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[Svajone] Arlen

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[Feb 6 2019: HE GOT IN :'D]
[Feb 11 2019: Updated family ties. HAS A DAD NOW.]
[Mar 11 2019: Rank up to delta.]
[Jun 17 2019: Added past attractions, cleaned up relationships section. Edited views on magic to reflect current events.]
[Aug 9 2019: New art!]
[Oct 3 2019: He got an ability. He's a magical girl now i'm shook]
[Mar 27 2020: Rank up to gamma.]
[May 13 2020: Reached stage 2 of Wraith]
[June 19 2020: Transferred to Taika, gamma guardian -> master sentinel, and transfiguration ticket used to tweak shoulder/mane design. New art!]


Name: Arlen [Celtic, "oath, pledge, or promise"]
Age: Adult [3 years]
Birthday: 13 October, 2016
Gender: Male
Height: 87 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Appearance: Trim and athletic build, but solid. Short cheek fur, framing sharp facial features. Thicker fur around his face and neck, with a tendency to stick up at odd angles. Fur lies smoother along his body, except for dense tufts behind his limbs and along his back. Fluffy tail. Small scars are buried under his fur, and are visible at certain angles.

Territory: Taika
Ranking: Master
Task: Sentinel

Abilities: Wraith - Tier 2
It is said that the dead travel quickly and it seems they've found it fitting to bless your wolf with this particular aspect of themselves. While under the cover of shadows, your wolf is capable of traveling at speeds typically considered impossible by their peers. Quick on their feet and with stamina in excess, so long as your wolf is concealed from a source of direct light, they may travel faster and farther than any other.

Stage 1 - Completed
[ X | X | X ]
Your wolf discovers that during the cover of darkness, they can move quicker than usual - however, they cannot travel particularly far at this stage without experiencing extreme fatigue. During this stage, there is a 48 hour cooldown period between usage.   

Stage 2 - Current
[ X | X | X ]
The speed and distance covered increases in stage two - your wolf can cover larger distances quicker than before, and begins to improve stamina. They are also able to use their ability during daylight hours, so long as they remain hidden from direct sunlight and move only in covered areas and shadows. They may begin to notice tendrils of a shadowy aura encircling their feet and shoulders while running in the shade. During this stage, there is a 24 hour cooldown period between usage.

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous, Oak
Voice: Clear, crisp, mid-tone.


Loyal | Industrious | Generous
Arlen is devoted to his pack, and will work tirelessly for their benefit. He has dedicated himself to protecting the Tundes against the rising threat of the Kol. He views their defection as unforgivable. He makes for a reliable and steadfast companion, asking for very little in return. Although he does not strike the warmest of first impressions, he prefers not to be alone, keeping a wide circle of acquaintances, and will happily throw himself into the midst of their problems to try to help them.

Pragmatic | Logical | Detached
Arlen prides himself on being practical. He tackles most problems in an organized, logical way, able to prioritize competing interests dispassionately. However, he extends this to emotions, and will rationalize to avoid engaging with them. He is prone to denying his feelings, even to himself. His detached exterior can disguise the extent to which he cares about those around him, which he is more likely to express this through his actions than words. Surprisingly, he makes for a good listener, and even has a bit of a sentimental streak- something which he finds endlessly embarrassing.

Temperamental | Self-Sacrificing | Obsessive
Although Arlen has cooled as he's grown up, his fiery temper still flashes to the surface, bolstered by his sometimes poor self-insight. Despite this, he will go to extraordinary lengths for the benefit of other wolves. In fact, he doesn't think of his own well-being very much, leading to a nasty habit of putting himself in sometimes unnecessary danger. Although this can be construed as protectiveness it is rooted in altruism less than it is in devaluing himself, and can be painful for those who get close to him. Ultimately, he thinks his only worth is in being useful to others. His hard-working nature can veer into unchecked obsession, and a single-minded drive to reach his goals.



Arlen was borne of a minor scandal. His mother, Aideen, had cheated on her partner with another male, one who also had his own mate. When she realized she was pregnant, he cut her off, and when she revealed the truth to her mate he did the same. Their children began to refuse contact with her, more than happy to take their father's side after learning the truth. She was taken in by Siobahn, her sister, for the duration of her pregnancy, but this did little to soothe her. Aideen took to eating very little, and spent much of her time skulking around in their den, despondent. Although Siobahn did everything in her power to support her, calling on a rotating cast of herbalists to try to ease her misery, Aideen seemed to have resolved to waste away. Due to her ill health, her three pups came early. Two of the undersized newborns quickly perished, with their mother following along soon after. Only Arlen was left.

Siobahn accepted responsibility for the pup without hesitation. Grief-stricken herself, she took leave from her task as einar in order to protect her young nephew. She had never wanted children of her own, but loved him dearly all the same. He was raised in relative seclusion at first, with only a few tight-knit family members helping his aunt. He was nursed by another cousin who had just given birth, and soon grew into an astonishingly vigorous pup.

Arlen was independent and rambunctious from the start. As he began to venture further from their den and meet other young wolves of the pack, he began noticing curious reactions. One of his half-siblings had already spread the story of the russet pup's unfortunate heritage. These rumors proceeded him, dogging him with whispers surrounding his illegitimacy wherever he went. Reactive and aggressive by nature, Arlen took poorly to this teasing by his peers. And he was quick to interpret even benign comments as if they were grave insults. After meeting a few choice taunts with a flurry of teeth, he soon gained a reputation as a young troublemaker. This suited him well enough. He got into countless fights as he grew into a juvenile, making no small number of childhood enemies. Mercifully, as the wolves in question were still young, no one tended to get badly hurt- but Arlen can recall quite a few choice beat-downs he endured. Although his family members would try to temper the pup's rage, he continued to chafe against the peaceful ways of the pack. He caused them a great deal of heartache and worry. Seeing this, he was quick to leave them and strike out on his own as soon as he was able.

He was a little shy of a year and a half when he was first approached by one of the pack's gammas. The wolf presented Arlen with a choice. The first option was to commit himself to the protection of the Tundes, rather than to the cycle of pointless, escalating conflict with his packmates. He could gain the respect of the community, and prove all those who had shunned him wrong. Or, instead, he could continue isolating himself, subjecting himself to ever harsher discipline as he continued causing trouble- perhaps one day ending up an exile. Directionless, he accepted the offer of training. Later, he would learn that this was Siobahn's doing, and that she had roped a superior of hers into helping her tempestuous nephew. Combat training evened the young wolf out seemingly overnight, providing him with enough structure and purpose to flourish. He began training in earnest in hopes of becoming a guardian, feeling for the first time that he had found a group of like-minded people.

Malaysia would defect from the pack and start the Kol soon after, galvanizing his desire to protect the Tundes.

[tl;dr: Illegitimate pup tears apart family- mother dies after childbirth, her mate leaves her and takes the kids, the biological father ditches. Is adopted by aunt. Picks fights with other pups until he's kind of a problem. Talked into guarding the pack, loves it, decides this is his life's purpose. Becomes contributing member of society and Good Boy.]


  • Arlen's mother never revealed the name of his biological father. He learned it was Godric through rumor and a fateful conversation with Margo.
  • His aunt tried to patch things up with his mother's ex-mate and Arlen's half-siblings, but was unsuccessful. He has had a few run-ins with them, and has learned to stay away.
  • Enjoys gnawing on antlers, and is prone to stashing them whenever possible.
  • Dislikes getting wet, because it takes forever for his fur to dry out. As a result, he's not the strongest swimmer.
  • When he's not trying to be Stern™ and Tough™ he has kind of a dry sense of humor.
  • Interprets "godhood" in the old tales as more metaphorical than literal. Thinks this is yet another way that Malaysia's followers are misguided.
  • Kind of bad with names.
  • Has extremely limited knowledge of the myths and lore of Almos. Was not raised on stories as a child, and thus only knows the most mainstream and basic fables.
  • Not as cool as Margo.


Mate: None loser foreveralone
Orientation: Bisexual
Past Attractions: Raksha, Killian

Mother | Aideen | dead [npc]
Father | Godric | missing [npc]
Maternal Aunt | Siobahn | alive [npc]
Paternal Half-Sister | Margo | alive
Paternal Half-Sister | Maggie | alive
Paternal Cousin | Elvar | dead

:star: [Open for other relatives! He has half-siblings through his mother, as well as other aunts, uncles, and cousins.] :star:


Contact Preference: Google docs or Discord preferred. dA notes are alright.
Random Events: Opt In

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A good strategy, highly recommended

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Ay the beauty gene runs in the family HEH~ Wink/Razz 
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