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Pokemon Types (Official In-Game Symbols)

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Here are vectors of the 18 in-game symbols for each Pokémon type. I tried to keep them as close as possible to what I could discern, some of the symbols were a bit iffy in some places, but I'm 99% sure these are proper. Enjoy!

Pokémon is ©1995-2015 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc.™
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Ancient Pokemon Wallpaper by IconoKlasm  
Based on the Ancient Mew wallpaper. Your icons were clean and didn't have the rounded gem thing going on with them, which made them perfect for the modifications I used here.
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Oh! Very nice!! I love it!
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used it for this, hope you don't mind
Dick Grayson's Room (Earth-P) by SailorTrekkie92
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Awesome! Looks good!
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Hi! I really love these icons. I was wondering if it would be ok to use for a project for Pokemon Go (A bot used for raid coordination)? We would of course credit you! Thank you for your consideration. 
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Thank you! Do you happen to have a set of the originals in vector form I could use?
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Hmm. Give me a few days to dig around... I'm pretty sure I do, but not entirely. I lost about 2.5 TB of data a couple of years ago, and the original may have been in that. However, if I can't find the originals, I'll remake them for you. Are you wanting them in .ai format?
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That’s great! .ai format is fine! Or if you have them individually. 😊
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Hi, I found these icons on a google search and didn't realize at first they had been made by someone and thought they were just official art from the Pokémon series, so I used them on the background of some drawings... So I'm asking if I could keep using those for the next ones (it's a series of eeveelution drawings) if I credit you in the description... Is that ok?
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Yeah, that's fine. And yes, they are technically official, they're just cleaned up from the in-game textures. I would like to see your drawings when you get them done, if you would, please?
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Thank you! Two of those are already up actually! And third will be posted soon :D
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I was looking at the image for like, five minutes on google before I decided to come to this page to actually see what it was. 
I thought that Ice was Bug... it sort looks a lot like a web. I had no idea what the last one was, although  now I get the beetle shape of it.
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Hello! i wish to use these logos on some printed work - not for sale.

I help run a gaming/anime convention of over 1000+ people, we are holding a Pokemon Sun & Moon 'Elite Four' event where members of the public go up against staff /chosen to be elite four. basically each one who wins and passes through a battle gets a cinema/arcade style ticket from the elite four member corresponding to their team build type, I will be ghost elite four member myself, I want to put your logo's in black (card printed on will be coloured so all design will be black grey) on the middle of each ticket to show the champion, who will only battle a person if they have 4 tickets from each elite four team member :) they then give their tickets to him, we retain the tickets.

I will credit you at the bottom of the ticket by your (a)username  if that is alright with you?
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Sure! If it's not too much of a problem, I'd like to see them when they're finished.
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Hay Calico! I know I forgot to ask before, but I know you don't mind it if credited, which I always do.
Hi, how do you do, Name's Luc. 

I just did a sigil using your Steel and Fairy types here as the base, slightly modded them, but I did use them for the inspiration.
Down below is the link, hope you approve. :D (Big Grin) 
Click Me
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