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Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style by Caligari-87 Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 1 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 2 Spike is Not Amused by Caligari-87 Spike is Not Amused :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 1 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) by Caligari-87 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 0 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia by Caligari-87 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 3 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 2 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 2 Lunaria Annua - Pascha by Caligari-87 Lunaria Annua - Pascha :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 0 0 Crushed by Caligari-87 Crushed :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Three Petals by Caligari-87 Three Petals :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 7 3 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 14 4 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 1 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 10 2 Wind Chimes by Caligari-87 Wind Chimes :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0

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Little Hero - Story by patrick-q Little Hero - Story :iconpatrick-q:patrick-q 8,225 792
Trolls: Proper Care and Feeding
So you've got a troll. Congratulations!! Once you've properly bonded with your troll, you may wonder:How do I care for my troll?Can my troll learn good manners?What should I feed my troll?Well, don't worry! These and other questions about enjoying your new troll will be answered in this article. Read on!
:icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz:
What's a Troll?
A troll is a small, brutish creature with a loud, piercing howl. They tend to be found mostly around forums and some chatrooms, but they've been spotted all over deviantART.
Contrary to popular belief, the troll is not an entirely aggressive species. When properly fed and socialized, most trolls are docile, fragile beings as long as they aren't overfed or startled.
Trolls tend to vary in size and stature, but one can usually spot a troll by a few identifying features. First, trolls are generally pale creatures with cramped fingers, which are often seen clenche
:iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 989 765
First Presidency by BClary First Presidency :iconbclary:BClary 50 35
Go and Enjoy the Ride
It was the first day of winter.  Snow and new frost covered the earth and dusted the trees that sparkled like crushed diamonds.  Across the land's surface a black river cut through with several twists and turns but no end in sight.  Occasionally it would grow still and ice would envelop its waters during this cold season.  However this time the river ran smooth and free of solid obstructions save for a small boat.  Down the center where the current was strong and firm it sat drifting.  Seated up at the prow she was waiting for the journey that would be taken by the river.
The hour was just before dawn when she had gotten in the boat.  Normally her eyes would be itching to close themselves and her head would droop onto her shoulder.  However, she was sitting up straight and taking in every minute detail.  The air was empty and so cold it seemed to shiver.  Every time she inhaled the thin
:iconandrielisilien:andrielisilien 8 11
Conquering White Horse by Xovq Conquering White Horse :iconxovq:Xovq 70 9 Pale Death Horse by Xovq Pale Death Horse :iconxovq:Xovq 39 13 Red War Horse by Xovq Red War Horse :iconxovq:Xovq 77 14 Black Famine Horse by Xovq Black Famine Horse :iconxovq:Xovq 61 5 What makes a Christian by HarmonicSonic What makes a Christian :iconharmonicsonic:HarmonicSonic 744 423 TnC - Line by Lehanan TnC - Line :iconlehanan:Lehanan 510 25
7 important traits for any artist
Here's a checklist of 7 important traits to becoming a successful artist. It's not the 'ultimate top 7' but these are the questions I thought of first. Either way they are extremely beneficial questions to ask yourself.
1 Do you draw even when you don't feel like it? It's an essential skill to being a successful artist.
2 Do you know what motivates you? The more you know about what makes you tick, the more productive you can become.
3 Do you constantly fight past your comfort zone? It's the best way to evolve quickly.
4 Do you set aside some time at least once a week to work on your own stuff? Keep those creative juices flowing!
5 Are you passionate about the work that you do? Keeping the passion burning will lead you to bigger and better jobs. Everyone wants to work with passionate people.
6 Are you prepared for the opportunities you're waiting for? Prepare for the opportunity now and they will come sooner than you think.
7 Are you nice to others? The most important ingredient to beco
:iconimaginism:imaginism 1,037 239
in silence by SpitefulMemories in silence :iconspitefulmemories:SpitefulMemories 5 3
The Hydra
The Hydra
Two necks diverged from a massive chest
And sorry I could not sever another
And retain my life, I did my best
And fought with one, ignoring the rest
Until I had slain the other;
Then the beast had but one head left
But as I grappled with this one
Two more grew from the one made cleft
By my sword; And I, of triumph bereft,
Felt certain that I by this was undone,
And the three heads now equally sway
Spitting venom, which I evade
Oh, I cut the trio off right away!
Yet wond'ring how the hydra I could slay,
I sealed its wounds with my poisoned blade.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
When I complete my labors ten
To Hera, who would just deny
That I, Heracles, had been so sly
And make me do them all again.
:iconvorpal-t:Vorpal-T 3 2
Request for Caligari-87 by HatoriKumiko Request for Caligari-87 :iconhatorikumiko:HatoriKumiko 31 28
Take just 1 minute....
During your day on November 11, 2010...
Take just 1 minute...
And remember and honor...
Those that lost their lives...
:icontimberclipse:TimberClipse 234 85
The Bystander Effect - And How It Kills - Take Two
Could You Care Less?
The Bystander Effect is a fairly well known term in the world of Psychology, but before half of you switch off right now - hear me out and listen to what I've got to say. Because the Bystander Effect, and the things that prompted its existence, have an affect on every single person reading this article.
"It was none of my business..."

The Bystander Effect came about around 1964 after the murder of Kitty Genovese. That's just another name to most of us, but the story behind her murder struck a chord with me years and years ago, as I'm sure it might with you. Kitty was stabbed twice in the back by somebody she didn't know. She called for help, her neighbours yelled for the man to leave her alone, and he ran. But nobody went to help her. Fifteen minutes later the attacker returned and searched for her, stabbing her again and again, abusing her and finally taking her money and runn
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 555 111



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