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Late Summer Evening

UPDATE: I got 3rd in the Midsummer Art Contest at the Norse Mythology blog!…

Still haven't been able to get my Intuos working, but my old Bamboo tablet is still working, so I started sketching late last night, then got carried away and put this together. I seem to have a bit of a series going with Tomten and his fox friend (though they only start looking like friends in this installment). Not sure what happened to Tomten's rabbit ride from the first pic, but we've got another new friend here, if you look closely enough...

I'm hoping I got the contrast, saturation, etc, adjusted optimally--I usually paint while looking at the pic on my TV, but on my laptop the pic is usually a lot paler and less saturated--I compensated in "post production" (is that what you would call it?) to make it look good on my laptop, but I think that will mean it will be darker on my TV and my iPad. I think it is a pic that can handle some deep shadows, so I'm hoping it'll be OK...

Wish I could say this was a speedpaint, because I see all sorts of bits I'd like to clean up now, but it definitely took me over 2 hours, and I feel that pulls it out of the "speedpaint" category. Wish I had time to make more polished paintings--but then again, I may have more time than I'd like now that my job at Gustavus is finished. Please buy my DA products!!! Help an unemployed mythologist!!!!

Wider "mug friendly" version here:…

I have a blog post up collecting the three pics in the series so far:….

Buy the download here or w/ my other "critter" and landscape pics:…
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I really like this piece. The lighting and shadows are really good. Gives it a lot of depth.
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Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing it--turned out better than I'd expected. :)
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This is quite amazing *v*
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Aw, thanks! Glad you like it! You've got a nice gallery as well!
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Awesome landscape piece and 2 hours is a good time frame as well.
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Thanks! Glad you like it. I think it probably took me over 2 hours, but I'm not sure... In any case, I just like finishing projects in one sitting. When I let them go longer, they get shoved into the background by everything else. I've been working on my picture of Volundr and his Valkyrie girlfriend ([link] for over two years now-- it was one of my first sketches on my iPad when I started doing digital art and STILL ISN'T DONE!!! I think a one-sitting picture has the advantage that I don't get too attached to it before it is done. The pressure just feels too high for those projects that I have to get back to...
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I understand the need to push out a project and I hope you wrap up your two year one soon. On a side note, the link didn't come through, can you repost?

For me personally, my pieces generally take about 8 hours to complete but that usually invovles a sketch, inking and then digital painting. Because of that lenght of time, I normally work on a piece over multiple days but try not to take more then a weekend at most.

So yeah, I'm impressed with your speed on this current piece. Good luck!
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For some reason there was a parenthesis in the last link...
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