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Random brushes jpg



1st main
other dynamics on, both controls pen pressure
spacing 10%
opacity 100% flow 100% (never lower the flow)

2nd texture
spacing 25%
simple hard round(first brush on the ps list)
shape dynamics on
scattering 667% both axes count 1
texture wrinkles subtract, scale 21, depth 100%, minimum depth 100%, depth jitter 5%, controll off
other dynamics just on, flow jitter: pen pressure

3rd fur
spacing 25%
shape dynamics on, size jitter 0% minimum diameter 1%, control pen pressure, Angle jitter 0% control:direction, scattering controll off 109% count 1 count jitter 98%, other dynamics on both controls off

4th grass
as in here [link]

5th snowflakes
shape dynamics on control off, scattering 67% count 2, other dynamics both controls pen pressure
spacing 61

6th fog/mist/smoke
shape dynamics pen pressure
scattering 166% both axes count 5
other dynamics on both controlls off
spacing 12%
opacity 1-50% flow 20-50%

7th snow
spacing 18%
shape dynamics control pen pressure
other dynamics opacity jitter 48% control off, flow jitter 0% control pen pressure
opacity 1-50% flow 10-50%

8th wood
as in here [link]
other dynamics on, spacing 0,
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Which brush did you use to write these words: main, snow,... on this pic?