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Volund and Hervor

EDIT: Finally fixed the streak, and decided to adjust the contrast, saturation, etc, a tiny bit. Prints that actually fit the length of the image are available at Redbubble:…

For the "My Fav myth/fairytale/legend contest" at the myths and fantasy group. My take on the Lay of Volund (definitely my favorite) from the Old Norse "Poetic" Edda--the elf/Saami/smith Volund saying goodbye to his girlfriend the valkyrie Hervor before she goes off to war and leaves the story--the infamous ring, which he later gives to the daughter of his captor, is in his hand, the ring that "marks his bride" according to one potential translation of the Old Norse. Oh, and yeah, I decided to portray the valkyrie's horse as kind of a phantom-mist monster--I feel like it fits with the name of at least one valkyrie (Mist... literally) as well as the imagery of flying horses.

Rushed to get it together for the contest, and now may have missed the deadline because my computer couldn't handle the size of the file (stupidly made it too big--started this pic way back when I first got Photoshop, and didn't think about the size issue when I decided to return to and finish it for this contest). Have wasted well over an hour and a half waiting for computer stuff to work... argh.

Will write more later, too tired tonight. Probably a blog post to follow eventually about the poem.
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Very cool! Love the sun on the hills in the background, and I really love the vapour-vanishing horse!
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Thank you for joining our myth-contest at myths-and-fantasy ! :)
Winners are announced here: myths-and-fantasy.deviantart.c…

I absolutely love that clam, native atmosphere of your artwork. It's like the calm before the storm, a moment frozen in time. The fluid motions and lines give that impression. I also think it's really nice that you chose an emotional scene over one with action.
And the idea with the horse is simply fantastic, I love it. It looks like it's fading or vanishing and with the horse Hervor vanishes, too.

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, and it's great to get 2nd place! I love this story so much, and I have to admit, I have always wished the poem dwelt longer on the initial romance, which is just over in a few stanzas--the rest of the poem is so violent and depressing. But still a work of art. :)
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Well, now you made me really curious. I have to look if I can find a German translation of the Poetic Edda somewhere. ;)
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I'm sure there are some good German translations, considering how many amazing scholars of the Eddas there have been in Germany! You may find it as the Elder Edda or Saemund's Edda instead (I prefer Poetic Edda because the other names are both problematic to greater or lesser degrees).