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"Failed ignitions from a gaz lighter looks like wizardery"
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This is mesmerizing...
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Okay, what's your trick of automation because this would take me a year.  So many fps!  And dithered too!
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ha ha, no real tricks involved for most of it:
Animation on video layers using photoshop on high FPS + a few indexed color frames on BG to add some fake video compression dithering.
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It's just a failed spark from a lighter.
But it looks so fantastic!

I have to ask.
How do you get your animations to be so smooth?
Also, what program do you use.?
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I use photoshop and video layers to animate.

No real secret here, only "The 12 basic principles of animation" ( )
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Beautiful work on this one! :)
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Awesome animation!
I have never seen such fluid pixel animation. Excellent job and highly inspiring!
give that man a medal!!!
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Dayum man. How do you make this so fluid ?
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Drinking a lot of coffee is my only secret.
Thanks man  !
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Can you tell me what programm you use ?
thx :)
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Sure, I've used Photoshop CC 2014 with the animator's toolbar plugin.
It's mostly video layers painted frame by frame.
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This is perfect-looking.
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Making a perfect loop is kinda hypnotic and introspective.
it's what I love about animation
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Ahh so amazing! It looks so fluid! :0
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