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Tali without helmet

this is my vision of how Tali must look like under the helmet, it had been poking me for so long and i decided to draw it XD
i didnt want to draw her completly looking like a human but through her helmet is allready visible that she has eyes and nose, and by the shape of the helmet her mouth cant really be all that abstract XDDD

Mass Effect (c) Bioware

mg i just found out this artwork managed to make the cut in the san diego comicon showcase *-* im so happy!! its on the last panel, 3rd row 2nd picture: [link]

my husband made a 3d model of this design :D so if you like this design go check it out
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Mass effect legendary edition changed tali's photo - (though she don't have her whole helmet removed)

the new one seems to have a triangular shape on her forehead - so it seems much closer to your art ^^(though, with the rest of her helmet in the way, we can't see other details :)) - though other features are not that similar - they might have made fanart mashups this time instead of just editing a stock photo ^^

Wow she's absolutely beautiful ❤️

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Done like this a beautiful and unique race, also always thought Tali's voice and accent were really cute😊💗

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Not gonna lie, this is pretty much the basis for how I imagine Tali, and to a lesser extent, all Quarians to look.  :D
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This looks really good. Love the features.
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Don't know if I've ever said it, but this is far and away my favorite concept for Tali. The 'official' version isn't even in the same league.
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thank you so much!!
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Calisto-lynn, I love your vision of Tali, for me it is the definitive Quarian design, and I'm thinking about doing some Quarian art work. I'd like to ask your permission to use your general Quarian design (i.e. the long-lobed ears, the forehead tendrils, the cheek striations) in my art work of other Quarians (I'm not planning to do Tali).
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thank you very much! and use away, enjoy :) 
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The thing I love the most about your tali is that she isn't just a grey-skinned black-haired human, but a truly alien being.
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thank you very much! :)
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This is fantastic!
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dude this is so good! but I had a weird thought about tali's face having tentacles and stuff lmao 
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Uff there's not enough helmetless Tali on the internet! And I guess her designer must have seen your drawing, since he doesn't look that far off of this!
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Still probably the best design I've seen so far.
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And then we got the actual one
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This is really beautiful, well-thought, and should have been THE definitive look of quarians.

Eff yoo, EA!!
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She looks amazing.
Very nice version of Tali, focussing on pretty and cute.
Hey I found this image on google and I was really impressed by it, it is by far the best image of Tali I have ever seen. I asked on Nexus if someone could make a mod for the game using your photo to replace the one in Shepard's cabin by default, We need your okay to make it and so I am asking. We would of course give you full credit and post a link to your account in the mods description.

If you would allow us to use this image that would be great, thank you for your time and for putting so much hard work into this. As someone who can't draw a straight line I am very impressed.

if you need to contact me via Email about this issue let me know and I will post my email address. Again thank you for your time.
A much better looking Tali than what they gave us. 
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