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Firebird Angelo

Been chipping away at this in bits and pieces for over 2 months now, and decided I needed to finish it and get it up, even if it isn't perfect. The skin came out a bit mottled--I just kept working at it too much. Next time it should go better, as I will have a better idea what I am looking for.

Apart from my lousy Elric sketch, this would be my first fan art that I'm posting. This is a young Firebird, from the beginning of Kathy Tyer's Firebird series. I tried to portray a young, spunky version of the heroine, which I think would fit the spirit of the books (though I have to admit, Kathy tends to show the vulnerable side of her heroines a lot more than their strong sides). This would be Firebird before she receives her orders to suicide, as the 3rd, 4th, etc, born children of the aristocracy must do on her world once the succession looks certain. The sketch didn't start out as Firebird, and I haven't had time to check the books for accuracy, so apologies if I'm off. I just realized that I'd been picturing this girl as a redhead, and thought "Firebird has read hair, right?", and there you go. The golden threadwork in the left corner is supposed to give an impression of birds and flames, but of course there wouldn't have been anything like that in the palace when she was growing up...

Kathy is better known for her Star Wars novels-- Truce at Bakura and Balance Point, plus a few short stories. She wrote the original two Firebird books as young adult sci-fi in the 80s, then republished them with revisions for the Christian market (Evangelical market, really) around 2000. She added a third book at that time, and just reissued that trilogy lately to set up the release of a 4th book in the series, Wind and Shadow ( I have a lot of friends in the Christian publishing industry, but I'm not really a fan of Christian fiction-- still, Kathy does create an interesting world, and having first read about Firebird around 15 years ago, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the series. I blogged about the series and my take on Christian fiction here: [link]
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Glad you like it! :) Have you read the new book in the series? I think Kathy has two more (or three? another trilogy?) coming out, with the first one out now. I have a link to it on my blog post, I think, but I had such a busy year (along with too many other reading obligations) that I wasn't able to get to it (want to finish rereading the first trilogy before I do).
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So, I'm pretty sure this is the only Firebird fan art I could find on this website, which is shocking, because that's my favorite book series ever! Love your portrayal of her, and I always pictured her as a redhead, too! :) Nice work!