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The Embalmer by ZaubererbruderASP
my dadiemy dadie raised the stuff we lived on. he growed the corn to make our bread. he growed the cane to make our syrup. also growed the bean and peas to make the soup. and dried beans and dried fruit enough to last all winter. he killed a beaf and a sheep and two or three hogs for the winter. we just had biskets for morning and when mama ran out of coffie she parched chestnuts and ground them on her coffie mill to make coffie out of and when it rained and the mills couldnt grind our bread we ate potatoes for bread.we didnt have mutch money or anything. my dadie use to make our shoes. I can remember wearing them. my mama use to weaved woal cloth and make blankets and cloths out of. I have worn woal dress and my dadie has worn home made britches out of woven woal to. my mother also knit our stockings and socks to. I have help my dadie shear sheep a lot of times to get that woal. my mama would wash it and spin it make it into thread and then weave it on her loom to make her blankets and cloth out of.we lived in a log house it was pretty hard to keep warm by an open fire place but we never was hardly sick either. i use to help my brothers saw wood to make fires out of to keep warm. In winter the snow was waist deep. we had a spring to cary our watter from and dadie had to take his shovel and ditch out a way through the snow for us to get to the cristmas we hung our stockings on the mantel and could hardly sleep we was so excited. in the morning we would see our stockings with a lump in the toe and santa had put molases candy and new woal mits in there while we slept. mama would make punkin pie and cook the turkey dadie shot for cristmas supper and it was shure good.some nites dadie would put on his speshul robes to go up the mountin. he looked so fine in them red robes with the other men. my brothers an i wanted to go with dadie but mama never let us it was just for men. we wuld sit on the step and watch the lites flyin in the sky over the mountin an count them. sumtimes there were more than we could count. once we herd a loud voice like thunder up on the mountin and we was so skeared we ran in the house and mama sang to us to ease us. my brother said later it was the aklo words we herd and we werent to here them.we use to make our play houses out in the woods. we was alowed to play most anywhere we wanted if our work was done. we made all our toys id make my own rag dolls to play and my brothers sawed pine logs to make wheels and made there wagons to play with we shure had fun.we had an old dog named jessup that dadie would take hunting in the woods. one day it got bit by a copper snake hiding in the weeds and died. there are all kind of snakes in the woods like copper and rattler and black and hoop which dadie said bites its own tail and rolls after you reel fast. we had a mule that dadie turned up the corn field with for planting and he would ride it to the mill. my brothers and i would ride it around the farm to. we had cats livin in the barn shed but they were to wild to tame.mama had a girl babie an i was happy cause i wanted a sister for a long time but the men came in there red robes to take her. dadie cussed them out gud. he had his rifle and he told them that he would shoot the first man that set foot on the step. i was skeared and my brothers was to. The men left and dadie bult a big fire out front the cabin so we could see if they come back that night. mama sung to us but we didn go to sleep we was so skeared they was gonna come back for the babie agin. there was noises out in the woods and dadie walked up an down with his gun lookin out the windows. he told mama he could see the lites over the mountin. i fell asleep by and by and was woke up by reel loud thunder but my brothers said it was the aklo words. dadie put away his gun and took the babie and gave her to a man on the step. my poor mama just cryed and cryed. we was all reel sad an sorry after that for a long time.we had never seen a motor car back the hills then and someone toll us one was coming soon so my brothers and i went up on the hillside to watch it go by. it was black and had three men in it. we were reel excited to see it turn up the track to our house and we run to meet it there. dadie was talking to the men on the step. they were dressed in fancy clothes and come from the city. dadie said after they come from a big skool for grownups in the city. they was reel intrested in the lites and the aklo words as they red all about them in some old books they had at that skool. they ask dadie to take them up the mountin and would pay him good money if he did. we was skeared to here them talk so plane about the aklo words but dadie sayd IT TOOK MY CHILD AN I REKON I DONT WANT NO MORE TO DO WITH IT. he give his word he would take them up the mountin.mama made us all git in the house and put the bar across the door and told us we werent to stir till dadie come back. she took down the shotgun from the wall and sat with it by the window. we wanted to look out the window to but she told us to git. i went with my brothers up to the loft witch had a little low window and we laid on the floor peering out talkin reel quiet and feelin all fluttery inside. it got to be dinner time but mama was still sat by the window waitin so us kids did to. it was real queer feelin like the air was reel hevy and every thing was a-waiting on and by it was gettin dark an i was dozin by my brothers at the little window when one of them says I CAN SEE THE BARN. well i look an i can see the barn to tho its getting to be night. we look an look and it was getting liter and liter out like the sun was comin up. mama yell from us to git down stairs and we skitter on down and the hole house is lit up like noon from that lite coming in the windows. just then we hear hollerin outside and here come a whole bunch of the men into the yard on horses. one of them start poundin and poundin on the door callin for dadie. he look in the window and he see mama holding the shotgun and he start cussin her telling her to open the door or he would brake it down. she pointed the shotgun at him and told him to git and a whole bunch of cuss words i never here her use before. the other men was calling the man at the window and pointing up the mountin an he run back to his horse and they rode off in a lather.mama said GO GET YER CLOTHIN HURRY UP NOW and we run to do as she said. we could here a noise now reel loud outside like something roaring and wailing an the mule in the barn just a-screamin and the hogs carryin on like you woodnt beleve. i was skeared right cold and my brothers had to help me get my clothes i was so stiff and just a-cryin. then there was more poundin on the door and this time it was dadie shoutin and mama let him in. GIT OUT WE HAVE TO GIT OUT he was yellin and pulled mama out the door and hollered for us kids to move our bones and when we come outside the hole mountin was just one big fire and the cinders was fallin like snow and the heat was just awful. we could hear shoutin and caterwalin all around so loud it hurt my ears and them aklo words thunderin an hollerin. the men from the skool was in the car shoutin for us to hurry an we piled all over each other like jack straws to get in. they drove down the track and turned on to road and went hellbent for leather with our teeth all rattlin in our heads.i looked back and our poor ol house was all afire and the barn afire and the whole mountin afire and the sky was full of them lites all darting and dodging like yellow jackets all afire an i rekon ill never forget that site if i live to be a hundred. i was sitting on dadies lap and he were looking back to and he said REKON THAT ELDAR THANG NEVER GONNA HURT NO ONE EVER AGIN and i was reel proud of my dadie.dadie and mama are both long gone now and my brothers to. one died workin in a mine and the other got reel sick and died when he was older. i aint never got hitched and dont have no kinfolk left that i know of. i live here in this house and i grown my beans an my peas for soup and dry fruit and keep chickens and im sure grateful. i mostly keep to myself and have plenty of work to do around the place to keep busy. i reckon the town kids think im a witch or a bogie but they still come round if im baking ginger snaps and eat them all right. i still plant by the signs and harvest by the signs and can tell when the weather is going to change or stay on the same but that aint aklo words or nothin to do with them eldar thangs its just the way i was raised by my dear dadie.
History of the Blood CultHistoryAntiquityThe oldest known written records about the blood cult date from around the year 2,000 BC. There are only fragmented bits of lore deciphered from broken stone tablets found in the ruins of Ashur. It is written that some tribes from the fringes of the known world used to sacrifice humans in order to appease their god Um'rA'eSh. Due to the bad condition of the texts, not much is known about the cult, but it is hinted that it has been practiced since long before the time of the writing.Indeed, some modern scholars try to link a 25.000-year-old cave painting from Spain to the cult, but most archeologists doubt that it is possible that the cult survived for such a long time and spanned such a vast geographic area during the paleolithic period. The painting depicts a dragon-like creature that superficially resembles the descriptions of Um'rA'eSh from newer texts.A more in-depths description of the practices of the cult comes from the 14th century BC, when the cult seems to have spread to Anatolia. A Hittite scholar describes that some of his countrymen have begun practicing the blood cult, which has before only been associated with "uncivilized" cultures, in secret. Another text details the precautions made by the cult in order to hide it from the general public. It describes that the sacrifices are only to be made during specific religious holidays and animals are only to be sacrificed (fed to the god) if it is impossible to get a human sacrifice without being caught. This text also shows the general fear the cultists had that their god would destroy the city if they do not practice regular sacrifice and also how dangerous it was that most people would not believe their teachings.Later, the cult seems to have spread around the entire Mediterranean, where we have several ancient Greek and later Roman authors mentioning it among other mystery cults. No texts are known from the cultists themselves, but mainstream Greek authors describe that the cult sacrifices mostly oxen and horses to their gods, with no mentioning of human sacrifice.Parallel to this, the cult is also mentioned in sources from the Gupta empire and in Chinese texts from the Qin dynasty. One Chinese author mentions the fear of the cultists of a dragon that lives inside their temple, but he dismisses it as their "temple" is just some house and would never contain a divine dragon.Roman authors also mention the cult being practiced by Germanic, Celtic and Scythian tribes throughout Europe and even among the Berbers of North Africa, while Chinese sources mention that the cult has spread around the entire world.Medieval and early-modern sourcesWith the spread of Christianity and Islam, sources from the cult itself get sparce. Some scholars think that the various kinds of dragon slaying myths that spread around Europe actually depict Christian missionaries wiping out specific communities of the cult and that the dragons are symbols for what they saw as devil worship. The Persian author al-Qazwīnī mentions Um’rA’eSh as a kind of Jinn that has been worshipped in pre-Islamic times.At the same time, it seems that the cult saw some kind of renaissance in China, while also being secularized. Sources mention the spread of small dragons that people worshipped at their homes by sacrificing small animals to them.European medical and natural history books from the early modern period show creatures found in association with witch trials which have been identified as Um'rA'eSh by modern researchers. It seems that like in China, instances of the deity also have become smaller and tamer in Europa by that time.While we have no sources about the blood cult being practiced in the Americas before Columbus, some scholars have tried to link Mesoamerican human sacrifice to the cult. This is highly disputed since there are no similarities between the practices of the Mesoamerican cultures and those of the cultists of the Old World. Most historians agree that the cult actually spread to the Americas through European immigrants and African slaves and later syncretized with Indigenous American religions.Worship in modern timesWhile some kind of religious reverence of Um'rA'eSh seems to have persisted in remote communities throughout the world, by the 18th and 19th century most instances of the deity are bred as a kind of exotic pet. In the second half of the 20th century, it gained popularity among youth cultures like Punk and Metal fans because of its dark history. It also seems that some religious interest has resurfaced among New Age religious movements.In 2003, the cult gained widespread media coverage when two sixteen-year-olds from Munich, Germany killed a classmate in order to appease Um'rA'eSh. Both teenagers have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease and are currently in institutional care. The Um'rA'eSh has been brought to an animal shelter. It has been found to have been grossly neglected.
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I'm once again open for commissions, guys, so send me a note if you're interested. The prices will be established in accordance to drawing's difficult. Examples below (my latest works):
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Thanks everybody.
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