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fishing pelecanimimus

By Calisius
pelecanimimus reconstruction in a possible environment. (maybe he was indeed an early ornithomimid with good anatomical adaptions for catching fish). who knows.
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Feb 21, 2006, 2:23:34 PM
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9Weegee's avatar
It has feathers all around the body. Look closer.
FeatherNerd's avatar
That comment was posted in 2016, and i was basically a troll back then. Don’t take it too seriously.
HUBLERDON's avatar
Nice work, though dinosaurs can't pronate their wrists.
TrefRex's avatar
Very unique and pretty! :)
MyeongKD's avatar
Nice job...but, did cormorants really exist in mesozoic era?
QueenSerenity2012's avatar
Cormorant-like birds are actually the oldest known modern birds, known all the way from the Early Cretaceous. Hesperornithes looked virtually identical, too.
MyeongKD's avatar
You mean those birds are the common ancesters of grbes and egrets? Then I see.
QueenSerenity2012's avatar
Hesperornithes aren't but they have really similar bodyplans. We're not positive about the most recent common ancestor of egrets and grebes, but it might've looked something like the Early Cretaceous bird Gansus.
Saurophagus's avatar
Oh my god, this is amazingly-wonderfully-awesomely-super-epic! It seems so.... Real!!! :0
SamWei's avatar
I'd like to use this image for our book about dinosaurs. Could you please kindly guide me how to proceed it? Or, could you let me know your direct email address? Plz let me know your e-mail.
Tomozaurus's avatar
Very cool. Insteresting theory too. A recent theory has been put forward that they were perhaps filter feeders like modern ducks. So they may have been shorline creatures afterall.
lezfreak's avatar
wow this is amazing!
LegendaryD's avatar
Oh yes I have seen this dinosaur before, ages ago.
LegendaryD's avatar
In a book perhaps, maybe it was a little while ago I can't remember.
aspidel's avatar
Nice job... although pelecanimimus doesn't mean the behaviour of a pelican.

It's supposed to have been an omnivorous terrestrial dino like other ornithomimids.
Calisius's avatar
i know . it s the theory about his behaviour. maybe it it was like that.
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