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Happy Easter!

Jesus is Alive! Praise God for His sacrifice!

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Me and Speedy-da-doge were mocking this and just

"Christian Whitehead! Please! SEGA abuses me! SEGA beats me with a belt."
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I really like this. Way to be the light of the world brave gal! 👍✨
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You know what I hate?   People thrusting religion into places it doesn't belong, like cartoons that doesn't even hint at any religiosity whatesoever.

IF this were your Original character I wouldn't complain.

Sorry I just like to keep Happy fun time fiction land separate from religious land.
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Yeah right more like happy birthday hitler
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I have been looking for a picture like this for a long time. I am so thankful there is someone else out there who thinks of Sonic being sorry for Jesus dying on the cross.
In fact for easter, I am writing a oneshot about SOnic meeting Jesus and becoming a believer. Derp

Thank you for this picture.
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Jesus didn't even exist on Mobius, why would he even know who jesus was?
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well, Mobius is Earth in the future. It is possible that Sonic might pick up a Bible lost somewhere. And it's also possible that there might still be a cross standing somewhere. This is all possible
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I'm going to assume if v the discovery channel series life after people it's accurate then no church or cross will survive.
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well often, the stone crosses that are found along the countryside in Scotland and Ireland are made of stone. and also, there are plenty of relics of earth on Mobius. Also, Station Square is the only human city that survived the gene bomb. it is possible that there are at least a few Bibles laying around. 
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It's possible but after thousands of years they might have shifted their religious preferences into something completely unrecognizable. 

But again, we're talking about thousands of years without being maintained.… This one looks like it's starting to deteriorate already.

The point is that it is likely that stones won't survive very long, but metal ones might.  They would never be recognized as anything about odd shapes though, if they weren't consumed by rust or smelted into something else by then.
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I understand that. But just as there are a few groups of people who still worship the Roman and Greek gods, it is possible a small sect of the human population would keep faith in God. Also, a history museum or antique shop would most likely have one. Since Christianity is a huge part of human history, a museum would most likely have a couple Bibles for historical value. 

I'm trying to say it is possible he can find out about Jesus. I never said it would be a believable situation.
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True. It's also unlikely that they would follow Christianity since they have their own spiritual beliefs. Which appears to be unambiguously true in canon considering how much time knuckles spent in the after life.

Which was just a bunch of Ken penders brand bullshit.

Btw I love that this conversation is happening
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When did sonic learn of Jesus.
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Well I guess same time I did :) I draw emotions a lot so this results :)
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I suppose in the story I'm working on his father and mother but later Amy roses older brother too :)
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To quote a Phillips, Craig & Dean song: "I'll never know how much it cost / To see my sin upon that cross." :pray:
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Sonic : thanks for your sacrifice.
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