after looking everywhere for a good fabric match for his top, I couldn't find anything that would work. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go back to LA's fabric district after AX – when I was there in March I was preoccupied with searching for Rapunzel's fabric (also impossible to find lol). So on to the progress pictures! (Sorry for the repeats to those on facebook!)

Making a Fancy Oerba Yun Fang dress for Fanime's B&W Ball… or it's basically already finished (at least one thing is ha) I just want to put gems on the sari. Here's what I designed:
[Illustration by Katie Carillo.]
My design is based off of an Indian wedding sari but without the traditional folding since Fang's normal sari also doesn't have it. The turquoise trim was replaced with a purple since I took the photo because the colors didn't work well together.  
Old progress of it:
Photobucket Photobucket


Rapunzel progress:

Mass produced Corona flags to give to any small children who may come up to me when I'm in the costume (: The middle one is different because it's my personal one made out of silk which I won't be giving away.
My materials before working ie proof that I dyed everything? XD  Silk for the skirt, sateen for the corset, and coutil for the corset strength layer.
Rapunzel Corset progress!
A. Right is the first dye which was too pink so I dyed it a second time (on left) with Rit on my stove after I cut out my pieces so not the most even dye in the world. Maybe pointless info since I didn't bother to color balance my photos haha
B. Pieces before screen print. 'Flat-serged' to coutil which I also dyed
C. Bone casing. I dyed these with a different second dye so they don't match. Can't put these in until I find matching thread for the corset
D. Screen printed pieces!
E. Dyed pink lace for the bottom edge of the corset
More colors. Skirt after dye is on the right – too magenta for my tastes but it'll do.  Middle fabric is for the top part of the sleeves and under shirt.
Beginning the screen printing process on the middle panel of the skirt. Not really liking the ink I mixed and used as it doesn't pop so I'm going to put in more light purple and hopefully it'll improve.
Hair hair hair!


Couple of the main Fang upgrades;

New butt pouch, new small buckles, and new belt that the fox tails go on.

No real Babydoll progress because I just got the fabric today haha /dooooomed. The silver fabric I bought for the trim came today too but they sent the wrong one – I instead got this incredibly ugly tan crap, I'd really like to know what they were smoking to make such a stupid mix-up. Ordered some stuff on ebay though and that should come Monday. Painting on my sword and gun are going well, just need to add the decals and cover them in gems.
Here are all my gems on the fabric I bought;

I've also been working constantly on Captain Jack Sparrow's 18th century frock coat to wear to the midnight movie that was tonight which is why I haven't been on DA in forever!
Top Row: the completed coat!
2nd Row: Welt pockets that actually work! The painted buttons; one on the right is how they were before I painted them.
3rd Row: Buttonhole stitching; how each one looks by itself/in the order they were stitched. Completed one at the right.
Bottom Row: Captain Jack Sparrow (:

-Completely lined and serged
- 42 hand embroidered buttonholes
-hand dyed tan thread on the buttonholes
-hand painted buttons
-Functional welt pockets!

Oh man I've wanted this coat since the very first movie came out (I've also always wanted a ship but I think I'm going to have to settle with a house boat, alas) But I'm glad I didn't attempt it because my knowledge of patterns and fabric choices weren't what they are now. The pattern I had for it needed to be altered quite a bit – I had to get rid of the side seam and move it to the back which took quite a lot of altering, drafting, and draping.

But the buttonholes were the most trouble; there are 42 on his coat and they all had to be hand embroidered - and with three different stitches in each it took close to an hour to complete each one. This was my first time doing embroidery and I've always really hated hand sewing haha. I also dyed the tan string that I used on the first two stitches.

Still have to weather it (bleach/adding a few fabric tears here and there) and I also need about a dozen more buttons!

Also my Sparrow tattoo and OPI's 'Skull and Glossbones' nailpolish from their POTC collection (:

As for one of the secret costumes, it will be part of daydreamernessa's group and that's all I'm saying (: It's going to be completely awesome and I'm looking forward to meeting her!  
Also going to be part of AuroraMaryte's FFXIII photoshoot at Fanime that she's putting together with all the characters!
And to add on to all the amazing Fanime happenings I also booked a shoot with one of my favorite cosplay photographers who I've admired for a while – theDreamerWorld!  

Fanime is going to be epic, meeting and cosplaying with so many new people though I will be broke after!


So far my AX schedule is going to just be rewearing the majority of my new Fanime ones; Rapunzel and Babydoll, Fang as always and that leaves the last day for a new costume but I'm not sure what that's going to be.. I'd love for it to be Callisto (Xena) but I can't afford the leather as of now and I'm not sure I want to take on all that work in just a month! So maybe AX's new costume will be Johnny Depp or something – we'll see!  

tldr: I love Johnny Depp.

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 24, 2011, 12:04 AM
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Recently got back from my vacation to Disneyland! Had a bunch of fun with testoutlol, the best tour guide ever: WitchyElphaba, and also randomly came upon blueheart29! I'm going to be rewatching so many Disney movies now haha.

Here are just a few of the photos I took; I used up all three of my memory cards and I was only there for two days!

Don't have much of my own costume progress to update with since I had been working on a commission - I'll post pictures of that as soon as I get them together.. If anyone's going to Anime Conji this weekend keep an eye out for a little Aqua from KH, I made her costume and can't wait to see photos of her in it!  

I'll have some of my own progress up hopefully by next week as well as the three new costumes I added to my list (two are already on facebook, feel free to add me btw; link is at the top of my journal!) and a sketch of the dress I designed for Fanime's B&W Ball. I just ordered a couple wigs, three pairs of contacts, and the fabric for most of my costumes so hopefully those will come in pretty soon!

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Feb update

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 9:05 PM
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I made a facebook for cosplay/cosplay friends - feel free to add me! I'm going to try to post all of my costume progress on there as it comes along.

Was talking to my friends last night about all the photoshoots on our list and we're trying to organize and set them all up. A few details on the ones planned:
Karen O - My friends saw some really cool graffiti walls that they want to do the shoot at as well as at an abandoned train station for my most recent KO costume (one I made for Halloween 2010). May be happening in the middle or the end of the month.
Black Swan - Aiming on a crazy mirror shoot - we just have to get together a lot of mirrors and I still have to re-work my costume. Reflections with two photographers working will be quite a challenge! Will either be the end of the month or beginning of March.
Fang - Didn't talk about this one much since it's super cold out but we will probably be going to a new location just to have something different. Probably coming at the end of March when it's much warmer!
Robin Hood - Fiiiiire arrows! lol Maybe in June

Just want to thank JazzyJaws and KuchikixRukia for featuring me on their journals! <3 I recently started my own little feature thing on my journal page which is going to feature both a cosplayer and photographer who've worked together to produce epic stuff.

I added a ~secret costume to my 2011 list! Right now I'm thinking about wearing it on the last day of Fanime but it could be moved back to the last day of AX if I want more Robin Hood time at Fanime haha. I'll be posting progress pictures on my facebook but hopefully not enough to give it away XD

I have a habit of hording/saving my favorite pictures for posting on special days and February 12 happens to be a super special day so I will be posting my absolutely favorite picture of my Fang costume then! Actually it's also in the top two of best cosplay photos I have.. haha I hope that doesn't work it up too much but it's something to look forward to XD

Also here's the picture I said I would post of my "casual" Rogue that I wore to a mini con event in town - crap ipod photo doesn't show much but I was just wearing jeans with thigh-high boots and some brown leather from my closet haha. It was comfy and fun so I might wear something like it to SDCC! Can't wait for a new wig too!

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ALA 2011

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 6, 2011, 5:45 PM
I feel bad that I haven't updated in forever! But I had what felt like 3 weeks of finals, two art shows to get ready for, several papers, graduation, small trip to Minnesota, and then jumped right in to sewing costumes for ALA! Couple things left to do - didn't even sleep last night and my flight leaves in a few hours lol.

Here's what all I'm wearing:


Day 1/Friday: Seras (Hellsing) Museum tour guide
Day 2/Saturday: Fang (FFXIII)
Day 3/Sunday: Nina Sayers (Black Swan)

Wish I could share some progress shots but gotta run!

Halloween 2010/ Next stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 6, 2010, 12:13 AM
How was everyone's Halloween/who did you go as? I had a double night of Halloween fun, first a concert then my friends party the next night so I got to dress up twice! I went as Karen O and made one of her tour costumes. Hopefully I'll get a photoshoot in it soon but here's a crappy ipod photo preview of it!

L: Karen O; R: Me

Fang upgrades
There's a mini con here later this month which I'm planning to go to - I'm pretty excited that I get to be a judge for their costume contest! I'm just wearing Fang but I'm working on remaking a lot of it. I just redrew the trim and I'm so happy with how it came out! I posted it on twitter but here it is again;

On the left is my new one, in the middle is the new fabric I'm printing on, and right is my old trim.
Other things I'm remaking/improving; fox tails, lance blades, belt and buckles, and wig. I have some left over blue fabric from my sari which I've been wanting to make into a scarf with Fang's trim at the end so I'll use the test prints of my new trim on it. I'll try to get a progress shot of that and a few of my other redone things soon!

Art Gallery Openings
Right after that con I'm making one of these dresses for one of my art gallery openings in December;

Currently leaning towards the red one and adding red lace sleeves to it like the grey one. I actually have two art gallery openings in a row so I'm making a kimono that Karen O wears on tour to wear to the second one. I started the screen printing on it a long time ago but never finished, so I'm glad I can start it up again and finish it quickly since everything's cut out and serged already! Here's what hers looks like;

Then after all that, my next con is ALA which I'm making Yukari (Paradise Kiss) and a new Yuuko (xxxHolic) costume for! (Also wearing Fang there but that's obvious right? XD)

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Small Notes

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 19, 2010, 1:29 AM
-If you want to hear me blab about costumes and such I'm part of's podcast #2.…
If that link doesn't work there's one on the front page of the site.

-I put new icons on the side of my gallery for each folder

Small costume progress;
Fabric samples for my halloween costume (Karen O) and Yukari (Paradise Kiss)
Really wish the stripped fabric for Yukari wasn't a satin because otherwise it'd be perfect! The stripped fabric is being quite a bitch to find, the only other blue stripes I've found are ones I can't get samples of, go figure! But I really like what I've found for my Halloween costume and I'll probably order it next paycheck and work on the screen printing images until then!

Oh yeah, my Fang photoshoot was today! I was up all last night (and through the morning) getting the finishing touches on my staff and shoes. Photos soon!

Boooo school starts on Monday, last semester though! Also getting my hair cut on Saturday and seeing Scott Pilgrim again with my friends - awesome movie!

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RE: Summer cons AX and Comic Con

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 9:14 PM

And with my two summer cons being over I don't have anything to sew until Halloween so I can finally upload photos of my new stuff! I didn't get a photoshoot of my Yuuko costume so don't expect any photos of that until the one with my friends happens at home - but that should be pretty soon actually. Fang still needs a bit more work before I'll be putting up full pictures of that - but another photoshoot is planned with my friends for that too so expect photos of Fang mid August. My next costume for Halloween is actually another Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) one. I had originally picked out the costume from their Skeletons music video but I just watched their concert from December in Brixton (now available on iTunes lol) last night and want to make her main costume from there. Here's what it looks like: (click for size)

And currently my next year plans are making a Zelda costume, Yukari (Paradise Kiss), and probably Yuuko's butterfly obi (xxxHolic)...

Comic Con:
Had a fantastic time! Went to a bunch of panels; Charlaine Harris, Let Me In, Paul (Simon Pegg ftw!), Joss Whedon, True Blood, and Merlin! Charlaine Harris signed my 'Dead to the World' book I brought, she's one of my favorite authors so I am super excited about that. Ran into/met Audrey Fisher, the costume designer of True Blood, the next day when I was wearing my Sookie costume. She was so nice and really excited about my costume and also gave me a hall costume award ribbon which was signed by her and has 'Audrey Fisher True Blood' on the back! The group she was with also took our picture together and they posted it on their twitter!

Anime Expo, aka painful shoe con:
Had some ups and downs the first two days but had a brilliant time with my FF13 group on the third day! Also met some lovely people and even had the chance to practice my photography with my friend Tim and Rinoa07 in their Street Fighters costumes.
I can't remember what else to write on so on to the candid photos. I personally love seeing candids/photos of photos being taken so I hope you enjoy them too XD

Snow typically needs to be beat up every now and again! Daaamn, Lightning is going to snap his head off XD

lol love this photo so much. We all happened to be fixing our costumes at the same time lol. Larger photo can be seen on Vanille's DA.

Poor emo Light! You can see Serah in the top right XD

Taking a break from evil shoes

And this is usually how Fang gets around XD

Went to Starbucks in Lady Gaga XD As I was walking out of the store this asian girl who was walking in the other direction with two of her friends backtracked to catch up to me and asked me if I was doing a show here later (was right next to the Staples Center) LOL I didn't play along and told her I was just dressing up as part of the convention but we still took a group shot together XD. Lady Gaga costumes always bring good times lol

Fang and Lady Gaga: Me
Vanille: :iconwitchyelphaba:
Light: :iconroxyroo:
Snow: :iconmusicpro20:
Lebreau: :iconwaterpuzzle:
Serah: :iconilovezsora:

Photos by Kevin, Alex, and Frank

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Comic-Con costumes

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 21, 2010, 9:26 AM

Whooo Comic Con! Anyone going? I think I only know one person who is..

What I'm wearing:


Day 1; Karen O. {Yeah Yeah Yeahs} - jumper with leather jacket
Day 2; Sookie {True Blood}
Day 3; Rogue {X-Men}
Day 4; Karen O. {YYYs} - jumper

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AX Schedule of costumes

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 30, 2010, 4:22 AM

Still so much to do, 12 sewing hours left! But really quick here's what I'm planning on wearing and when at AX;

-Yoruichi (orange jacket) {Bleach}

-Yuuko (v.12 cover) {xxxHolic}

-Yuuko {xxxHolic} for 10 minutes for costume contest

-Fang {FFXIII}

-Lady Gaga (disco bra)

Hope to see you there!
Now off to make a Fang shoe cover or two!

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