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Girl and Dragon Sketches

Ah, been ages since I've uploaded anything! My Wacom is not working for me right now (not sure if the problem is the tablet, the stylus, or my Acer laptop), so I'm uploading a bunch of random sketches from my iPad, all from between Summer 2011 and Fall 2012.

This is a bunch of really quick sketches from back when I was still learning to do digital art on my iPad (before I got my Bamboo tablet). I was watching Mulan with my nieces, and decided to draw a girl and a dragon (I know, doesn't at all look like anything from Mulan, but that's when I drew it!). The idea stuck w/ me, and for a while I would occasionally sketch out something more on that theme--I had kind of a weird dystopian post apocalyptic emo fantasy webcomic idea, probably inspired by some of the horribleness my sister and nieces were having to deal with in their lives at the time. May one day be able to pull together a clear enough idea to return to this and polish things up, but for now I've put it off indefinitely.
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