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(I'm posting this journal, even tho right now I'm so fucking pissed off its not even funny, and I seriously want to write a rant journal right now... but I'll do that later. When I've calmed down. Since I pre-wrote this journal earlier this week, I'll post this right now since that was the original intention.)

Well, it's that time of year again!

And by that, I mean its the end of the year, when I share with you my personal favourites from my gallery with all of you! Because...I lke to pretend that you all care. XD

2012 was an interesting year, non the less. We've all survived the apopcalypse, which is great. Honestly, this year went by so quiickly, I hardly saw it! Before I knew it, it was December. But... it was a good year. I've sorted out a lot of things personally, this year. I realized what is really important in life, and I discovered that I'm truly happy. Before I was always down on myself, but I've overcome a lot of things that I've been going through personally (which for the record I tend not to babble about online)... .It's a journey, and I' can honestly say that I'm not 100% "there" yet, but man...have I realized a lot of things this year. And I've never felt better!

Artistically, this year has been one of my best years, in my opinion. I think I grew a lot as an artist. I just want to thank EVERYONE out there here who has stuck with me and went along with me on my artistic journey. I love you all! I know I've been really shitty with commenting these days, but I really appreciate all that you guys say, and all the support and favourites and all that jazz! It means a lot to me that I can share my passion with the world. You are all so talented, and amazing, and wonderful, and thankyou to all my new and old friends here on DeviantART! You truly make it worth while to keep posting up my brain farts to share with the world! I hope that you all realize how awesome you are! Please never give up on your dreams, and your artwork - you are all truly inspirational!

And once again, I shall let out a big thankyou to...yes...My characters. I know most of the world probably figures you are just the brainchildren of a really bored 28 year old, but dammit, you guys have been there for me since I was a youngin; You've been my friends when I had none, and you've helped me deal with a llot of things that honestly, I don't know if I could deal with without you guys. I know I can be pretty mean to you guys sometimes, but dammit... I love you all, my special little minions.

So, friends, may I present to you my Best of 2012! Once again, I'll say that these are just the best drawings of my choices that I've posted this year, in no particular order. They may not have been necessarily done this year, because I'm a slowass at posting up my stuff, but these are just some of my personal favourites. I hop e you all enjoy, and thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU everyone for your never ending support and love!

Also, I encourage every single one of you to also do a journal or something of the sort like this; It's really fun to see how you've improved throughout the year! :D

The Best of 2012

Lovin By The Sea by calicokatt Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime by calicokatt Art Trade: Svenn and Funday by calicokatt LISTEN TO ME by calicokatt Let's Write by calicokatt Lets All Hangout Awkwardly by calicokatt Hey There Rage by calicokatt Remember Movember by calicokatt They're Single Ladies by calicokatt Sam Is Adorb by calicokatt Art Trade: Sybila by calicokatt Imma Just Marking Stuff by calicokatt Longest Walk Home Ever by calicokatt We Holdz Hands by calicokatt OH HAI ITS KAI by calicokatt Best Friends Different Fan Clubs by calicokatt
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StephRatte Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Artist
I too enjoy you posting these every year! I should do something like this =p Hee hee :D
BlushBunnyC3 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how you do these every year :D It's interesting to see what pieces the artist themself views as their favourites~ And I gotta agree, I'm definitely agreeing about half of them :nod: You really are improving so much! I remember when you used to complain you couldn't do male anatomy/muscularness that well... and now, DAMN, woman, your dudes are BUILT XD And you do such nice variety on body sizes in general, which is refreshing :3 The occasional backgrounds are quite a treat too~ And I don't care if your scanner is an evil douche - your colouring looks AMAZING in spite of it :D So really, IMPROVEMENTS EVERYWHERE :w00t:

I can't help but giggle to notice that there's at least four Mac-A-Mel pieces in there 8D (MELANIE MUST BE SO PLEASED. *hit*) You make them so darn shippable D: SO CUTES!

Also... the pair of characters I chose to draw for our trade? LET'S JUST SAY THEY'RE TOTALLY IN THIS COMPILATION SOMEWHERE :iconimhappyplz: TEE HEE :heart:
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TEE HEE! Thankies! I have fun doing these things, because as an artist its fun to see improvement too and the things I need to work on XD

Awwww I'm really happy you think my body shapes and things are varied - its kinda a goal of mine to have different body types but sometimes it's hard to get proportions right LOL XD GAWD THO, I hate my scanner XD I guess I see the scans much worse than everyone else but...ughh.

AND YES! Lotsa Mac-a-Mel's everywherreeeee mwah hahah!! And to think I still have a ton more that I haven't posted :iconteheplz: XD

OH GAWSH I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHO YOU DREW!! Now I'm trying to figure out who, the anticipation is so much fun!!!! :D :glomp:
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