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Jord (Earth) and Thor for Earth Day

A portrait of the Norse version of "Mother Earth", the giantess Jörð (Earth) and her son Þórr (Thor). OK, she probably wasn't understood as looking like this--in fact, apparently the giants could be visualized as quite beautiful when the story demanded it, and Snorri tells us she was included among the gods and goddesses--but I thought this would be a fun way to imagine her. [Edit--replaced with a scanned copy--did some editing to it as well, hopefully all for the good...]

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Thor! Odin's son Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate
Your destiny awaits
Thor! Hlödyn's son Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate Ragnarök awaits

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This is great! I love how earthy she looks. I was just in the Scottish Highlands and it is very easy to see the landscape coming alive like this, how you have her emerging from the rocks and trees growing out of her. I like Thor too. :)
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Thanks! I decided to somewhat revisit my Old Man Mountain idea, though that was meant to be more like a mountain morphing into a person. This was meant to be more explicitly a figure. Would like to try and refine this eventually. :)…