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symphony of the night

an extremly old fanart (somewhere from.. 2011) of castlevania:symphony of the night.
I just.. stumbled up on it after digging through my old backup dvds.
I still very much like the colors I used on this one :)
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I am replaying this right now!
This is just so perfect. 
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This is like a scene right out of the game, come to life.  So awesome!  I love it!

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Freaking awesome to the MAX! This game really deserves to get a decent Remake and Remastered for the next-gen consoles! 
Ah, the original Metroidvania. Such fond memories...
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Nice one.  Love the wings :D
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Man I really love this! Makes me wonder what other old good stuff you've got stashed away somewhere.
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God, i remember that ability... my old PS... old memories...
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very awesome pic cool coloration love it the Castlevania series everDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. deviantART +fav Nod La la la la  good Alucard pic
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This looks so cool!!!
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Ahhh, the leap stone is simply the most badass powerup in the entire game
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The background is amazing! What a beautiful piece
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Let us go out this night for awesome Castlevania fanart. XD
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Oh god. It's so cool. 
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Are those the 'wings of flying' from Pathfinder? Lol! 
But seriously, beautiful job! I love the splash of red against all the cool colors. Very bold! 
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no, in game when Alucard jumps he does a little animation where the cape turns into a wing. and a cool thing about that is that you can customize the color of your cape so basically wing of any color pops out XD
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