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Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style by Caligari-87 Equality - MLP Starlight Glimmer style :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 4 1 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle Material Design wallpaper :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 7 2 Spike is Not Amused by Caligari-87 Spike is Not Amused :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 1 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) by Caligari-87 Red Butte Herb Gardens (Panorama) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 0 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia by Caligari-87 Karma, Apathia, and Discentia :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 2 3 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Sunbutt - The Shiny Half (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 2 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Princess Sunbutt (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 2 Lunaria Annua - Pascha by Caligari-87 Lunaria Annua - Pascha :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 0 0 Crushed by Caligari-87 Crushed :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Three Petals by Caligari-87 Three Petals :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Twilight Sparkle (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 6 3 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Hanbok Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 14 4 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Rainbow Dash and Spitfire (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 1 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Dearest Fluttershy (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 3 0 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) by Caligari-87 Elegant Rarity is Elegant (Wallpaper) :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 10 2 Wind Chimes by Caligari-87 Wind Chimes :iconcaligari-87:Caligari-87 1 0

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A New World to Craft as His by prdarkfox A New World to Craft as His :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 12 37 Restless Skies II by sirgerg Restless Skies II :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 120 18
poorly thought out
You, with the kind heart~
           We didn't talk today, but we had a nice conversation. I wanted to stop at your locker, but I just kept moving. You passed me in the hallway- twice- and your eyes lit up.
           They're dark, crisp, blue. Gorgeous. You have this way of raising your eyebrows so slightly, so gently, so subtly that your eyes brighten and gleam. In one flash of brilliance you can communicate extraordinary entities. When we lock eyes I feel like we've been talking for hours.
           How can something so sharp and piercing be so soft and approachable. I'm terrified of how safe you make me feel. So kiss me. Kiss me with your eyes.
~Shaky Palms
:iconsexandsarcasm:sexandsarcasm 2 3
Our Guardian by prdarkfox Our Guardian :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 20 40
Exploiting dA Legally With A Script
2018 edit: This is old news and no longer relevant!
In short, what is this news about?

It's about accounts that use a script to add ten thousands of deviants to their watchlist in a matter of days. Some people backwatch, that's how the script-account gains popularity and watchers (or points via donation if you want to). Even if they don't backwatch, some people will at least look at the site and may watch through your gallery or journal.
It's legal, I asked the helpdesk on this.
The problem is that the deviants being added by the script feel betrayed and disappointed. I want to inform people about this in the first place so they don't fall for those "traps". You can have a look at their gallery stats to see if there's something suspicious like ten thousands of watches. A profile full of "Thank you for the watch" comments is also suspicious.
Ideally however, I'd like deviantART to improve their security so those scripts stop working. I fear those scripts to get popular and watch-
:iconmarikbentusi:MarikBentusi 1,974 2,590
Alien Species Template
Species Name
Planet and Society:
Where do they live?
-on a planet?
-if not, where do they live?
  -is it a moon?
  -an asteroid?
  -a nebula?
  -just space in general?
-if they live in space, how do they survive?
  -how do they take in nutrients?
  -what is their method of propulsion?
What planet does the species live on?
-what is the planet's name?
-what about its sun's name?
-how far away is the planet from its sun?
-how long does it take for the planet to revolve around its sun?
-how many moons does the planet have?
Are there any crises that have occurred that changed the planet's climate?
-what were they/ was it?
-what did it affect?
What is a typical day on this planet like?
-how many Earth hours in one day there?
-how many seasons does the planet have?
-how many months in one of their years?
  -how long are their months?
When did life on this planet begin?
-how many billion/ million/ thousand year
:iconharrimaniac27:harrimaniac27 315 30
Mini Contest: Embrace Your Inner Geek
:star: The Prompt :star:
According to PurpelBlur one of July's community projects is about
the Geek in all of us. To get you all revved up with community
spirit, we decided to host a mini-lit contest around this theme.
:pointr: In 250 words or less, give us a story or poem about a past moment of geek. :pointl:
The interpretation of this theme is entirely up to you. Geeks can be
computer gurus, book worms, music junkies, Anime freaks, and on and on.
Find something you geek out over and tell us about it!
:star: Rules :star:
:pointr: Entries may be prose or poetry, but no more than 250 words.
:pointr: New deviations only. They must be uploaded on or after July 12th.
:pointr: All entries must use proper grammar and spelling. (Not capitalizing is okay.)
:pointr: To Enter: Send a note to KneelingGlory with a thumb or link to your entry.
[Point Right] The co
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 137 96
Innovation for Writers
There have always been a lot of writers on deviantART begging for more recognition. It's understandable that literature is given a lower priority: as I'm writing this, there are 3,280 "Writers" online, which compared to the 10,671 "Artists" is a relatively small community. So all of us writers whine about how we never get "the attention that we deserve." There are plenty of stamps declaring, "Writers are artists too!" and all that sort of thing. But we never really get anywhere.
Well let's get serious, people.
deviantART easily has the most impressive coding I've ever seen. And the latest updates of the message centre, notes and v7 were stunning. So much is possible; it's time to give writers the edge.
When deviantART's Portfolio feature was released, it stated:
"Some people ask if Portfolio supports Literature, Film or Flash Animations. Unfortunately these formats are not yet supported, but we are working hard to make sure to support these media in the future with presentation formats
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 1,138 1,000
Portal Review
Portal Review
So I was just browsing through Twitter one day and saw someone I was following say Valve was giving out Portal for free on Steam! I saw the video promoting it and it was obvious this was to promote Portal 2. I've heard a lot about this game, and since it's one so many awards for being a great game, I decided to download it.
Portal is a fun, yet short, adventure that contains humor, action, a compelling back-story, and challenging puzzles.
Now you're thinking with portals.
Alright, so this is the deal: you're given a portal gun where you can shoot a blue portal. You enter it and exit from an orange portal. Eventual
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 2 12
ACTION FIGURE by lora-zombie ACTION FIGURE :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 8,037 1,236
SPLICE Create A Creature Contest Winners
After checking out all of the hybrid creatures that your amazing, twisted minds had to offer, the final three winners for the Splice "Create A Creature" Contest have been chosen.

We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to the director of Splice, Vincenzo Natali, for selecting the winners from the wonderful 25 Semi-Finalists and providing such thoughtful commentary. Thank you!

So what freaky, beautiful hybrid creatures came out on top? Check them out below!
Read Official Rules

This is stunning in its subtlty. A creature that I can believe in.  One assumes it is embryonic, and yet its wispy umbilical chord looks severed. I would accept
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 421 454
Movies I shouldn't like but do
Let's face it, for each of us, there's always at least one movie we like that's probably bad and the majority of the world most likely hates, or there's a film that we like for all the wrong reasons, like a serious film being so bad it's unintentionally funny or something like that.  I am going to go over the top 10 films that I like but know I shouldn't.  Remember that this is my opinion, so if you have any complaints about the choices I have, don't be a jerk.
10) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- I know that in terms of story, continuity with the first one, script and character development, this is technically a bad movie, but I had a lot of fun when I saw it in theaters.  I just get a kick out of seeing robots beating the living daylights out of each other, and besides, you have to give this one credit where it's due: At least the battles looked like battles this time around... well, at least they were easier to follow this time around.  I
:iconndunsmo:ndunsmo 2 4
Pencil Vs Camera - 4 by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 4 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 9,326 692 Reenlistment by MilitaryPhotos Reenlistment :iconmilitaryphotos:MilitaryPhotos 580 104



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