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Cretaceous Vikings

EDIT: Finally replaced the pic w/ the cleaned up version w/ 3 horns. OK, didn't change it much (it is a tiny horn)--didn't feel like going all out. I hope this will be a bit more acceptable though...

I totally missed Draw a Dinosaur Day. Oh well. Here is my contribution, as appropriate as I could make it for my Viking (etc) blog. [link]

Meant to be a quick sketch, but I kept screwing it up, so it took a while. Oh well. Here it is, for what it's worth. Also, borrowed the word "preenactment" from Dresden Codak.

Available as a download with a collection of my Viking pictures from the first year of my blog: [link]
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Triceratops: Oh yeah well real Velociraptors have, three fingers, non pronated hands and feathers!

Velociraptor: I'm...... going to leave now : (