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Edit: Pulled this out of scraps and put it with the rest of my "featured" stuff--I think I throw things in scraps a little too fast, and kinda enjoyed this first sketch dump, so it's more visible now! Mor to come.

My first time using a pen brush! Ordered a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, seems to work pretty well, though I am still learning the ropes (not really sure what proper technique would be). Really miss having the flip image stuff from Photoshop--please forgive the crooked bits (the dark glasses on the guy near the bottle were so bad I tweaked them a bit in PS). The woman's profile is my favorite, even if I made her face seem a bit flat. I was reading the Wolverine miniseries that the new move is based on and just started sketching, so I guess she is some kind of anime-ish Mariko? Anyway, these are all just really fast sketches to get me used to the medium. Honestly don't know if I would ever use it for finished work, as I am more comfortable with PS now when it comes to polishing things up.
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