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Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style by Caligari-87 Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 1 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 2 Spike is Not Amused by Caligari-87 Spike is Not Amused :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 1 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) by Caligari-87 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 0 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia by Caligari-87 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 3 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 2 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 2 Lunaria Annua - Pascha by Caligari-87 Lunaria Annua - Pascha :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 0 0 Crushed by Caligari-87 Crushed :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Three Petals by Caligari-87 Three Petals :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 7 3 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 14 4 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 1 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 10 2 Wind Chimes by Caligari-87 Wind Chimes :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0

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Untitled - Black and White 2 by EmmaTownsend Untitled - Black and White 2 :iconemmatownsend:EmmaTownsend 1 5 keep walking by Dios-esperanza keep walking :icondios-esperanza:Dios-esperanza 1 1 Cat -tigi- by CreativeCaos Cat -tigi- :iconcreativecaos:CreativeCaos 10 4 the sun wins by Dios-esperanza the sun wins :icondios-esperanza:Dios-esperanza 4 1 please don't touch by verycre8iv please don't touch :iconverycre8iv:verycre8iv 34 10
How to Avoid dArama
Believe it or not, I have no enemies on deviantART. None. I'm not saying everybody loves me, but I don't have any ongoing feuds, spammers, trolls, art thieves, or anything like that. I've been here for over four years, and these ten commandments are what keep me safely out of the flames.
I. If someone insults you, you don't have to retaliate.
So some anonymous bozo doesn't like you - so what? Learn to let it go. Hurling insults back only makes you look like a complete idiot.
Do you ever see this scenario? Troll insults Johnny, and Johnny argues with Troll, trying to prove Troll wrong and get him to apologize. Eventually they just end up flinging variations of "your mama" at each other.
It's fruitless, obviously, because trying to get a troll to be logical is like trying to empty a bucket with a soup strainer. So all that happens in the end is that the troll is still a troll, and you end up looking like just as big a jerk as he is.
Let insults slide off your back like wate
:iconthundercake:thundercake 1,012 325
Board Vamp by oursunset Board Vamp :iconoursunset:oursunset 1 1 The Kiss of Death by oursunset The Kiss of Death :iconoursunset:oursunset 1 2 Every rose has its thorns by Thedooooooogman Every rose has its thorns :iconthedooooooogman:Thedooooooogman 2 5
Schizophrenia themed Contest

Together with flordelys,we are proud to announce the opening of Schizophrenia themed contest
To help you understand better what Schizophrenia is,here is a small definition of it:
** Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction. **
1. First rule is simple: be creative and original. We will judge after this two things.
Research,and try to express the concept the better you can.You can use symbols,hidden concepts,anything that will make you approach the subject and concept better.
2.Only Digital and Tradition
:iconandreearosse:AndreeaRosse 139 55
Emittance by risen Emittance :iconrisen:risen 2 1
So, You Think You Can Romance?
It's no surprise that I'm a terribly sentimental romantic.  Or, well--it shouldn't be a big surprise for anyone who's paid attention.  That said, I stop just short of writing grocery-store plot lines because I truly feel there must be more to romance than fantasy.  It can't just be the hero sweeping in to rescue the dame; it shouldn't need some hackneyed time period or overplayed backdrop to keep the story interesting.  Setting's important, and characterization is important but, beyond all else, there should be an immediate and passionate sense of authenticity.  When I read romance--the type that truly affects me--I want to believe in the possibility of that kind of love.  I want to believe that relationships like that really do exist.
:heartbreaker: So what's "that" anyway?
Well, now-a-days people consider "Romance" to be those books with Fabio on the front cover.  However, that isn't whe
:icongeneratinghype:GeneratingHype 132 101
In Darkness Light by sirgerg In Darkness Light :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 488 46 sprained minds by suzi9mm
Mature content
sprained minds :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 40,967 13,030
Me and My Love by oursunset Me and My Love :iconoursunset:oursunset 1 6 Stare. by PerfectionistForever Stare. :iconperfectionistforever:PerfectionistForever 4 9



Sterling Parker
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Got a new post written for no other reason than I'm bored.

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