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Valkyrja: Geiravor



Well I guess I'm back to my"Valkyrja" series (one of which you can buy at my shops, remember 😉). This is Geiravör (similar to the women's name Geirvör, though I can't remember whether the latter is ever used of a Valkyrie). So far I've used up... three names? more? out of the Valkyrie names in the corpus, though of course it's not always clear whether we are talking about proper names or poetic circumlocutions. In some of the sources (not the ones I specialize in, alas) the Valkyries are described as princesses from various (exotic? I think?) lands who take up weapons serving Odin. Given that the viking age was characterized by increased engagement with distant lands (not that they were completely isolated before, first episode of the Vikings show notwithstanding), I thought it would be nice to come up with some viking and Valkyrie characters that build on that element of the period. Haven't thought up a backstory for this 'goddess of the spear' yet (haven't for my other characters either, actually), but African presence in Europe is attested well before the viking age (esp in Roman Britain, if I remember correctly), and in the middle ages the vikings were certainly familiar with the muslim parts of the world, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East (so yes, Africa figured in things as well), and I imagine Christian Constantinople was quite a melting pot as well--so lots of possibilities for backstory. Anyway, I will probably design a few more before trying to tell stories with them- and the fun is more in the fantasy anyway (i mean, VALKYRIES).
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Wow both the anatomy and the rendering is awesome