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As said in the title, I stole this from Skeolan who stole it from someone else~ stealception

[   ] stayed single for the whole year (gonna celebrate my 3rd year with my boyfriend soon so no)
[   ] kissed in the snow
[   ] celebrated Halloween
[   ] kissed in the rain 
[   ] had your heart broken 
[   ] broke someone else's heart (I hope not at least !)
[   ] had a stalker 
[   ] went over the minutes on your cell phone 
[X] had/have a good relationship with someone 
[X] had/have a relationship with someone you'll never forget
[X] done something you've regretted (like everytime I spent money ?)
[   ] lost faith in love
[   ] kissed under a mistletoe 

[   ] took an advanced class (I actually work at an highschool, but I'm not a student anymore)
[   ] broke the dress code (omg someone saw my shoulders)
[   ] sent to the principles office for misbehavior (I work WITH the principle, actually)
[   ] got straight A's (we don't even have "A"s in France, we have marks on /20)
[X] met one teacher you really like (Actually met up with many of my favorite teachers by working in my old highschool)
[X] met one teacher you really hated (I see you, Mr.Costa... stop dropping paperwork that should be dropped in the other building)
[   ] failed a class (what is class)
[   ] skipped school (That would be skipping work and that's a no no)
[X] did something you were proud of (actually got hired, good job me)

[   ] discovered a new talent 
[X] proved yourself an idiot (everydaaaaay)
[X] embarrassed yourself in front of the class (well, not as a student as I said... but at first, I had trouble remembering who's student was who (they all look the same to me) and I yelled at the wrong student for 5 minutes and then apologised profusely when I noticed it wasn't the culprit)
[   ] fell in love with a teacher (ew don't do that)
[   ] intentionally tripped someone at school 
[   ] made a varsity team (what the hell is a varsity team)
[X] were involved in something you'll never forget (cops called at school because one of "my" student (meaning she's under my team's charge) was threatened by kids from another school)
[   ] painted a picture
[   ] wrote a poem 
[   ] ran a mile
[   ] shopped at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch (what are those things)
[   ] posted a blog 
[X] listened to music you couldn't stand (I hate radio's music)
[   ] went to a sleepover 
[   ] went camping 
[   ] threw a surprise party (was supposed to, but I was really sick)
[X] laughed till you cried
[   ] laughed till you peed in your pants
[   ] visited a foreign country (Oh I wish... it's been too long)
[   ] cut in a line of waiting people 
[X] told someone you were busy when you weren't (we all do that at one point, just so we don't appear rude)
[   ] partied to celebrate the new year (still hadn't happened, but I'm not planning on celebrating)
[   ] cooked a disastrous meal
[   ] lost something/someone important to you

[   ] broke a promise 
[X] lied (we all do, for various reasons)
[   ] went behind your parents' backs
[   ] cried over a broken heart 
[   ] disappointed someone close
[   ] hid a secret 
[X] pretended to be happy 
[X] slept next to someone of the opposite sex (boyfriend)
[   ] slept under the stars 
[   ] kept your New Year's resolution (I don't have any)
[   ] forgot your New Year's resolution
[   ] Facetimed someone for over 4 hours 
[   ] met someone who changed your life
[   ] changed your outlook on life
[X] sat home all day doing nothing (wait, that's my daily life)
[   ] pretended to be sick
[   ] left the country 
[   ] given up something important to you
[   ] lost something expensive

[   ] learned something new about yourself
[   ] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[   ] made a change in your life 
[X] had a relationship past 10 months (ahem, almost 3 years)
[   ] found out who your true friends were 
[   ] stayed up 'til sunrise 
[X] cried over the silliest thing (I cry so easily)
[   ] had your first kiss 
[   ] was never home on weekends
[   ] got into a car accident
[X] had friends who were drifting away from you
[   ] had someone close to you die 
[   ] had a high cell phone bill
[X] spent most of your money on food (alwayyyyys)
[   ] had a fist fight
[   ] drove a car 
[   ] went to the beach with your best friend 
[   ] saw a celebrity (If Patrick Baud is considered a celebrity)
[X] gotten sick
[X] been told "I love you" 
[X] told someone you love them 
[   ] liked more than 5 people at the same time 
[X] fell asleep on someone 
[   ] became closer with a lot of people 

[   ] got a new piercing
[   ] dyed your hair
[   ] ended a relationship
[   ] started a new relationship
[   ] been on a long car/bus journey (not yet, but on saturday yep)
[   ] passed an exam (thank you for reminding me I failed my entrance exam)
[   ] met someone who's now an important part of your life
[   ] cried on someone's shoulder
[   ] received flowers 
[X] had a Valentine
[X] gone to see a therapist (I've been doing that for 3 years)
[X] been prescribed medication by a doctor
[X] read a really good book
[   ] went to the zoo
[X] spent too much money on unnecessary things
[X] traveled by train
[   ] spent the day out in the sun getting a tan (eww)
[X] cried in front of someone you adore 
[   ] slammed a door out of frustration 
[   ] had an anxiety attack
[   ] babysat for a friend's child
[X] had a BBQ 
[  ] went to the fair
[  ] went bowling
[  ] seen a film at the cinema in 3D 
[X] went on a date 

Happy New Year's, everyone! Let's hope for a better 2019!!

  • Listening to: Les Moulins de Mon Coeur
  • Reading: GoT book 6
  • Watching: Stuuuuff
  • Playing: Stardew Valley
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea


CalixtaTepes's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Name : Eve
Pseudo : Calixta
Girl or boy : Girl
Birth : 14/06/95

Righ-handed or Left-handed : Left-handed

Brothers and sisters: 2 brothers (one twin and an older brother)
Pet : None
Favorite cities : Uuh dunno
Favorite countries : Scotland I guess ? I'd love to go there !

Glasses : Yep
Eyes color : Brown
Hair color : Brown too
Favorite body part (yours) : ... none ? :D
Least Favourite one : ... All ? :D

Favorite bands : The Who, Deep Purple, Dio, Iron Maiden...
Favorite movies : The Lord of the Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite mangas/animes : Full Metal Alchemist, D Gray Man, Code Geass, Death Note, AnoHana, Madoka Magicka...
Favorite characters in mangas/animes : Edward Elric
Favorite comics/BD : Les Chroniques de Magon, Les Légendaires, Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk...

Favorite game support : GameCube ~
Favorite video games : Baten Kaitos, Fire Emblem...
Favorite characters in video games : Tibarn <3 Kalas... and add many from FE
Favorite color : Green
Favorite number : 5
Favorite animal : Cat and Hawk
Favorite flower : Edelweiss
Favorite language : I don't know ;;
Favorite alcohol : Red wine
Favorite drink : Coffee

Favorite book : Ghost Story is the only one that made me feel really bad, but obviously Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit
Favorite author : Stephen King I think, and Tolkien
Favorite TV shows : Futurama and South Park ?

Favorite subject : Psychology/psychopathology/psychocriminology, arts
Least favorite one : statistics
Future job : Honestly, I don't know anymore

Fetish object : My plushie
Qualities : Uuuh....
Defects : laaaaaazy mainly. But I have some more
Favorite sport : None

Smoke ? : Nope
Steal money ? : Of course not
You're proud of : my boyfriend, my family, my friends, the neighbour's cat
You're ashamed of : me ?
Your dream : Travel the world and having 15 cats
Your nightmare : getting so crazy I hurt people
Your phobia : Used to be "talking to a lot of people", social anxiety, but I'm getting better
Do you want children ? How many ? : None

Tea or coffee : Hmm... tea at home, coffee outside
Bath or shower : shower
Day or night : both
Sun or moon : moon
Angel of Demon : humans
Black or white : black
Hot or cold : cold
Sea or mountain : Mountain
Wood or stone : stone
Salt or sweet : sweet
TV or Comp : Comp
Dog or Cat : Cat but I love dogs too !
Pepsi or Cola : Breizh Cola TMTC
Mc Donald or Quick: McDo

You can ask questions if you want



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