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Tolkien's Nobel near-miss

Did this quick sketch for my blog post on the recent news about Tolkien's near miss with a Nobel prize in 1961: [link]

The "Snorri" he is referencing is Snorri Sturluson--not someone who could have gotten a Nobel Prize in any case, seeing how he lived in the 1200s, but someone whom Tolkien would have known about from his academic work.

OK, I admit, it isn't a great likeness (pretend he is leaning really far back in his chair...), and not a caricature either--actually, I think it looks a bit too much like Alfred Hitchcock here. Oh well. I threw it together real quick while proctoring a make-up exam for a student. I may try doing a real portrait some day--haven't done that since high school (I got commissioned to draw two sisters all the way back in Middle School-- I got to take my time with that though! I think it was several months, all in pencil).
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