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Cartoon Strindberg Time Exercises 2



Another "telling time in Swedish" exercise for my students-- though it is maybe more fun if you know a bit about him. The first image references his alchemical work, the second his reputation as a misogynist, and the final one the fact that he apparently still felt SOMETHING for women, as he went through so many marriages. This is the second part of this exercise: [link]

Both were a bit inspired by my recent blog post on Strindberg: [link]

As well as my first pre-meditated illustration for one of my courses: [link]

All pretty hastily done, I realize, but I didn't have much time to throw them together (I didn't even get through a whole day with Strindberg!)-- I would love to come back to this and do a lot more (hopefully cleaned up and a lot more professional looking).
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Holy Toledo! My second profession after art is language teaching, and I remember doing all kinds of "visual thematic vocabulary pages" in the three languages I taught. Thanks for bringing back some wistful memories.