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WIP: Volund and his girlfriend

Started working on this on my Ipad way way back over last summer, or maybe earlier. Transferred it to photoshop elements at one point and have picked away at it, but never have the time to give it that it needs. The figures are basically done, but aren't feeling quite right-- looked good as a sketch, but now that I'm filling them out, feels a bit off. Maybe OK though, since they are a small part of the picture-- I'm hoping the rest will turn out nice, though it may be a bit of a speedpaint (no time for finesse, sadly-- and I'm still learning in any case, so maybe a speedpaint with be a fine way to practice). We'll have to see how far I've come since my last speedpainted landscape: [link]

Some other notes-- yes, the valkyrie is just chillin' in her tank-top. Wanted to make her look casual and tomboy-ish, more than "authentic". The portrayal of Volund here is influenced by Yvonne Gilbert's portrayal of Elof on the cover of Michael Scott Rohan's Anvil of Ice (by the time you get to the end of the series you find out that much of the story is inspired by the legend of Volund).

Will hopefully finish this over Spring Break (in between grading papers)-- which should in turn lead to a blog post about the poem at
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