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Welp, it's the time of year again!

 It's the time of year where I go through my gallery and select some of my personal favourites to share ALL IN ONE JOURNAL! with all you, my friends and watchers. I like to call it a little year in review. Dunno why I started to do these each year, it's just kinda fun. As per usual, a good number of these drawings are not necessarily ALL drawn in 2013 - these are drawings that I've posted this year and because I'm a slow ass at posting things they could be carry over drawings from 2012 as well but anyway. Not the point. They may not be your favourite pictures I've done, but these are the ones that I'm proud of for my own reasons :D
 But first, before I astound you all with my, I'll leave you all with a babble. 2013, when I look back at it, was... it was tough for a lot of it, wasn't it? People I know, personally, have experienced deaths, the weather was less than nice to a lot of us as well (my friends in the GTA, I hope you are all right!). Myself, I had moments with my job (but luckily things turned out okay with that). A lot of issues with our apartment have caused us some stress that we really didn't need. But you know what? I've been really blessed too. This year, Josh and I gave a second chance (thanks to my sister and family!) to Callie and Cleo, our two precious tabby cats who had the misfortune of being neglected and hurt (this is a very, very long story.). They're now healthy (relatively speaking, Cleo is terribly fat.) and very, very, VERY happy and spoiled (thanks to me.). I also, recently, been having a lot of personal revelations about how I treat MYSELF as a person and hopefully in the new year I'll continue on a path of...self realization (I guess?) We've had a lot of laughs and a lot of awesome time spent together with friends and family. :D

 I want to thank everyone for stickin' with me after all these years and all the comments and favourites you've all given me. I know sometimes I really suck at commenting but I just have to say that I REALLY APPRECIATE all of them, words cannot express how much I appreciate them! You are all very special to me and your encouraging words and critiques always make me smile! Thank you so much,everyone, for spending another year with me and I look forward to new year and all the art and fun we'll share together! :D Also, I just want to say that sorry I haven't commented on YOUR guys' work often either! I mean seriously, you are all so talented and awesome, it's just sometimes my message page gets really overwhelming and I can't keep up with it because of life. I adore you all!

 And, of course, I must thank my characters for letting me torture and make fun of them for yet another year. I love you guys, what would I do without you? :icondurrhurrplz: Everything I draw with you guys, tho, is drawn with love! :iconlarryplz:
 Again, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you guys, seriously. You make my life so...enriching and fullfilling and just...just awesome!

 So, my friends and watchers.... here, I present to you... The Best of 2013! Please note that theres not a particular order to this or anything. I just went through everything I posted this year :) It's PRETTY EXCITING.

Sidenote: ....I would also like to thank Peter Jackson and co. for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. You have truly caused me to become less productive because I'm spending much time fangirling.

The Best of 2013

Headshots of Abbey and Heath [Monster High] by calicokatt Calico Is On A Tree by calicokatt Molly Sits By A Big Window by calicokatt Taylor Hassa Cuppa by calicokatt
Have Some Coffee by calicokatt Hey Thar Taylor by calicokatt Talking Over Lunch by calicokatt It`s Meko by calicokatt
Fun In The Park by calicokatt An Emperors Life For Me [Contest] by calicokatt Four Corners by calicokatt Art Trade : Taryn Lacy and Chislett's Snowman Fun by calicokatt Kissy Kissy by calicokatt Look At This by calicokatt ...And Dance Again by calicokatt Bad Dog by calicokatt Brothers From Anudder Mother by calicokatt
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December 29, 2013
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