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Strindberg Preposition Exercise

Another cartoon for one of my Swedish classes! I think my students are sick of these (may have heard some groans in class...), but I just like having an excuse to do some art. I know, not very polished, but I don't have time to clean these up, esp. when I need something ready by the next day. This was the last page of their last test. We'd been working on "Det ligger..." constructions, and in the last chapter were working with spatial prepositions, so I figured we may as well combine them-- so I gave them this picture and had them write 5 sentences describing the room, using "Det ligger" or "Det står" plus at least three different prepositions (for example, i, vid, på, etc). Will have to see how they did when I grade the tests.

I decided to use Strindberg again (I know, it looks more like Don King sleeping there...), since I've been capitalizing on "The Year of Strindberg" ([link]) with my other exercises ([link]). Check out my "Animals in a Room" picture to guess who is under the rug.

Who knows, maybe I'll clean these up one day and have my own supplementary curriculum on the market. Then I will be rich and famous. Maybe they will make a movie about it. :)
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