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Yes, I made a cheesy Viking superhero. Couldn't help it. Posted the WIP earlier here: [link]
Finally got a new blog entry up, where I give some notes on this picture and then ramble a bit on heroes and heroism. Check it out here: [link]

Our Viking hero here has the power of shooting arrows from his fingers-- b/c to be honest, that is the only actual super power I have found in the sagas (this one in Arrow Odd's saga-- but it is the villain's power). OK, others have second sight, and others are really strong, but seriously, this is like Medieval X-men here. Or something. I decided to give this power to a Marvel/DC style spandex hero, and gave him a nice B-rate Marvel/DC heroic name related to his power (OK, it's late, didn't have time to be more creative). His cape is vaguely Viking-ish, the pattern of the red in his suit is supposed to be reminiscent of a long Viking-style shirt that hangs below the belt, and the colors are related to the Icelandic and Norwegian flags (though I guess red, white, and blue may show up in some other parts of the world too...) His helmet is of course a Viking style helmet-- but no horns! B/c Vikings did not have horns! See this: [link]

Available as a download with a collection of my Viking pictures from the first year of my blog: [link]
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