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Animals in a room

[Whoops! Just realized I miswrote my blog address in the picture-- should be vikingsbooksetc.wordpress.COM, not .edu. I use so many .edu pages that I forget sometimes...]

Was putting together a quiz for my students in Intermediate Swedish, and thought I may as well make the picture myself that would go with the exercise in prepositions (i, vid, under, etc). Turned out a bit dark... oh well. Hastily done, but it was fun to do some drawing again! May try doing this more often. Unfortunately, even a short drawing session is usually more than I have time for.
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i like this. It has a childlike quality, but its also eerie and mysterious 
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Yeah, I kinda liked how it turned out--a bit creepy, with the combination of children's-book style pics, and the dark, gritty texture...Would be fun if I could actually make money putting together a book of pics like this for language courses. I would show random pics from deviantart in class all the time to get them to work on their prepositions, vocab, etc. It was always the most fun making my own though.