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WIP: Volund and his girlfriend continued

Decided to pick away at this again. I've been a little scared to do the background (since landscapes sometimes turn out alright for me, sometimes don't) and to do the horse (still worried about that-- I think I feel OK with the horse's upper torso, so maybe I'll put them in tall grass or something), but just wanted to give the background a test run. Feeling OK about it, but may need to adjust things a bit. Depends on how well the foreground holds its own when I'm done.

Also, made the original file WAY too big, so my computer is running really slow when I work on it-- and then I have to reduce the size of the JPEG a bunch to post it here. Hopefully I managed everything alright and it looks good enough so far. I've got the background on a few different layers, so right now you can see parts that will later be covered by the Lavvu (the tent thingy) and the horse. Again, the pic is inspired by Völundarkviða, which features a smith called a Saami prince in one part (the text says "Finn" but this often meant Saami/Lapplander in the medieval texts) and an elf in another. I decided to go with a northern fjord for the setting, but probably should be working with a reference-- won't claim this looks like a picture-perfect fjord, more just a mash-up of the sorts of scenery I've been doing in my landscape speed-paints.
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