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Check these out before you buy expensive Photoshop
As one living on a limited budget, and unwilling to shell out hundreds of hard earned dollars on essential image editing programs such as Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and others, I've spent the last few months searching for free alternatives. The links here are from and are guaranteed to be spyware-free. They also all run on Vista Home Premium x64. Hope you find this article helpful. :D
Instead of Photoshop try...
...Gimp -> Has customizable plugins, much like Photoshop, as well  as the ability to add brushes.  it's probably the closest thing you'll ever find to Photoshop for free. Even offers layers.
...Photo Filtre -> For those who don't like or aren't comfortable with Gimp for whatever reason, Photo Filtre is another free alternative users of all levels will enjoy. The only drawback is the lack of layers.
:iconlakotawolf116:lakotawolf116 75 30
Spooky Fantacular Contest
Take your favorite characters through a haunting adventure!
Happy Halloween Fan Artists and Fan Writers! Here is your chance to take the Halloween challenge and create an atmosphere worthy of a spooky tale!
Your Mission:
Your favorite character(s) have gotten lost from their normal scene and have wandered into a spooky town. Artists must depict their character(s) anywhere in this spooky town whether it be the forest, the haunted mansion, a pub full of vampires or a graveyard (these are just examples, feel free to create your own spooky haunt). Writers must create a story in which their favorite character(s) get lost and end up in this town and must solve a mystery, Scooby Doo Style, before they can leave!
The Details:
- Can draw/paint/sculpt/etc. You may photomanipulate provided you declare the stock credits and you do not use copyrighted content
- Must write a minimum of 1000 words with a maximum of 5000 words.
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 55 15
out of my window III by verycre8iv out of my window III :iconverycre8iv:verycre8iv 8 12 Cottons of Clouds by derek87 Cottons of Clouds :iconderek87:derek87 16 8
Pageviews and Popularity - The real deal.
Be an artist, not a number.
Many members of the artistic community here on DeviantART were shocked by a recent popular news article about how to become popular. I won't link to it because that would be foolish - but the mentality behind it was pageview orientated and made a 'mockery of all that deviantART stands for'.
So - to spell it out for everyone on DeviantART whos ever wanted more pageviews, I went to my nearest and dearest ' popular' artists and asked them what they thought about popularity and statistics.
The answer? They don't give a damn...
Your page views won't help you progress as an artist, and that is what you should be on this art site for.. the art..
Page views can be a feel good thing - I won't deny that - but it does not reflect how much your actual art is viewed, how sucessful or popular your art itself is, or even how popular you are.
Using cheap tactics as described in the article it is easy to generate high numbers of page views even with an EMPTY gallery.
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 968 413
Understanding Light by derek87 Understanding Light :iconderek87:derek87 3 14
The Physical Love
like the wInd from the shadows, his breath caresses my skin
touching me tenderLy like Our loVe deEp within.
he beckonS me closer wiTh thE palms of his hands.
he’ll Reach for me, ask for me in any way that he can.
his eyes burn with a passionate, fLaming desIre,
but its tempered by the patieNce that true love requires.
we Go to the limits, but don’t touch the line
because no man is as wonderful as the man that is mine.
deep  asleeP, i heAr the beating heaRt in his chest
soothing me, calming me into love’s deepest rest.
i call for him in the darK in hopes that he is there.
the joy of waking in his arms can no other compare.
a sweet goodbye, a lonely cry, and he gEts on the train.
he’s toRn away and here I stay ‘til it brings him back again.
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 3
Before My Audition
Nobody knows how imperfect I am.
Nobody knows how frightened I am.
Nobody sees how fragile I am.
Nobody sees how sad that I am.
Nobody sees how unqualified I am.
Everybody just believes in me.
Everybody says I’ll do just fine.
But what if just fine just isn’t enough?
What if I fall short of my goal?
What if I can’t make the cut?
What if I freeze when it most counts?
What if I don’t say all the right words?
What if I can’t bring myself to sing?
Will I have to give up my world?
I don’t want to be perfect at all.
I just want to be good enough.
I just want to be the very best
For every single person I love.
I just want to make them proud
And prove that there is hope.
I just want to sing out loud
My own songs to the world the most.
I just want to stand in front
And be able to say I’m good.
That’s a wish I’ve always had
But never believed that I could.
:iconoursunset:oursunset 1 0
When She Sings
The crowd cheers as the choir files in
She is among them and she blends right in
The lights dim, the piano begins
One deep breath and the magic begins
When she sings there is a light in her eyes
And she glows with her brightest smile
When she sings she can bring day forth from the night
She lets her joy overflow when she sings
She had lived a terrible life
She survived it and forgot how to smile
Except when she sings out loud
For herself or for the crowd
When she sings there is a light in her eyes
And she glows with her brightest smile
No one knows all the sorrow in her life
But not one bit of it shows when she sings
When she sings clear skies go on for miles
When she sings she forgets all her trials
She lived through the pain singing all the while
And that’s why there’s such light when she sings
When she sings there is a light in her eyes
And she glows with her brightest smile
No one knows all the darkness in her life
But the shadows all go when she sings
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 0
The Day Love Comes
Beneath the light of the moon
There were two
There was the innocence of youth
Both were scared and unprepared
‘What to say?”
As if it mattered anyway
Knowing they had only two more days
He fought to stay
She turned away
Now she waits for the day of his return
Now she prays and takes the time to learn
How to stay and wait ‘til it’s her turn
Now he goes to share light with the world
And she knows it’s a cause worth fighting for
The love just grows ‘til it can’t grow anymore
So they both wait, anticipate,
Endlessly pray until the day.
The day when love comes home.
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 0
My Music
Every word that leaves your lips is sweet music to my ears.
Every move that you have made is part of magical song.
Every letter that you write holds an amazing melody…
…The meaning between each line gives way to my music.
Everything that you say I repeat through each song.
Everything you think becomes a key in my melody.
Everything you imply becomes a beautiful harmony.
Every word you write hangs in my heart
Being mixed and rearranged and you become my lyrics.
You fade into a song and drift into my mind…
…That is where I get my music.
:iconoursunset:oursunset 3 2
Love Comes First
Guy: Young love
Both: Everybody has it
Girl: Then leaves it behind
both: for a live of busy schedules, but not you and I
Chorus: No! You and I
We put our love first
and work the rest in in between
Our love will always come first
No matter what our lives will bring
That's you and I.
Both: My Love,
with this ring I sware
Guy: That I will be with you
Girl: And I will follow
Both: anywhere you lead. Oh, you and me
Chorus: You and me,
we put our love love first
A team until the end of time
Our love will always come first
No matter where life's journey brings us to
I will be with you!
(key change down)
Guy: I have loved you since the day we met
Girl: Now that you've told me, I'll never forget
Both: I will hold you hand until I die
Nothing will come between us, not between you and I!
(Key Change up a whole step)
Chorus: You and I!
We put our love first.
and we will work the rest out as we go.
Our love will always come first.
Guy:With these vowes we say,
Girl: these words we pray,
Both:Every s
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 0
Fragile Walls
Here I am alone again, in these empyt halls.
I pace the floor and run my hands across these fragile walls.
There was once a time time when a light shined in my eyes.
Then you left and stole the sun, leaving me to cry.
Teach me how, guide me now.
I've got to find a way out.
Out of this love
out of this love
Here I am alone again, in these empty halls.
I can hear your voice again, though your not near at all.
There was once a time when, you were by my side.
Then you left me on this floor, and walked out of my life.
Teach me how, guide me now.
I've got to find a way out.
Out of this love.
out of this love
A light begins to shine again in these empty halls
you reach out to hold my hand, like you weren't gone at all
The ice it melts a warmth begins to swell within my heart.
While I'm in your warm embrace, there's not a shade of dark.
Teach me how, Guide me now.
Why can't I seem to get out.
Out of this love.
Out this love.
Out of this love.
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 0
Does Anybody Wonder
Walking down a street where nobody knows your name.
The people stare right through.
You step foot in the party, yet no one knows you came.
No shadow behind you.
Do you ever wonder, what is in their heads?
Ever stop and ponder, the story they have left?
The world is full of people, who don't care if you're dead.
Does anybody wonder? Does anyone still wonder?
Sitting in an empty restaurant that's full of people.
Hollow empty minds.
Emails, texting, and a vertual life to live.
So, who's in the real world?
Do you ever wonder, what is in their heads?
Ever stop and ponder, the story they have left?
The world is full of people, who don't care if your dead.
Its only them inside their head. No one left to wonder...
:iconoursunset:oursunset 2 0



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