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Ahahahahaha sorry if anyone is tired of these. I figure people can't get mad if I only update once every few months, but even I am sick of myself saying "Ow my shoulder hurts."

So the situation is, as my Dr. said I would, I returned to my 'usual' activities within the first six weeks. These included driving (one handed), putting on my own pants (so long as they are loose enough to put on one handed), eating with a fork (score!) and finally sleeping in a bed again. Things that are literally impossible are things like putting on a bra (can't move my hand back past my hip bent or straight), lifting anything heavier than my phone, moving my hand outside of my vision etc.

See, the Dr. had told me how long it would take to recover from surgery itself, not how long for my shoulder to recover from what is essentially new trauma. My physical therapist was MUCH more honest recently and told me I wouldn't see major improvements with using my arm until 3 to 6 months and complete recovery could take up to a year. I'm not going to try to put a brave face on this, I'll say that it still hurts, all of the time.  Like 5-6 on a pain scale. My fingers go numb if I draw too long and I've had to make the decision to take another semester off of the art classes. I want to get better, I *need* to get better and it is happening, just at a slow slow rate. Apparently, I'm actually improving ahead of schedule, it just doesn't feel like it.

Otherwise, apart from a few off days where I cling to my ice machine and ibuprofen, I've still managed to have a pretty full/fun summer. I am blessed to have wonderful and supportive friends and family, both in the real world and online. You guys rock, thank you :)
Demon Hunter Nick and Paladin Judy
Guess these two are ready for BFA :D

I think Judy would start out Alliance and Nick would start out as Horde. Which faction do you think they'd end up playing as together?
Today is the first time I've been able to use my keyboard to type!

The surgery is supposed to have went really well. I had a "buttload" of bursitis and he also found a tear up by my rotator cuff and a bone spur that he hadn't seen on the MRI that was probably causing a good deal of problems. He's pretty confident that I will heal well. Saw my physical therapist for my first post-op appointment today and he is happy with it in general.

Currently i can move my arm about 6 inches to the side of my body. My lower arm is basically functioning as long as I don't get too active with the shoulder. No drawing or using a fork with that hand yet.

I spent the first three days with a nerve block in, which is a catheter fed into your neck that delivers lidocaine to your nerves. I couldn't feel or move my arm or feel if it was in pain at all for that entire time. If you can handle basically feeling like you've had a limb paralyzed it makes the pain totally manageable... I've barely had to use my meds! Having a cryo sleeve has helped with that a lot too. (It's like being tethered to a cooler.)

It'll be a while yet before I'm around around and when I do pop up again I might entertain everyone with some left handed sketching I've been trying.

Also, just wanted to shout out and say I am getting just the funnest collection of people who visit this page on the weekly. What are you hoping to see? ;D


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oh no....I'm so sorry that happened...I completely missed it *hugs tight* I hope you heal soon, hun...
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That stinks, man. Infact I remember years ago some jerk on MySpace made some weird Ninja Turtle video about Raphael making babies with April and he had the gall to use the pic you did for me... I was very annoyed by that!!!
KawaiiPyromancer Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess that's understandable, shame really. Even if you watermarked your artwork, people would always find a way around it e.g Photoshop. I wish you good luck and maybe one day you'll get back into art again. But until then, keep doing what you do best.
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