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Woman sketch

I don't have much time to draw lately (trying to finally finish up this translation!!!argh), but put this together today. Actually messed up the first few times and kept retracing it, haha. Still just a few minutes, though I guess the coloring in took a bit longer. I think I may do so again, I want to redo the hair slightly, maybe take out the glossy-bits (which didn't actually end up looking like "gloss"), and may put a background in, and make the mouth smaller, stuff like that. But most likely I'll just never get around to it, haha. Have a vague idea now that I've scanned it that this could be a character in a short story I've been working on... maybe. We'll see, may decide to run with that if I redo it and retitle it.

Edit: Realized late last night that the eyes could be seen two different ways--I mean them to be pupil-less and looking over the right shoulder of the viewer, but they maybe look a little bit like the woman has slit-pupils and is looking straight ahead. I guess that's cool too...
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I think this is prettyClap 
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Aw, thanks! :) Really glad it turned out!
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Thanks! :)  Nice to get such a quick reply!