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Forest Troll Sketch



Finally got back to my tablet after being away from it for a while, and decided to do a quick sketch before going to bed for the night. Here is a comic book style skogstroll/forest troll, done all muscly like a superhero or villain. The use of the word "troll" in Old Norse (and in more recent Scandinavian folk usage, actually) doesn't really imply quite this sort of character--even the Romantic image of big nosed troll families is more an invention of the literate world, and the idea of giants or trolls having certain varieties, like rock troll, mountain giant, etc, is probably due to the misappropriation of formulaic terms (or poetic terms, I guess you could say) by the more encyclopedically minded scholars. "Troll" as a term probably has at its root more of a sense of "something extraordinary, supernatural, beyond the norm", rather than being a species term, if I am remembering an article by Ármann Jakobsson correctly.

Hoping to start a new (INTERACTIVE) series of moleskine illustrations soon, so stay tuned!

Did another pic in the troll series:…
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