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switch 3 alternate cover

phew its been awhile O-o; I am mostly active on my other account :iconsigeel: that I hardly remember to post stuff here... and I have so much stuff to sorry about that ^^;

This is an alternate cover for a monthly comic called Switch that :iconnebezial: is both writing and drawing, published by top cow.

It is a witchblade comic set in an alternate universe with a lot of familiar faces but many of them now in different roles.

It is a very fun T+ comic that I wholeheartedly recommend.

You can get more info on it here:…
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Wow, very beautiful! :wow: :faint:
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thank you so much! <3
I didn't know you did the alternate cover!

I know the physics of the Witchblade aren't normal human physics, because with an ordinary bow, you rest the arrow against the inside of the bow, so it's just above the palm of the hand holding the bow.
I once tried firing it with the arrow outside, just to see. Only did it once.

Just pre-ordered Blood Stain Vol. 2 at!
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well there is always the fact that I do not know how to properly hold a bow... so that is why its drawn incorrectly XD 
Shhh. It's drawn fine, remember - Witchblade physics are different.

It's a really common mistake. The whole "Batman - The Brave and the Bold" TV series had Green Arrow holding his bow and arrow wrong.
I only know because I used to enjoy archery, and grew up on the movie, "The Adventures of Robin Hood." 
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She has a nice armor and colors.
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I can't help but be reminded of Marlene from Death Vigil
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both characters were created by the same artist^^
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Well that pretty much 'splains it :P
Nice !
Once again, thank you for real female armor and not breast molding plate or bikini maille.
Well I saw switch and assumed Stjepan drew it and posted it and commented

And then you answered... and the drawing I assume was by him is not on his account, so I was confused for a while about who is who, who is drawing what.

Ok I need to sleep more...
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Switch is a comic drawn by him, but this particular cover was drawn and colored by me. there are usually 3 different covers available for each issue. He did the other two.

p.s you are replying to yourself so I don't see any of your messages on my feed.
Wait what
Just assumed he posted it because... doesn't he usually post switch stuff...
I'm confused
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I'm confused too, what do you mean by- he posted it XD?
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you should thank my husband for designing it that way :)
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wow very cool cover
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I just picked up #1 Switch. And I love it! I gotta get two and three.
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