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light and shadow guide

i made this for a friend..from some other forum, he seems to have trouble with light and shadow, so here is a simple explanation.
i made a sprite for this.. because i found it cute :)

thats my cure vampire character, hope you like it, and find this tut usefull :)

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As someone who hates shading, this is helpful for me too. :)
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awesome quick reference 
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Oh thank merciful cupcakes this is exactly what i was looking for! Much bowing and scraping for making this tutorial simple and idiot proof!
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im glad it was helpfull :)
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thank you...this what ive been looking for all day!!!
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Thank you. Very nice of you to post this.
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tank's for explanation
It helps me many
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Love that light-from-back image. Really nice.
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thank you!it helps!really!
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Your tutorials are well explained and help me a lot! Thank you! (Sorry for my English)
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np, and dont worry your english is fine :)
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Thanks! This is great. :D
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Ovo ne samo da je dobar tutoiral za crteže nego bi i puno fotografa moglo naučiti iz ovog primjera. :)
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Thanks a lot for sharing, very helpful :D :hug:
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no problem, im glad it is helpfull
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:D Yeps, it really is :)
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