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Castle and Planet

My brain has been telling me it needs to stretch away from academia for a moment before getting back to work, so I've been cooking and drawing. I used to draw castles like this all the time in high school and college, but never tried to put anything into a finished composition, for the most part. I don't think it all turned out quite right here either, but I hope it's at least a reasonable job. I probably should redo this in painter with perspective lines on...

And yes, it's turned into sort of a sci-fi/fantasy world as well--I guess I'm feeling my New Wave/early 80s sci-fi right now, maybe Dragons of Pern or one of Ursula LeGuin's Hainish series planets, with a science-fictional setting but a pseudo-medieval culture (I guess that's what you get when science fiction authors fall in love with Tolkien's LOTR...). I'm imagining that the big "moon" is actually a gas giant planet, and the world we are on is actually one of the moons.

Put this up on my tumblr as well:…
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This is a great example of just how uniquely dramatic black and white can be!!
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Thanks! I am really glad it turned out like it did--not happy with every detail, but I think overall it has the impact I was looking for. Makes me glad I started working with my pen brush (though this was actually done with some Japanese calligraphy pens).