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Inktober 10 24 16 Rey and Kylo

Inktober day 24! I rarely do fanart, but may try to get into it more--and I love Star Wars, so here are Rey and Kylo! As frustrated as I am about (some elements of) the original expanded universe going away, I really loved the new characters in The Force Awakens. Once the plot and exposition got to all the "Death Star III" stuff everything got really lame (bad plot, bad bad dialogue, etc), but I suppose as fun as Lucas' vision is, it was never exactly on par with Le Guin or Delany.... But anyway, the start of the movie and the characters were amazing and because of them I've watched the movie maybe close to 10 times since it came out, haha. What can I say, Star Wars was pretty formative for my elementary school age self...
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