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Oh crap.

So I went to this site, from Iceland, called Now, this is a wonderful, awesome site. I absolutely adored the stylish winter clothing. Being a Canadian, having warm clothing is pretty awesome especially in the winter. Not that it gets terribly cold here or anything (really, it's not as cold here as everyone seems to think. Especially where I live. I usually doesn't start snowing until like, December here, which kinda sucks because half of the time I think we're going to end up with a brown Christmas....)

Now. While the site can be switched the English,the prices still remain in Iceland Kronurs. Okay, fine, whatever. I've bought things in different currencies before. Anyway. So I decided, because I like to shop, that I would pick out a few things and see how much they would be.

This is where I either appear to be really stupid, or just naive. Or whatever.

So the total came to "72.970 ISK" So, what does Jess do? She goes and calculates her total through a currency converter, at a site called I typed it in just like that, and low and behold, XE came up with:     0.665099 CAD. Now. When Jess looks at that, she sees 66 CENTS rounded. 66 CENTS?? FOR ALL THESE AWESOME CLOTHES?? AWESOMESAUCE!

So anyway, I place my order, and I get super excited and feeling like I just got the best deal EV-OR.

Now, this is where one should know that if something looks to good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true. In fact, I should know that, working for a cellular company, theres always stuff that looks too good to be true.

So I get an email confirmation saying my order was shipped. YAY! My 66 cent order was shipped! Now, granted they never gave me a total for shipping, but I figured, the shipping wasn't going to make it that much more. And even if I had to pay 100 dollars for shipping, WHATEVER! I JUST GOT THREE ITEMS FOR 66 CENTS!

So I decide to go and check my credit card statement. And then, this, folks, is where I realize that I'm complete fail.

Because my Visa statement jumped from 230 something all the way to.....


So either, A) My shipping was like, 700 dollars, or B) I actually don't understand how to convert things, or is VERY, VERY WRONG.

But it turns out that I got confused, because just now I decided to take out the period from after the 2, and it looks like I came up to about 665 dollars or so. Which is what I should have done in the first place (It's just that the email confirmation had a 'dot' in between the 2 and the I guess thats where I got confused...) I should have known better tho, because when you look at the price, the site actually puts the prices as, like 22456 or something like that. So I guess this is just one of those cases where a period is actually a comma or something.

Well, atleast I know now, right?

Well, the good thing is that I intend to sell some things on eBay (some of these dolls that a lot of people use for One of a Kind doll artwork.) so I might make some cash off of that, and also, I should be able to pay off everything by the end of the month. I might not make that much selling the dolls, but seeing how many I actually have I should be able to sell them in groups of four or whatever for about 5 dollars to start. And, I'm also getting some government checks as well (roughly about 270 something dollars worth), so I'll be able to use my paychecks to pay off stuff, and my government checks for Christmas gifts. I'll probably just end up drawing something for my mom (since I don't even know if she wants anything, because she, apparently, is "cancelling" Christmas.)

Ugh. I seriously hate money. I'm totally going to start doing what that show, if any of you have seen it, Til Debt Do Us Part does and like, just put all my money in little jars/boxes and seperate them for groceries/food , entertainment, bills, whatever. And shove my debit and credit card in a box, lock them up, and never look at them for like, a year. *sigh.*

Well atleast I know now, right? I suppose I could return them, but I know as SOON as I get them I'll fall in love with them XD

Anyway, I'll definately still shop at the site when I need uber warm things. It's not Cintamani's fault, just my own for not reading things properly and getting too excited (Accountability - I HAS IT. Unlike, like, 99.88888888888% of the stupid ass customers I get....*rolls eyes*  Customer: YOU GUYS CHARGED ME 70 DOLLARS FOR TEXT MESSAGES! I HAVE TEXT MESSAGING IN MY PLAN! Rep: Yes, but these are international text messages. These messages in your plan are only national, which are clearly stated in your plan description. Customer: ....*doesn't say anything* CREDIT MY ACCOUNT! I WANNA SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR!!!) . I really do love the stuff they have there, and the Icelandic wool mittens are just to die for (thats the one thing I definately need to get- -WARM- mittens. The problem with mittens that  I buy is that they just don't keep you warm. I should just get one of those Russian furry things that you shove your hands in. Not only are they fuzzy, but kinda cute too. Anyway.

Guess no going out for dinners and stuff on Saturdays. Guess it's sitting at home, drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn and watching Hockey Night In Canada for a few weeks. Not that theres a problem with that of course. (Unless your team is failing, epically, which is usually the case for the Canadiens. XD)

But dammit, atleast I'll be warm. *flails in the air*
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Hey guys!

I just thought I'd spread the word, since I know I have a lot of my homies and homegirls watching me who like/love/lust for Rammstein!



Presale for the tickets start October 8th. I'm not too sure yet, but I'm obviously assuming that you can buy them from or from MSGA's website (if there is such a thing). No further information was given to me, but I urge my friends who live in the US who have been DYING to see Rammstein live to keep a lookout either in your inboxes (if you are signed up to their news letter) or stalk their website.

I just thought I should spread to good news :D

(FOR THE RECORD, I would go if I had the money, and if I had a passport. Besides, me in New York City would be pretty dangerous tho.OH MY GOD CLOTHES SHOPPING CLOTHES SHOPPING OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!)
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Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been like, forever. First off, I just want to again, for about the millionth time, apologize for my incredibly lazy tardiness with commenting and all that stuff. I've let my inbox overflow for the last, like, forever, so it's actually sorta impossible to get around to commenting on everything. So I've just been going through galleries and whatnot a few days a week trying to get around to that. XD So yes. Please excuse my fail!

Anyway, so what has been up with me, I guess is what we can start off with. First off, it's finally gotten decently cool here so it's not smoldering anymore. It's very nice. Altho, we still have a few days where it gets to the upper 20's still (degrees celcius, for those who don't know that Canada uses celcius :) ) but for the most part it remains cool, with a nice breeze. Which is perfect, because now I can start, finally, wearing all my fall clothes again! OH YAY! SWEATERS AND LEGGINGS FOR THE WIN! OoOOoOOOO I love fall fashion so much! And its so much more versatile then summer clothes, because you can still wear your fall clothes for winter, and spring! The only thing I can really do with summer clothes is just like, layer them a bajillion times in the winter and fall. So yes, its really nice. We're finally getting some much needed rain, granted it's just a BIT late (the leaves were already starting to die here in the middle of August because we hardly got any freakin' rain.) but for the most part it remains sunny and nice.

And I started a new workout, called Turbo Fire (actually, I started it like, two months ago. XD) EEEGADS it's fun!! It's another workout from Beachbody (I'm totally addicted to thier workouts!), created by Chalene Johnson who did Turbo Jam and Chalean Extreme... It's pretty much Turbo Jam on steroid, but it's so much fun and crap, I'm sweating after it like a damned mule. I totally recommend it, but I'd probably try Turbo Jam first if you wanna do Turbo Fire since Turbo Jam is a lot less fast paced and stuff and Turbo Fire takes a lot of same moves so it makes it easier to follow along when you know some of the moves and stuff. Anyway, it's just awesome. I've been combining it with a few of my other workouts (since the workouts are relatively short, under and hour or so.). Doing Chalean Extreme with it is a lot of fun, but crap my muscle are so after. XD

Anyway, in other awesome news, Josh has decided to go back to school! YAY! :D He's taking Personal Support Worker ; I guess a lot of guys are wanted in that field so he gave it a go. He has been out of school for a while so it was a little hard to adjust I think but overall he's doing good :D And, he gets Tuesdays off with me, and most of his school days are about four hours or so at the most so thats good! He was able to drop College Orientation (AKA a waste of frickin' time, if any of you had to do a similar class in college) and his elective because he did those courses the last time he went to school. He really just wants to concentrate on PSW and wants to get a good grade. I guess the marking scheme is really different. It's basically you either do really well, or you do crappy. And if you do crappy, you basically fail. So it's not like you get anything over a 60% or whatever and you pass. Anyway, the course is a one year program which is good :D I'd also like to go back to school but it's just too much freakin' money. They have a fashion business course which I would be interested in taking, but again. It's just so much money 0.0 I suppose I can do OSAP but its the whole loan thing that bothers me... 0.0 I don't want to be paying out of my ass the rest of my life for a student loan. But we'll see...

Anyway, speaking of money, I've decided that I seriously need to stop spending 0.0 I'm really just tired of being broke all the time. So. I've decided that I need some inspiration. And recently I've gotten tons. Josh and I went to the mall and I picked up a travel book from Marlin Travel, because I have fantasies about travelling all over Europe (eating all kinds of incredibly delicious food and seeing all the beautiful sites and and and and anddd EEEEeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEE!!!!). Anyway, inside, they had these absolutely gorgeous photographs of places all over Europe, and one of them was this GORGEEEEEOUUUUSSSS!! picture of a Bavarian countryside. I decided to rip out the page, and stick it on my wall, so that way it'll remind me that in order for me to go to such a place, I need the money to go, and therefore I must stop spending :D And, also, it has come to my attention that more then likely, when Josh and I get married, we'll pretty much have to spend most of our own money, so yeah. Not that we want a really expensive wedding anyway (I'm not a Bridezilla and need a cake that looks like me or some such thing like that. XD), since we really just want to spend most of the money on a sweet honeymoon destination, something awesome and a place where no one really ever really expects people to go on thier honeymoon... (Honestly, I have no interest in going to those hot places like Cuba and stuff. I'd rather go to Scandenavia, Europe, Britain... )... Anyway. So yeah. I mean we aren't in a rush to get married or anything, it's just, you know, something we'd like to do. So that way I officially have my ball-and-chain locked around Josh. *evil grin* So yeah.

So to cut down on spending, I've stopped buying stupid shit that I don't need - I mean really I couldn't believe how much money I spent just on stuff like MAGAZINES! Tim Hortons is pretty evil too. You wouldn't think that spending 3 bucks here and four bucks there adds up so quickly. And of course, eating out is usually the killer, so we've stopped eating out so much. We still do from time to time, but I'm trying my hardest not to. And, well, the clothes thing. I've decided to maintain self control and stop buying clothes for a while. So hopefully that'll help out. I just have to pay off the rest of my credit card and then I'll be set. I've also decided to use the library to my full advantage and start taking out books now since to buy books is just ridiculous. Seriously! 15 bucks for a freakin' paperback that is like, 200 pages long? Oy.

And speaking of clothes, I've decided to really start decluttering things, and I've so far gotten rid of -FOUR BIG GARBAGE BAGS- of clothes! Which I was really proud of, because it's amazing how much you declutter just by getting rid of things you never wear anymore! I'm still not finished, and I still have other things to go through like books, and papers and all that jazz. I've even gone through my magazines and gotten rid of my older Vogues. Kinda pointless to keep them around becuase they really were just taking up much needed space. I wanna get rid of a lot of my drawers and get a big drawer thing to put them in so it'll give me more room here. I'll probably go through stuffed animals and stuff too. And yeah, gotta go through the shoes too. Not too much I'd have to get rid of there tho, since I got rid of a lot of shoes already. It's kinda hard to get rid of stuff since I'm one of those people who tries to find a reason to keep them. Not as bad as those 'Hoarders' people, but you know what I mean...

And yay! I was able to get some of my favourite shows on DVD too :D Ghost Adventures Season 2 FINALLY came out so now I have that. I know you see the show already and you already know whats gonna happen, but it's fun to watch it over and over again. Got Monsterquest and Mysteryquest, and UFO Hunters Season 2 as well :D Whatever would I do without History Channel and their awesomeness? I just wish I could get History Channel.. but as long as they release my favourite shows to DVD I don't have to worry too much :D

Anyway, I guess that's it for now! Hope you all have fun! :D
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As a good number of you probably know, I tend to freak out once I get an idea in my head that I might have something. See my "I'm Really Scared Right Now..." journal, for an example.

But this time, I actually think I might be on something. So I thought I'd come here to see if someone else might have any suggestions of have the same sorta problem.

For the last long while, pretty much starting when I was in my early teens, I was told that I had a skin condition called eczema. Now, for those of you who don't know this LOVELY skin condition, let me tell you about it. It causes much irritation and usually, really itchy red bumps, but can also get more severe. I had this on my feet, and hands. I was told that this would never go away, and that I had to put up with it.

The good news is that it lessened on my hands, and also on my feet and ankles. I still get really itchy feet, mostly during the summer months and when my skin is very dry, but for the most part its not noticeable and usually, when I don't poke and prod at it, it pretty much disappears until it gets super hot again. Also, by making sure my feet are dry at all times (for example, if walking in a puddle and I'm wearing wet shoes, thats usually not good for me at all.)

Well, about a few years back, I'd say FAIRLY recently, I noticed this lovely little skin condition creep up to a really, really, annoying area. I realize that this is probably too much info, but I'm talking about my ass. It's actually quite worse on my butt, and it appears that nothing really seems to work. I put this Arm and Hammer cream stuff on it which helps a little bit, but I'm constantly having to put it on and sometimes I wake up itchy as hell.

So last week, I went down to the laundry room to do my laundry, and noticed that someone had left some books and a magazine down there for people to take for free, which is typical of people who just wanna get rid of their crap but they don't want to throw it out. I noticed the magazine being Womens Health, and since I like being fit and healthy, I thought it would be a nice magazine to read. So I decided to keep it and take it back upstairs with me.

Then, yesterday, as I was flipping through it looking for some inspiration for artwork (I do this with pretty much every magazine I buy. I've even done it with my boyfriends PC Gamer magazines!), I noticed an article about warning signs your body gives you. I noticed they had mentioned skin conditions...

And guess what one of them was? Red, itchy skin on your buttocks.

So, of course I read it. The jist was that possible, this could be caused by, basically, a gluten allergy.

This was something I never considered, since I always thought I was just allergic to this thing in soaps. But apparently, people who've been diagnosed with eczema are often misdiagnosed and actually have a gluten allergy. So being curious, I start to research this allergy and find mannnnnyyyyy similarities between my friends on my ass, and the gluten allergies pictured.

Now, I don't get stomach aches like people do, and I don't really feel any joint pain (if I do, its probably from working out and not doing something properly.) I've lost weight, but I'd like to attribute this to the fact that I've worked out for 6 days a week for the last god knows how long and have drastically changed my diet aka getting rid of all the shit I eat. So I don't find it abnormal and it's not rapid weightloss or anything. I don't have diarrhea - I mean I'm regular but I definately don't have diarrhea. LOL TMI I know. XD

I mean seriously. NOTHING seems to work. I mean the cream I have helps it a little bit but it just keeps coming back.

So needless to say, I'm going to bring it up to my doctor the next time I go to see her. I'm not entirely fond of going to get the testing since I heard they have to do something to your intestine. I've had bloodwork done before but nothing comes back strange. I was told I have a little bit of a high blood pressure but it wasn't serious or anything.

GAH. But seriously tho. I'm actually kinda wondering if this could be what my problem is. And if it is, this would...really....REALLY....REALLY SUCK the largest balls on the planet. Now, if you know me, you'll know that I LOVE BREAD, I LOVE PASTA, AND I LOVE OTHER SUCH THINGS UMMM OHHH I DUNNO LIKE CEREAL!! CHRIST! I eat cereal like 7 times a day!! XD I realize that there are gluten free things I can eat as substitutes but they cost an arm and a leg.

It is kinda wierd tho, since I mean I've been eating bread for god knows how long and I just notice this. So I'm really hoping this isn't it, and that I just have eczema and I should just deal with it. (Maybe she can give me a half decent cream that will work...) But the fact that this gluten allergy can get severe if untreated (cancers, seizures, other stuff like that) worries me a bit so I guess it's good to find out sooner then later.

Of course I'm not going to self-diagnose myself, because we all know what happened when I did that last time, but... yeah. Any one else maybe have any suggestions or experiences with this? Maybe with eczema and know of something that will help me out? But anyway, I have to go see my doctor soon anyway so I'll ask for an allergy test or whatever. As far as I know we don't have this in my family but hey, you never know. Failing doesn't run in my family but dammit, I sure fail! XD

If there is a Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster, I don't have a gluten allergy. Because if I did, everytime I walk past the cereal aisle I'll feel like shooting myself in the face. XD
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Hey all! :D

So I just thought I'd update you all on my situation.

And no, I'm not talking about my abs. /crappy Jersey Shore reference. Why I'm even making Jersey Shore references I have no idea.

So last Thursday (I know, I'm awesome at updating!) I went to the doctor, let her know that I thought I felt a lump in my breast, and off we went. So as per usual, she poked and prodded, and showed me how to do a proper breast exam, which just so you know, doesn't involve you poking at your boob with a single finger. XD I told her that I thought it COULD have just been because of my period and that I researched that your boobs tend to change during and before your period.

Well the good thing is that...SHE FOUND NOTHING! YAY! She just said that for me, not to mistake my rib cage for lumps. She kept saying "You are so skinny" during the whole time (not mean like, just sorta funny like)... Of course because I hate my small boobs, I basically was silently, in my head, going "OMG I HAVE SUCH SMALL BOOBBBSSS!" See, I've been toning up and working out and keeping active, and when doing so, for some really pissed off reason, I lose my weight in my boobs first. It's REALLY annoying. It's like my boob fat just simply falls to other areas of my body when I'm working out. XD

Anyway. So needless to say, I'm good to go, but in three months she says she'll check me out again since I have to go back for more birth control pills. In the meantime, I simply attributed the pain I felt to working out a bit too hard. So I've decided to lighten my weights a little bit until my chest feels better. After not working out for a few days on vacation the pain went away :)

So yes. OH YAY!

I would babble on more but at this time I have to go to work so...Yeah. XD

Thanks again for all the support and comments on this issue too! (Once again, I apologize about my tardiness towards commenting lately!)
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I remember the first time I had a Bundt Cake at a place here in Sarnia called Crabby Joes. I'm sure you've heard of it some of you. It's around here in Canada and America.

I remember the waiter bringing the chocolatey treat to my table, as a friend and I engulfed the dessert with sheer joy, enjoying every sultry sensation that the cake had to offer. It wasn't a very large cake (as restaurant cakes are pretty pathetic in size compared to how much you pay for the fucking things.), but the amount of joy I had as I ate that cake... I thought I'd never experience anything so orgasmic again in my life.

That was before Rammstein came to Canada, for one night only, in Quebec City, for the Summerfestival.

Have you ever felt like exploding? Like seriously. Just explode because you are so incredibly excited that you feel like you are actually having a heart attack?

I have felt that, ladies and gents. That Sunday, the 18th of July, I actually felt as if I might have a heart attack. Infact, I didn't quite believe that I was ACTUALLY GOING to see Rammstein - RAMM-@!#$!$!$$!#-STEIN - live in concert until about 5 minutes before they came on stage.

They were given no introduction. They just came on, and HOLY SHIT IT WAS THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING, ORGASMIC, TRULY GROUNDBREAKING EXPERIENCE of my ENTIRE @#!$$!$!$##SDFQASSFSDAF AS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*starts foaming at the mouth*

I don't care who you are, and if you even like the band, but seriously guys, if you get the chance, YOU NEED TO SEE RAMMSTEIN live in concert (I mean, according to the Rammsteinian Bible, all faithful Rammsteinians need to see Rammstein once in their lives to truly have enlightenment). Seriously. They are just...OH MY GOD.

I'll admit it. I was a little doubtful that they would do what they typically do in concerts, simply because Canada can be a bunch of douchebags with all of our laws regarding indecent exposure and bible-thumping parents fearing that little Canuck children will be horribly influenced by bands that growl when they sing, so I wasn't really expecting them to:

-Blow fire, like, everywhere.
-Do something horrible to Flake.
-have Till do something that involved shooting pretend semen to the crowd
-shoot off fireworks
-have Flake sacrifice himself to the crowd
-even show up to the concert, and that it was really all just a big dream or someones really cruel joke.

But you guys. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. There was fire, there was Till taking a giant canon thing and shooting it at the crowd. They let off fireworks. They blew fire everywhere. Till beat up Flake several times. Flake sacrificed himself to the crowd. HE EVEN DID SEVERAL FLAKE DANCES.

*lets out an orgasmic scream* SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS!! IT WAS JUST AWESOME!!

They completely trumped KISS's concert. Seriously. I mean KISS Was awesome, but my God. Rammstein caused like, atleast 6 consecutive orgasms and then some.

So to just calm down for a little bit, I'll tell you about our journey. First off, driving to Quebec city took about five hours, and then we checked into our hotel, and off we went to the Plains of Abraham. Now, unfortunately, I was starting to get a headache which was really annoying since I pretty much had a headache for most of our trip for some reason. Anyway, Quebec, for those who don't know, is in French Canada, so I was a little scared that we would either be scoffed at for knowing like, no French, or appearing to be idiots, or get lost. But it turns out we got along just fine, and as long as you know "Parlez-vous anglais?", you're good to go. It became a catch phrase actually. And really, chances are most people know English, atleast enough to understand what you are saying. :D Quebec city had some wonderful, friendly people! Now, anyway, after paying 20 bucks for parking in some garage, we waited in this line (or rather, crowd) for like, a very long time. We didn't know what was going on, but quite honestly I wasn't in a very good mood. First off, I was getting a bit dehydrated and needed water badly because I was very hot, and my head hurt like a shit ton, but finally they let us in at about 6, so an hour before Apoptylitica (I'm sorry, I cannot spell or pronounce their band very well. XD).

There were...A LOT... of freakin people. I mean, A LOT.

Anyway, after we got some water, and some food, we were pretty good. Learning from past mistakes made at the KISS Concert, we decided to NOT try and get close to the stage, because quite honestly, unless you got front row passes, you really aren't going to see much if you are too close. So, we decided to take a spot infront of a GIGANTIC JUMBOTRON which showed the whole stage and everything, and where we were we could still see the stage (Not well, mind you, because I have shitty eyesight, but fine enough) Of course I would have loved to be RIGHT THERE NEXT TO RICHARD and rape him with my eyeballs, but the front row tickets (or VIP or whatever) were $500 and well, my sister wasn't going to pay that (since she has other financial stuff anyway, but I'm sure if she won the lottery or something, she would have done it in a heartbeat). Granted,if I were paying for them, I would have bought them because I'm insane, but anyway. But anyway, I just remember being close to the stage at KISS And like, we saw like, nothing. We heard a bunch of songs, but we didn't get to see too much. So where we were was great.

(And for those who think 500 is a little steep, keep in mind that it was 500 for the WHOLE two or so weeks that he Festival went on, so you could see pretty much all the bands there! Which for my fellow metalheads also included IRON MAIDEN!!)

Anyway, Apop came on right before and they were just awesome! It's amazing what you can do with cellos! I haven't heard too much of their stuff, but it all sounded great. The sound was just awesome at Summerfestival so where we were you could hear everything and GAH. Anyway, I had to desperately go to the bathroom, but was scared to go through the massive crowd and use the port-o-johns (mostly just scared of the Port-o-Johns.) and miss Rammstein open up so I decided that Rammstein was much more important than my bodily functions and pretended I didn't have to go.

Anyway, at about 9 30 Rammstein came on (they were scheduled for 9 15 but I'm sure they had a lot of shit they had to do before playing).

And when they came out, oh my god. The whole world stopped. I suddenly went into Rabid fangirl mode, jumped around, danced around, screamed, sung my absolutely awful German (no, really, my German is really bad.) and I'm pretty sure the people infront of me thought I was crazy. They opened up with Rammlied, and I actually sorta knew what the set-list was going to be like since I looked it up online, BUT they actually changed it so that was awesome. They played a lot of stuff obviously from their new album, stuff from Herzeleid, Mutter, and Sehnsucht.

I had my eyes glued to the jumbotron virtually the whole time, and felt like kicking over the people who got in my way, freaked out when they zoomed in on Richard (my boyfriend basically rolled his eyes XD), and giggled at virtually everything Flake did. He did several Flake dances, did his funny little finger things he does when he's playing the keyboard, engulfed the sheer awesomeness of Ollie's awesome baldness, bounced around with Christoph, and thoroughly enjoyed Till and his awesome Till Hammer of Wonderment.

I mean seriously. Watching the concerts on DVD one thing.. But really. To actually BE there, to actually EXPERIENCE it. It's totally different. I mean people completely FREAKED when they played Du Hast (I means seriously, they don't come to North America and NOT play Du Hast!!!). The effects and everything they do is just awesome! They played tons of my favourites: DRSG, LINKKKKSSSS!!!! (WHICH, AS I STATED NUMEROUS TIMES THAT GIVEN THE CHANCE I WOULD, I MARCHED TO!) Feuer frei!, Waidmanns Heil.... GAH!! Seriously just awesome.

Flake came out near the end and floated on his little raft, and stayed there for quite a while, picking up random things along the way (which included a Quebec flag which had the Rammstein logo instead of the Fluer De Lis (sorry, my french is also miserable.), A balloon shark LOL!...)... It was just awesome.

Anyway, I guess people thought the show was over after Pussy, but as any good Rammsteinian knows, Rammstein always has an encore (a lot of people were starting to leave. Which is good for me, because then that meant that I could see the Jumbotron better. RAMMSTEIN ALL MINE! *foams at mouth*) And curse the lucky bitch who got Schneiders drumstick when he threw it out to the crowd. And also, curse the lucky bitch who got to hand shake/touch Richard. If that were me, I'd never wash my hand. EVER.

But then again, I probably wouldn't be able to wash my hand simply because I would have just died right there. I'm so sure those paramedics were at the concert simply because they knew I would be there. Anyway.

But then. They came on again. And it was just sexy as hell.


They go REALLY Well together, I might add. The song was Ich Will and geez. Seriously. Just awesome. That was a lot of fun. Did I also mention that Till actually lit poor Flake on fire? XD (I wonder when Flake will like, totally do something to Till at a concert. Seriously. Flake always gets beat up. XD)

So after an extremely long day... I just.. GAH. Seriously. I actually was going to cry when hugging my sister because I was so happy.

But now, this just started a chain. I must see them AGAIN.

I'm still a little curious as to why they came over here. I mean not that I'm complaining or anything. Perhaps they were testing the waters? And that next year they will come to Bayfest? (I'm hopeful. Shut up.) If they did, that would be awesome. But they probably wouldn't do well here, mostly because Sarnia's full of a bunch of assholes who had a problem when Motley Crue came here saying that they were ruining Sarnia's reputation (whatever reputation we had. Most people probably don't even know where the fuck Sarnia is.). Who knows what Rammstein would do. And plus, the park for Bayfest is not big enough at all. Someone would be sure to be burned alive (which would be a very awesome way to die. Being burned alive at a Rammstein concert. I'd totally sacrifice myself.) So they'd probably have to like, play somewhere else. My friend told me that the people who hold Bayfest were trying to get Rammstein to come, which I still find hard to believe. I still don't know where she got that info. But who knows. NOW THAT THEY CAME TO QUEBEC, MAYBE THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN THAT THEY WANNA COME BACK TO CANADALAND! Dammit, we have beavers, and poutines, and geese, and moose, and bagged milk, lots and lots of trees and lakes! It's wunderbar!

Anyway, the next morning before we left Quebec, I managed to pick up two newspapers at the local Mac's near our Hotel (which I guess is called "Couche-Tard" in Quebec.) which I haven't quite scanned yet for you guys but will so that you can see the articles! I can't really read them since they are in french (but can pick out a few words). But on both there are lovely pictures of Till doing what Till does - making strange facial expressions dressed in awesome outfits covered with some sort of body paint that suspiciously looks like chocolate.

Anyway. As per usually, Richard is STILL hotter then holy hell, and Flake seems a little more cleaned up then in previous years. I'm not too sure if I like Schneiders long hair but who gives a @#$!#$# because its Schneider. Paul is still the ickle little dumpling, and Olli's bassing is just @#$!$!$$@ fantastic and his head is always so clean shaven (AKA his Orb of Wonderment). Till doesn't age, either.

Actually neither of them age. But you all knew that. Gods don't age.  

So, yeah. Good times. Really, really, REALLY good times!

But even better, I have some pictures for you guys!! My sister took the pictures, and I thought I'd share some of them with you guys! OH YAY SUPER AWESOME PICTURE TIME!…

So, here is a picture of just outside of the festival. There were restaurants, concession stuff, a shit ton of people. AND LOOK! It's ME!! Now you guys know what the back of my head looks like. Just incase you didn't know, I'm the midget on the right. The one to your left is my boi. Downtown Quebec is just gorgeous! I love all the old style buildings!…

AND LOOKS! IMMA GOIN OH HAI!!!!! Obviously I'm the chick to your left. They psychotic looking one. I smile really dorky. Why can't I smile right? XD Obviously my eyes are covered by my massive sunglasses that make me look like a space alien. But perhaps I AM an alien...... And yes, I realize Josh looks as if he's looking at a crazy person. I'm hoping that he just had some sun in his eyes. And that he's not going "OH MY GOD JESSICA YOU ARE WEIRD." That wasn't the outfit I wanted to wear either. I had this spectacular idea for an outfit that was completely blown up because the asshole that I bought my shirt from on Ebay never sent it to me. So I opted for a Rammstein tank (which I got complimented on!) over a halter shirt of mine, along with my mega-destroyed jeans and runners. I'm glad I opted for the runners anyway, because the boots I wanted to wear would have murdered my feet, and in the end I didn't feel like dragging them all the way to Ottawa and then back home to Sarnia on the train.…

You're probably looking at this and going WTF. The picture is actually on its side. so you'll have to either A, flip your monitor vertically, or B, save this to your computer and then flip it. Evidently it was too hard for me to do that myself before putting it on Photobucket. DURRR! Anyway. This is outside of a club/restaurant. They had a really cool discoball just hanging there. Couldn't help but take a pic of it!…

Here's me. I'm channeling Rammstein with my powers. Actually, I just had this horrible headache, and I'm probably bitching about it. I think we were standing in line waiting for some hotdogs or something. My sister just randomly shot this picture of me.…

Here's the stage. Completely huge compared to the Bayfest one!…
This is roughly where we were. You'd think this would be a crappy spot, but we were right infront of that large jumbotron and for some reason this picture makes everything look far away. But anyway. Some pretty Quebec buildings too. I love that one with the circle thing.…

A great shot of the stage. My sisters camera was able to zoom in really close. That's Apop's set there. Do you see the Quebec flag there with the Rammy logos? Cool, huh?…

A guy from Apop! I don't know any of thier names, but here he is. Great shot on the jumbo tron! So see, it was a good idea to stand there!…

Just Apop on the stage together.…

A jumbo tron shot of the fans. Can you spot Waldo? He's gotta be in there somewhere! This was during Apop. I'd scream if I was standing behind that chick who is on some guys shoulders (the one who you can't miss because of the boobs? Yeah. That one.)…

Dude from Apop. Doing all awesome stuff with his cello. That is a cello, right? I'm musical-instrument challenged.…

More awesomesauce with cellos. *air cellos.*…

We totally made out. No, I just thought it was a cute shot. Just Josh and I smooching for the camera. Aww.…

RICHARD. JUMBO-TRON RICHARD. BIGGER THEN REGULAR RICHARD. EASIER TO GRAB. I think I reached out to the jumbo tron at this point.…

ITS TILL! In his opening outfit! HE LOOKS FABBBBBBBUUUULOUSSSS!! I loved his outfit. This was during the first song, Rammleid. In the background there was this HUGE German flag. It was just awesome.…

Flake bending down or...probably being pushed by Till, but covered with smoke. He's totally awesome at multitasking. The whole time he was either walking on a treadmill or running on it and playing the keyboard at the same time. I don't know how he does it.…

Till doing what Till does. STOP! IT'S TILL HAMMER TIME!…

After Rammleid, the German flag was removed and out came their normal set. I just love it! It's so...mechanical.…


Till again, doing more Till things. Seriusly, they should come out with thier own fashion line. I'd totally wear this. Everywhere.…

FIRE IS FUN TOO! I think theres Richard over there. Richards fun, too.

My sister also took some videos, but I don't know if I can put those on photobucket but I'll try and figure out how to show you guys those. For those who wanna see more pictures, they are here:…

Anyway. The concert was sold out, but for some really wierd reason, even tho there were like A BAJILLION people there, evidently the most attended show was The Black Eyed Peas. (I'm a little confused, too, considering they had other bands like Iron Maiden there. I mean I don't hate the BEP, but really?)

What was really fun about the concert was the types of people! I mean there were people of all ages there! Old people, even older people! I guess its because people just buy the tickets (its 57 bucks for the whole festival) and come to the shows, but I just thought it was REALLY awesome them people -EVERYONE -was genuinely enjoying the music. No criticizing. No "OMG this is horrible for the children!". Just people enjoying their time. It was nice.

Anyway, at the end of the concert, we got out at about 12 30 or something, had to REALLY REALLY REALLY go to the bathroom, and were extremely hungry and VERY TIRED. It took us about an hour to get back to the hotel because of all the traffic. At the end the fact that I had to pee like a muther, and that I was tired like a muther outweighed my hunger. I had a sleepy bite of a sandwich we made, and just passed out in the bed.

Note to my watchers: Don't EVER hold your pee in for 7 or so consecutive hours. Especially when you are very excited.  And also, always bring a lot of water with you at a concert, and eat a huge ass meal before you go.

Actually, the Rammstein concert was a great workout. I think I totally burned like, 10000 calories just jumping around and screaming. My abs seriously hurt.

Phew. Seriously. Just... just awesome. I'm sure SOMEONE is selling Schneider's drumstick on eBay somewhere...........
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So, I just want to apologize for somewhat freaking out yesterday in my journal. I suppose the combination of me being scared and hardly sleeping in the last few days wasn't too much of a good mix.

Anyway. I made an appointment with my doctor for next Thursday - which is still pretty far away but it is the only time I could make it. By that time I will be done my period so hopefully my "period boobs" will go away a little bit so it would be easier to diagnose them. But then again, I don't know if that makes a difference or not really.

So after talking a little bit, and just letting it all out, my boyfriend decided to check himself and he didn't really notice anything, and told me that both boobs felt the same pretty much, and he told me that its best not to freak out about it, and that what it could be is just something fairly simple.

I've started to lift weights over the last year and a half, so he said that more then likely, the pain that I'm feeling is probably due to that and me straining something (which is what I'm kinda thinking any pain is, since my back and arm on that side sorta hurt as well, so I may have pulled a chest muscle or something.), and that its possible that what I'm feeling is just muscle or something. It's just a little hard to tell anyway.

So anyway, I feel much better this morning. I bought a better sports bra (actually spent the dough on it, it's Nike) so maybe that will help with boob problems since bouncing around in a crappy Walmart one sure doesn't help my boob pains anyway. XD I'm not going to worry too much about it right now until the doc can really look at it. I figure when I'm gone for those few days, maybe not working out for a bit might help. I've gone with some lesser intensive weights for my weight lifting exercises for now (doing Turbo Jam until I get back from my trip, so the weight lifting is more light weight - I'm only using 5 pounders right now) so that might help out a little bit.

But anyway guys, thanks so much for your support and comments - I've read them all and they've helped me calm down a little bit :D I'll just have to relax - I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion so...yeah. Sorry about that journal there before. So I guess we'll just wait and see, for now :)
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Hey guys,

First off, I just want to say thankyou for all the happy birthdays and whatnot! You guys are all so sweet!! :D

I would talk about my birthday, but right now I really, really, really, really need to get something off, er, my chest. (Literally 0.0)

It all started when I had my last physical. Whoever has had one of these know that its a really uncomfortable experience. Atleast certain parts of it are, anyway. I seriously feel like an abductee being abducted by aliens and they are poking and proding and feeling around deciding on what part of me they would like to steal and turn into an experiment.

For us gals, we go through the usual breast exam.

I'll stop here for a sec. I've always had a love-hate relationship with my breasts. Mostly hate. I have one that I've always found to be abnormally larger than the other, and because I've started working out more and eating right, I notice how small my boobs decide to get. I'm sure like most women, I'm not entirely happy with them, But they are a part of me and these are the boobs that genetics gave me.

So anyway, during the doctors poking and proding around, she was concentrating on one area. Like... a lot. And it was kinda freaking me out. She eventually said that she thought she felt something but to nevermind. Now, I'm a worry wart.So when someone tells me that they THOUGHT they felt something but to nevermind, I...well, of course I don't "nevermind". So after the exam, my chest felt so sore, which at first I thought was cancer but then I realized it was really just becuase the doctor was doing something similar to acupuncture with her fingers.

Now, lets go to last week. I don't want to go into too many details about my womanly cycle, but this could be important so I should. Now, a week before my period, I usually experience sore boobs, like a number of women. Sometimes it's a lot of pain, sometimes it's just a slight uncomfortable feeling in the boobs. Sometimes I don't even feel it. So last week, I experienced this pain. And quite honestly, it felt... strange. Like not a normal pain. I was even walking home from work and it was hurting more than normal. But, like my Daddy, I tend to blow things off as just me bruising/twisting/pulling something and usually figure they will go away in about a day or so. But then one morning, I was working out as I always do, and I was doing an exercise in Power 90 called "Lower Back Extensions". This is where you lie on the floor, and then basically lift your arms and legs off the floor. It sucks to do if you have a shitty lower back like I do, but its a great exercise. As I had my body close to the ground, I felt an unusual amount of pain - I wouldn't say a huge pain but a pain nonetheless. I wanted to blow this off as just being because my boobs were tender. But then I thought about it for pretty much the next few days, and like I alway do, tell my boyfriend and overreact and start crying.

I'm going to be honest with you. I was never really taught how to do a breast exam. The only thing I know how to do is from magazines. But needless to say, I've done the Jess version of what I would call a breast exam (following some of the things as my doctor did like lying down and whatever). And, to make a long story short, just underneath my underarm, kinda to the side but actually in my boob, I think I've felt something. IE a lump. And go figure, it's in the larger boob. Over the last few days the right side of my chest has been bothersome (which I attribute to working out, to be honest with you, but right now I have no @#!$!#$!# clue.) I got up at about 4 30 this morning to go to the bathroom and felt compelled to poke and prod at it like I have done for the last little bit, and well, right now I'm freaking out about it. So much so that I started to cry and basically couldn't get back to sleep. I know the worst thing to do is get overexcited about it but I can't help it, thats just my personality. It is now a little after 5 in the morning, and because I can't get back to sleep (which sucks because I had a shitty sleep the night before.), and here I am looking up what it could be. I've gotten everything from normal boob changes, to cysts, to menstral changes... and of course, cancer. I'm praying that if it IS a real lump, that it's just a benign one (which apparently is common and is removed, especially in younger women. I know I joke about being old, but I'm only (now) 26.)

I wanted to ask my mom if breast cancer is common in her side of the family, because as far as I know in the Ratte side (ie the only side of the family that I'm familiar with) we just had heart problems - which I'm not too worried about since I look after myself.) But I'm scared if I even ask her the question she'll start freaking out. (but then again, and I know this sounds really morbid and horrible, but maybe if I tell her I think I might have a breast lump and that it could be cancerous, that she might ACTUALLY make more attempts to talk to me...but anyway, personal issues. I won't get into that.)

I mean this really is shitty timing. I really don't want to have to think this all through my vacation. But unfortunately shit happens. So, needless to say, the first thing I'm doing later this morning is calling my doctor. I just don't know what will happen since I'll be gone after Friday til next Thursday, but I have to work on Thursday this week - but then again if Thursday is the only day I can get in work can fuck off and I'll call in.

*sigh* I know cancer doesn't care, but I mean, I look after myself. I workout six days a week, I think I eat pretty damned good - not super awesome, but I watch what I eat, and I don't smoke and lord knows when the last time I actually had a drink.

Okay, so worst case scenario - it is cancerous. Well screw that, I'm wanting both of these suckers removed. I don't know if that makes a difference but I definately want them both out of here. To sorta bring some humour here (since thats how I keep myself sane on most days ;) ) if I do get them removed, I'd love to have a new set of tits. I know someone at my work who has had breast cancer, had it removed,  and had reconstructive surgery. Hell, I might even go up a cup size. Maybe two.

Okay, not two, but still.

So anyway. That's whats going on right now. Anyone have any stories they would like to share, to maybe make me feel a little, um, better? I really have no idea what a breast cancer lump feels like, if it even feels like anything particular. I was going to wait until I got back, because I was going to see if it would go away after my period, but I mean when one wakes up at, say, 4 30 in the morning and starts crying because they are freaked out, I don't think that's a good idea.  And also, I don't even know if it's a good idea to get a breast exam from a doctor on your period, since we go through so much changes during that time, you know?

(Yeah, I know. Awesome gift from God for my birthday, eh? A double whammy of my period and a strange boob lump. Thanks, buddy.)

Quite honestly, I'm not ready to join you yet, Daddy. I know you might be a little lonely, but now is not the time. I'm pretty sure I got a few more decades to go ;)

Seriously, sometimes I think having a set of balls would be easier. :icongwahplz:
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Whoever was the moron who first decided that Canada was a "cold" country was an ignorant moron.

Because if Canada WAS a cold country, I would be sitting here wearing a million parkas. But I'm not.

I'm sitting here wearing a DRESS. A DRESS?? You know how long it's been since I've worn a dress and didn't take it off halfway through the day because I had this fear that my ass was popping out? Well it's been a long time. But luckily, because I can always count on Guess clothing, I scrounged around last night and realized I bought this dress that fits me perfectly (it's a "bubble" kinda dress, so its baggier in the middle, but not too baggy, but at the bottom, its kinda tight, so it NEVER goes and it isn't super short either). I learned my lesson yesterday, when wearing pants was simply not an option because I was sweating from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to bed and then some. So this dress is sorta helping a little bit.

I don't even know why I've put on makeup either. It's really pointless. At the end of the day it's all smeared around and I just look like a hurricane landed right on my head. My hair just becomes a mass on top of my head.

It's been over 30 degrees celcius here for the last like, two days. I really like the heat, but I'm starting to want to take that back, because this year it's relaly starting to bug me. It could be because I have to walk to work now, and getting to work all sweaty really really sucks. And it also sucks having to do groceries and walking home with them all and feeling like passing out. It's supposed to be a hot, dry summer. Poor grass. You'd think we were in Africa the grass is so brown. I feel like we're in a safari, except without the animals. If I got to see some cheetahs, and lelephants (YES. LELEPHANTS! NOT A TYPO!) and some tigers and lionnnnsssss and stuff, this heat would be much more enjoyable.

But I'm not. I'm in Canada. And the only wildlife flying around lately are annoying bugs, misquitos (our national bird, don'tcha know.), crows, and herring gulls.

Anyway, despite the heat, I guess I'm pretty good :) I have absolutely no urge to drink anything hot, so I'm pretty much drinking atleast 10 gallons of water a day, and I've been getting lots of artwork done too. Been drawing, been colouring, obviously haven't been uploading that much tho. XD

It's my birthday next monday. And we're going to party like it's my BIRFDAY, sip Bacardi like its my BIRFDAY - *someone shoots me for daring to quote Fiddy Cent*. I can't believe I'll be 26. I'm such an old fart. But if it's any conselation, I'm in the best shape of my life and I feel fine, and hardly even feel 26! Cheers to good health!  

Just ordered a new workout video a few days back- Turbo Fire! Needed another challenging workout and I'm super excited to start it but it'll take a while to get here. So that will be okay tho. Since I won't really be home all that much in the next two weeks so that'll be fine :)


*just stares* And it shall be awesome. I'll be nice to get some more time off of work anyway. I really don't feel like going to work anymore. Does that make me lazy? XD I had a lot of time off during Canada Day so that was nice too. It's so hard to go back when you have a lot of time off, isn't it? 0.0

We also have fruit flies. A lot of them. They are very annoying. I don't know how to get rid of them. Any suggestions? (We're not messy so don't say "clean" XD We sometimes have dishes in our sink but we're starting to wash them more and taking the garbage out a lot sooner then normal.)

  WEll anyway, thats it for now. It's too hot to type. And I need some more water. I'm on to my next 591ml bottle of water! XD (That I reuse because I'm super green!)
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In celebration of my nations I-have-no-idea-what-birthday-but-its-pretty-damned-old birthday, I present to you this wonderful little ditty by YouTube sensations, Gunnarolla!
Happy Canada Day!

Enjoy your bacon with tons of maple syrup, and don't forget to invite your beaver over to your igloo for some good ol' fashioned Newfoundland lobster!

And don't forget to Save a Horse, and Ride a Mountie! HURRR!

Canadian Please
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
Even if in winter things tend to freeze
We’ve got the world monopoly on trees
And our country’s bordered by three different seas
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

We invented the zipper, we’ve got expertise
We made insulin to combat disease
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

Brits have got the monarchy
The US has the money
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
The French have got the wine and cheese
Koalas chill with the Aussies
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

Et si ce n’était pas assez
On a deux langues officielles:
L’anglais et le français

Ooh la la

Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
Where else do you find mounted police
Or go to the hospital and not pay fees
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

And when freshwater is in high demand
We’ve got the world’s largest supply on hand
So you know that we could make a pretty good friend
But it’s even better if you can be…

So you’re thinking to yourself,
“How do I live in this beautiful country?”
Well we’ve got some steps for you to follow…

STEP 1: Lose the gun
STEP 2: Buy a canoe
STEP 3: Live multiculturally
STEP 4: You’re ready, there is no more!

We got beavers, cariboo and moose
We got buffalos, bears, and Canadian goose
And we’re sorry about Celine Dion
But she did do that good song for James Cameron…

Brits have got the monarchy
The US has the money
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
The French have got the wine and cheese
Koalas chill with the Aussies
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

The Greek chilled out with Socrates
Can’t build a wall like the Chinese
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
In Kenya they have safaris
We’ve missed lots of other countries

But I know that you wanna be Canadian

Find the Video HERE:…

Now I'm off! ....TO TIM HORTONS! :icontimhortonsplz:
(Oh my god. I can't believe they actually have a Timmy's PLZ. XD)
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Wow... Seriously time flies doesn't it?

I thought I'd update the journal, since apparently, I haven't updated it since May 30th.

Not like anything super exciting has happened since then, but here we go anyway.

So, is anyone else experiencing really, really, REALLY hot weather? Like, sweating your nonexistant balls off hot weather? I know we are. I would love LOVE LOVE to open my window here in my room. However, I've since discovered that when I open my window, these wierd little bugs appear all over my papers right underneath my window. I don't know if they crawl in, or what. But anyway, I've decided to not open my window anymore. Which means it's very, very, VERY hot in here. It would be wonderful if it were December. It's not, however. I have this dinky little fan here in my room which provides some relief, at least. It really sucks when I work out in here in the morning. Like, really really sucks. I suppose the extra sweating makes it good, but its just way too hot.

In other news, I seriously am starting to wonder whats going on. Somewhere in or near Quebec there was an EARTHQUAKE. That apparently, could be felt here. And then I think in places of the States too. Earthquake....IN CANADA? For some reason I just find this really bizarre. I suppose Earthquakes can happen everywhere, but... I always thought Canada was one of those really boring countries where the only natural disasters that happen would be from Canada Geese shitting too much in our waters or something. Or, like, too much snow. We had a tornado watch here too actually today. Those are pretty common to be honest with you, but they never really happen at all. What happens is it just gets really really hot, and windy, and then it rains a fuck ton, and then it gets really really sunny and even more hot. Sometimes I wish I lived back in Thunder Bay. Seriously. And all the construction they have been doing around our building is getting really annoying. Last Monday, apparently, they hit a gas pipe having it explode, and Josh and I, with groceries in hand, basically had to do a stupid uber-long detour just to get back to our building, because they wouldn't let any one near the intersection where it happened. Understandable, but it really sucks when you have a bunch of food that needs to be refrigerated.

Well other then that, just been kinda...chillin' out I guess. I'm really, really, really, REALLY starting to hate my job, as once again our client has decided to make our lives a living hell and are basically making going to work like going to a concentration camp, seriously. I mean it's not really that the job is all that bad, its just they are putting so much pressure on us and they think that using fear and threats is the best way to motivate us. Well, I've just gotten sick of it that I just don't even care any more about them firing my ass over the stupid things they bitch about all the time. It would suck if I got fired, but really how much more can you take, you know? So I'm seriously considering - not just talking about it this time - looking or another job. Not that theres any jobs here in Sarnia that would pay me as much, but I don't care. I'm even considering looking outside of Sarnia too since that would be a good idea, altho I wouldn't have a clue where I'd get the money to actually move, what with my whopping 500 something dollars in my bank account. And moving really sucks. (Ask my sister, she knows first hand. XD)

Anyway, on the contrary, because I'm starting to hate my job, I'm starting to think about what I really want out of life, and what it is I truly wanted to do. And it dawned on me, one day as I was walking through the bookstore. I saw this guy ask if he could come in to showcase his graphic novels, and about a week after that, there he was, sitting there with his graphic novels. A little lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized THATS what I wanted to do. I mean, seriously! I LOVE LOVE LOVE drawing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my little universe-thats-so-real-it-scares-me, and... I dunno. I just really want to get my ass moving on my comic series that I keep talking about but never actually do. So over the past few days, I've been researching and getting some hints and tips about comicing. I mean of course I still want to have a job, but I would feel really satisfied with myself if I could honestly say that I have, you know, this little side thing too. So, yes. I'm going to be concentrating on that. But also, some helpful thoughts on comicking would be great, if any of you have any. Mainly, should I write, on paper/computer/whatever, first what the story is with what the characters will say, and then draw it? I dunno.

The only thing that sucks about this whole thing is that...I have NO IDEA how to start. I know all the little stories that will happen in between, but once again, like always, I'm stumped on what to do for the beginning.

Anyway. I'm gonna go make some food nao. Because my stomach is actually about to eat itself. I'm hungry too much these days. I could seriously eat a Tyrannosaurus right now. Of course, that is, if it doesn't eat me first. Altho with it's puny little midget arms, he won't be able to grab me so I'll be all like HAH!

(And then it will proceed to claw my face off with its rear feet.)
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I think I'm going to pinch myself back to earth.

I'm still a daze.

Because ladies and gentlemen....

I am going to seriously see RAMMSTEIN...MOTHER FUCKING RAMMSTEIN.... LIVE July 18th.


I'm pretty #$%@$%$%@%$@%#$ speechless. I actually still don't believe it. It hasn't quite sinked in yet.

*stares in a daze*

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lock the door and scream like a mother for approximately a month and a half in disbelief and fangirlisms.
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*all is quiet until............*

*extremely loud screaming heard from galaxies away, probably even other dimensions too*


*random babbling that doesn't really make sense, along with some foaming at the mouth, and other such things*

:iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz::iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz: :iconyayzplz:









*breathes extremely fast and hyperventilates*


*shakes wildly and can't talk*

:iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz:
:iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz:
:iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz:


*stops to contain herself*





And...holy crap. Apparently, this was on their tour dates for the longest time, since DECEMBER, and I HAD NO FREAKING CLUE.

They are playing at the Summerfestival in Quebec on Sunday, July 18th along with Apoptilitica....(I epically failed at spelling that, sorry XD Can't think right now.)

My sister called me up on Thursday, and after she checked it out, and confirmed, that yes, this wasn't some cruel joke played on me by my scanner. ITS FOR REALS. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I COULD HAVE MISSED THIS!! Whenever I get thier updates for thier shows, I kinda just ignore it because they never come to North America, and I would have thought they would have advertised this since they haven't been to this side of the globe in like, oh, YEARS.

And the tickets to Summerfestival are only 54 dollars too!! For all the shows!! Of course, if you want up front close seats, thats 500 dollars, however, due to the fact that I'm extremely broke, I'll just have to stick to regular seats and just jump around like an insane moron trying to get thier attention. And plsu, its going to be a birthday gift from my sister who is going to pay to have me come up there and go see them!!!


But of course, theres always something..

You see, I'm one of those poor bastards thats works on Weekends. And I have to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I filled out forms yesterday to get the Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, and then the following Thursday (so that way I have time to rest when I get home).

But of course, theres another problem. I just realized that that is Bayfest weekend here in Sarnia. Which means a bunch of other fuckers at my job are probably all trying to get that weekend off.


So yes. Join Jess as she attempts to get her time off. I don't even care if I don't get the Friday or the Thursday off, I just want the weekend (since I have Monday-Wednesday I can just come back during those times, I just wanted an extra day off so that way I could rest a bit). So I'll attempt to plead my way into getting that time off. I'm more than likely going to tell them that it's urgent (because it is.) that I need to get this time off because I'm going out of town and I already got the tickets (which is a bit of a lie, since I don't want to spend X amount on tickets when I don't know... because I'd also have to get train tickets too) and....and....yes. I'll think of something. I suppose I could do some shift swapping too. But they say that you can't swap a weekend shift for a weekday shift, but I have no choice since I work both weekend days so they'll just have to stop being assholes and let me take time off. 0.0

I guess if I don't get the time off I guess I'm shit out of luck, but...dammit. I'm going to try. So on Sunday I'll bug my supervisor and ask her if she heard anything back yet.

Holy crap. Seriously.

(For those of you who like Rammstein, Quebec is the only tour they are doing in North America (PRAISE QUEBEC FOR THEIR PYROTECHNIC-Y WAYS!!!!) so...yeah. Just letting you know.

But the tickets are limited, so don't try and get one before me. Dammit. :iconfrageplz:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go scream some more.
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Hey all!

How are you guys? I'm doing somewhat okay. Two Sundays okay, I went to work feeling quite okay. Not sick or anything. And then, suddenly, at around 10 10am in the morning, my throat started to hurt, and thus, because of this, I've now got a cold. This cold is most annoying, as I expected it to actually go away within a few days but it's been seven now and it's still sticking around. My nose is runny, I cough a lot, theres too much flem in my throat, but none the less, I feel okay to be honest. It's just really annoying. And, for some reason, my legs are KILLING me, which I believe to be the result of doing a new workout and being sick causing too much shock to my system or something. I dunno.I did Power Half Hour Bun Burner and because of this my stupid legs are really hurting. Normally whne I do a new workout I haven't done for a while, I'll be sore but it'll go away usually. Well anyway, if I still hurt after like, I'm done my cold then I'll see whats up.

And, also, I have a really annoying bug bite that showed up magically in the morning when I woke up on Sunday. So yes, Sunday was a GREAT DAY. The bug bite has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night just DYING to scratch it because it's so irritatingly itchy, but I don't scratch it... I'm hoping it'll go away 0.0 I've bought a few things to try and help it but nothings working. So I figure I'll ignore it and maybe it'll go away. Anyone know a good remedy to cure itchy bug bites? Apparently nail polish is a remedy... 0.0 Which would work well for me since I have a shitload of nail polish hanging around here...

Anyway, on to the point. I just wanted to let you guys know, both my watchers and the people that I watch, that I'm really, really, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry about being crappy lately with commenting and stuff. I've been preoccupied these days trying to finish artwork and really just enjoying life as much as I can that I really haven't been at DA for hours on end to get through all my messages. I have like, over 10 000 messages right now and chances are, I'll just start from scratch, nuke them all, because the likelyhood that I'll actually get through them all is next to none. So please, I'm not like ignoring you guys or anything, I've just been preoccupied tis all :D

And I really love how, when I looked up some episodes of A&E's Cold Case Files on Youtube because I have a compulsion to watch them suddenly, I get a video of two girls in a shower together. SERIOUSLY YOUTUBE? SERIOUSLY.

Well anyway, its time for me to go to the bathroom, and make some noms, which noms will probably be leftover cereal and possibly some peanut butter, because we haven't gone grocery shopping yet. XD But thats okay, because I could seriously go for a whole jar of peanie butter right nao.


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Hows everyone today? Happy Good Friday! For, tis the season in which, you see, Jesus died, so thus, we get chocolate. OH YAY! And Jesus was all like, "Thou shalt be forgiven and have noms on this day."

So I have a Friday off, and it's nice. Of course, work was bitching and complaining that they didn't have enough people to work on the holiday (because heaven forbid we CLOSE for one fucking day. They even had us open for CHRISTMAS. KINDA SOUNDS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE THAT STORY WITH SCROOGE DOESN'T IT.) , but I worked on the last Good Friday, and I'll never do it again. First off, they keep threatening to fire everyone and always bitch about our stats and stuff, so quite honestly they don't DESERVE to have us come in. A lot of employees feel the same way, that when we actually get a day that we can take off of work we'll GLADLY take it so we don't have to put up with their shit. Not to mention for pretty much the whole month, they'll be starting to fire people.

So yes. Don't we just have awesome employee morale right now. Not to mention they aren't giving us easter off, so why the FUCK should I come in today, you know? Not that I was really doing anything on easter, but dammit it would have been nice to take it off. I suppose I could just like, call in, but I need the money so... yeah.

Anyway. A whole Friday to myself! GAWSH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! But it's been nice outside the last few days, so definately I'm going to go outside. I think Tim Hortons is open, so it'll give me an excuse to go attempt to win a 10 000 on the Roll Up The Rim To (Not) Win thing. And it's actually awesome that I finally get to open my window in my room...BECAUSE IT'S REALLY MUGGY IN HERE! I miss doing that! Course I'm sure give it a few more days and it'll start raining and doing all the stuff it does in the spring, but dammit it's awesome!

In other news... ladies and gentlemen... Jess Ratte is...OFFICIALLY... out of debt!! Yes, Josh and I went to Liberty Tax and we did our taxes - turns out that we got back a little under 3000 dollars (so like, 2900 roughly.) The lady who did them for us was like "will that help out with your money that you owe?" and I was like...SERIOUSLY HOW MUCH??? And yes. So, they took care of paying off what I owe to Canada (which because of the intrest ended up being about 1630) , and gave us a little over 1100 to play with. I'm giving Josh the amount that he needs to pay off his debts that he has because of H&R Block, and then I'll pay off my god forsaken credit card and...I WILL BE FREE. Free of debt. FINALLY. AND finally, Jess is actually going to start making a commitment to saving money. Because honestly, I'm really sick of always thinking about how much money I don't have and crap like that. Even being in debt like, 400 is frustrating because thats like 3/4ths of my paycheque ugh. Even tho H&R Block wouldn't help us out worth shit, I'm just glad all of this is over. So hopefully we won't get any more surprises in the mail from Canada Revenue Service, because if we do I will officially blow up.

In other news, I'm realy sorry guys that I've been really shitty with comments and stuff lately. I'm on DA a lot, but...not as much as always because when I'm on my computer I'm usually drawing and stuff (since everything is on my computer like music and references and stuff) and I've been drawing and finishing a lot of artwork lately. So please don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth, I've just been a little tied up tis all :D So yes.

I've also picked up Slim In 6 again too... I've had that workout for like, EVER, and did it, but didn't really stay committed to it, but since I'm a lot less lazier now, I'm doing it every day and stuff. It's...actually kinda simple, but I still build up a sweat :) I usually combine it with one of my other workouts, since the one I'm doing right now is under an hour, but the one that I start next week is about an hour long..but I have a lot of shorter workouts so...YAY! My legs were killing me tho the first week that I did it 0.0 And I also got South Park Season 13...LOTS OF LOLS! (Best. Scene. EVER.… )

Well anyway, thats pretty much whats going on right now. Money situation is finally somewhat more stable, job is still bitching and annoying me, but otherwise I'm healthy as a spring chicken :D Expect some more pictures and stuff posted eventually, since I have a lot in queue right now ;)
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Now, I'm sure you all remember my little Revenue Canada adventure. And if you can't quite remember, here is the journal in which I completely bitched about everything:…

To make a long story short, because all of my long stories are SUPER LONG, H&R Block fucked Josh and I over, told us we could file as commonlaw for our 2008 taxes, and now, because of that, the government of Canada reassessed our taxes ,and turns out that Josh owes like 230 dollars, and now, I owe about 1600 dollars.

Well, it appears that it is not easy to get people to admit that they fucked up. Especially big large companies who don't give a flying fuck about customers and just about how much money they make. So Josh, while I was at work, went over to H&R Block, with an appointment, I might add, after having to wait forever because the person he had an appointment with didn't even know he was THERE and took someone else before him (because thats what you do when you have an appointment, see. :iconimsarcasticplz: ). That should have been the first sign that this wasn't going to be as easy as I had hoped.

See, in my mind, I thought it would go like this:

Josh: Yeah, you fucked us over.
HRB: Gawwwssh! We did, didn't we? Well lets take a look at this, and get this fixed for you right away, because we completely admit that we bent you over and shoved a gigantic probe and kept twisting and twisting up your ass. We take full responsibility!
Josh: Oh YAY!

*happy flowers and dancing*

  But yeah, see, things don't work that way.

Well, when Josh finally got in, they admitted they made the mistake. He told them about mine as well (as long as I gave him permission, which I did, they could talk about mine as well), and they said "they will look into it".

I work in customer service. And usually when someone says they will look into it, it usually means they'll put it on the backburner and "forget" about it. Sign number two that things weren't going to go so well.

  She basically told him that they would send in our stuff to Revenue Canada and see if they could get it reassessed. In the meantime, they told him that they probably wouldn't be able to give us anything until after tax season. They also told us that they would pay the interest on ours (which we didn't quite understand what they meant by that....... Lets get into that later then.)

Sign number three that things weren't going to go so well.

Now, she also said that she needed my papers as well too, and Josh gave them my stuff too. But heres the thing. They apparently got his stuff, but they didn't get mine. So, even tho she said that they wanted my stuff as well to send in AT THE SAME TIME. they only sent in his stuff, because apparently, my stuff GREW LEGS AND WALKED BACK OVER TO ME TO FUCK ME OVER SOME MORE.

Sign number four that things weren't going to go so well.

Now anyway, they said that they were going to call us back once they got things figured out.

Two weeks went by, and no call.

Sign number five that things weren't going to go so well.

Finally, Josh called them about our situation. And apparently...THEY FORGOT WHAT WENT ON.

Sign number six that things weren't going to go so well.

So anyway, he went on to tell them about what happened, (over the phone is how he found out they never sent in my stuff because "they didn't get it" just to add.)  and then he brought up how they were going to
pay the interest, and he asked how exactly they were going to do that.

(Just for a recap, Revenue Canada said they were going to pay me an interest of 58 something dollars if I didn't pay my amount by Febuary 15th. So in my thinking, that meant that they were going to pay the interest on the amount everytime it gets higher. But how they would do that, I didn't exactly know 0.0)

And then they told him, basically, that they meant they were going to pay the interest only on the forms that we had sent in the first time, IE the very first letters from the government we got telling us that we've been reassessed. But heres the thing. THE. FIRST. LETTERS. DIDN'T. HAVE. ANY. INTEREST. ON. THEM.

Sign number seven that things weren't going to go so well.

Well anyway, after a while, Josh couldn't take it any more and had to hang up the phone. Also, during thier conversation they also told him they would call us back that same day.

And they didn't.

Now anyway, about a week ago I get another letter from Canada Revenue Service, and now, because of the interest because I couldn't pull out 1600 dollars out of my ass by Febuary 15th, I now owe... 1604 dollars and some change. (I dunno, I had no idea how the interest thing works, I'm a bloody moron at math and anything to do with numbers, but evidently I got charged 4 dollars in interest.)

Now, theoretically, in my Jess thinking, if H&R Block were to pay any interest, this, to me, means that H&R Block would give me the pleasure of providing me with 4 dollars to handle that HUGE, GIGANTIC, INTEREST FEE. Thanks guys. Thanks. I can now buy TWO LARGE COFFEES at Tim Hortons and "Roll up the rim to NOT WIN a damned thing."

That's basically the gist of it. And...lets just say we are not happy. We're not happy AT ALL. What I told you is a rough summary of what happened, but lets just say that we feel like we're getting the run around, and that they are avoiding the situation because we are rightfully, in my opinion, pissed off because they fucked us over and cost us over 1000 dollars. Josh isn't even so pissed off that he owes 230 bucks, he's more pissed off that I owe so much money (because, lets face it, whats mine is his and whats his is mine, and the sooner we get this shit taken care of, the sooner we can start saving for the things we want to do with our lives). I mean, I'm not even asking for HRB to pay my amount. Just give me back SOMETHING even if its the amount of money they charged me to do it. I work in Customer sales, which, in my job, is A LOT of customer service. And I WOULD BE DAMNED if I treated my customers like we've just been treated. Even tho I just sell stuff, if a customer needs a serious problem fixed, I WILL STAY ON THE PHONE WITH THEM AS LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to make sure they get to someone who can actually help them. Fuck, sometimes I let the customer go and work on the situation so they can go about their day and I ACTUALLY, HMMM, CALL THEM BACK when I'm done. I don't give a rats ass if it takes 5 hours, I do my fuckin' job. Because I know the company I work for has a really shitty reputation as having really bad customer service, and I atleast like to somewhat make a difference. But this is just ridiculous. And, oh, yeah, get this. We tried to make an appointment and then they said they weren't taking appointments. So needless to say, we're NOT doing our taxes with them this year. I'm just wondering if, maybe, we can go to another tax place and see if they could fix our situation but I doubt it. HRB keeps saying that we basically have to wait for tax season to be done to get anything done but heres the thing: We've been dealing with this bullshit for close to a year now. Haven't we suffered enough? WE WANT IT FIXED NOW. I seriously don't know what their little rules and shit are, but I can't believe they can't do ANYTHING, especially since they fucked up in the first place. I'm not asking them to give me a million dollars or a corvette or a trip to go see Rammstein. I'm just asking them to look at the situation, take some time with us instead of like, five measily minutes, and give us some ray of hope. It wouldn't even be so bad if they were like "Okay, we really messed up, but all we can do right now is send this stuff into the government to get it re-reassessed, and they make take a while to get back to it, but I'll look into it for you, but we can give you this and this, and I'll keep checking up with you guys to let you know whats going on.". Instead, they basically say one thing but completely sweep everything under the rug. But so far the person that we've been dealing with is fucking useless. I mean I understand they deal with a lot of people during this time, I get it. But WHILE WE'RE THERE, why can't they just fix it all in one swoop or atleast try to? What the hell?

I don't know what the next step is from here. Probably have to call customer service. But I don't know what they would be able to do.

Does anyone know if H&R Block has some kind of retentions department? I'm tryign to find something on their website...but guess what? That's pretty damned useless too.

And other then that, I told my mom about the situation and it doesn't seem like she's really willing to help me either. (I won't go into details about my mom situation, because thats a whole other journal) and basiclaly the whole time she was just bitching about how she had no money (again, thats a whole other situation because she sure doesn't spend like she doesn't have money.)

So right now, I guess I'm on my own. I honestly just feel like breaking down and crying or something. I'm just so fed up. I mean I don't know, maybe I'm being a bitch. Maybe there really isn't anything they could do, but for cryin' out loud at least try to help us out a little. I don't know, maybe all of this really is our fault and we just don't know how it is. But the fact is, that it all started last year, at H&R Block, because of something they told us we could do that we couldn't. And I don't know about you, but when I buy something at Walmart that breaks, I don't go to Zellers or Target to get it returned.

So...I guess the Saga Continues. For how long? I don't know. Probably for the rest of my life by the way it sounds.

And all of this is even more frustrating because my job is threatening to fire people in April GAREFDAFAFDAHADSFDASFASD!!! ....

*shoots herself with an imaginary gun*
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:iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz:


*everyone waves their Canadian flags in the air, waving them like they just don't care, and then do the same with their hands because thats totally what you're supposed to do with your hands*

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Canada has won ITS FIRST GOLD MEDAL ON HOME TURF!! Alexandre Bilodeau is the first Canadian to win gold on home turf - of course we've gone gold but never in Canada, so that's like, totally awesome and he's just made Canadian history!

Soak in all the Canadian glory by reading this article, here:…

*feels all warm and gooey inside like a cinnimon bun* It's just really awesome, and I thought I'd share it with the world!

Of course, I support all Olympians world wide, who are all really talented and can do crap that I could never do without breaking open my skull and probably breaking a few thousand bones, but as a Canadian I'm proud to like, totally write about this! It's awesome to have the Olympics here in Canada!

The opening ceremonies were just amazing (altho, somewhat annoying that they were on really late, and I wanted to watch them all and went to bed late and had to wake up early for work....), even with the tragic loss of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died tragically during a practice run that very day. :sad:

And of course, congrats to all athletes who've won gold worldwide! OH YAY FUN GAMES TO BE HAD WHERE NATIONS ALL OVER THE PLACE PUT ASIDE THEIR DIFFERENCES AND PLAY SPORTS! :dance:

And we all know we'll win men's hockey too dammit!! WE WILL WIN! *waving more Canadian flags in the air like we just don't care*
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So, I thought I'd update this with something slightly less bitchy.

First off, I want to thanks everyone for their advice and opinions, and once again I'm really sorry that I've been pretty lame with commenting lately. I assure you all that I've been looking through your galleries and stuff, I jsut haven't had the chance to just sit down and comment on things, that and I have over 10 000 deviations right now... so... YEAH. XD

Well, anyway, for an update on my situation with the Government, apparently, when we called them, they told us there is nothing that we could do. And that basically I have to pay it. AWESOME.

HOWEVER, I'm convinced that there IS something that we can do, and that H&R Block has to do it. So when we get the chance, we're going to get them to fix our situation because they fucked up. So yes. It's been a little busy these days but we're going to get it resolved.

And, I guess, if all else fails, I'll ask my mom to help me out, even tho I really don't want to. Ugh. Money really is annoying..

On more happier news, its Josh and mine's four year anniversary OH YAY!!!!  :D I got him a gift card to EB Games, which he spend yesterday (I gave him it early, since he got me flowers yesterday so I was all like AWWWW!). He bought all kinds of games for his PS3. Tonight we're going out to dinner to a swanky Italian restaurant down the road called The Gondola, and I'm going to get all tramped up and wear my little black dress (which looks much better on me this year then it did the last time I wore it! OH YAY!), even tho it'll suck because we have to walk there, but I'll just throw on some high heels when I get there :) I'll just be a little cold, tis all. It's just a lot of fun dressing up, I don't get to do it too often :)

I also got my hair done too! YAY!! Hair cut! I just love it! My hair was getting too long so I got this pixie cut thing thats all messy and stuff. It's all good. And then last night I dyed it black (yes, I know, really boring and I always dye it that colour but it never fails. Red always comes out too quick, and I refuse to dye my hair blonde unless it's Lady Gaga-esque platinum blonde which I'd have to get done at the hairdressers for like, 100 bucks.) And I dunno, the black just suits me. It's just... a little...messy... thats all.XD It usually runs through the water still for a few days after I use it lol! And I'm so sure that theres blue-black splotches somewhere on my face where I can't see it/reach it to clean it off. So I probably resemble a cow. Which means I can now moo at will.


Anyway. In other stuff, I'm actually on vacation right now, so it's awesome. I've just been catching up on things that I need to get caught up on. I've finally gotten around to colouring some pictures, since it's been a while. Lately I've just felt like drawing pictures, so I've been doing a lot of that too. I dunno. I just get into just drawing moods a lot, that and I'm trying to work on drawing backgrounds - like, real, decent backgrounds that don't look like crap. So look forward to some half decent drawings with backgrounds that don't look lame! (OH YAY!)

Other then that I started a new workout about three weeks ago called Brazil Butt Lift, because my ass is big. XD It's a lot of fun, altho my thighs hurt like a son of a bitch after one of the workouts, and the workouts definately break a sweat thats for sure. I was a little skeptical that they would be more then just a butt workout, but the cardio stuff is really good, and the sculpting is really effective. However, I HATE, and I mean I FUCKING HATE the "side plank" (This:… ) SERIOUSLY. I dunno if it's because I lack balance (which I do, and it causes a lot of problems, because sometimes I end up toppling all over the place like a giant fail), but seriously, that workout is a pain in the ass. I hate ab work. I really do. I love how they always show the people smiling in these workout videos when they are doing ab workouts. Come off it, people. NO ONE SMILES WHEN THEY ARE DOING CRUNCHES BECAUSE THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS. Anyway. So yes. I guess it's a 90 day program, and at the beginning you are to do a pencil test. Basically, you take a pencil and put it underneath the part of your ass that joins to your thigh (I suck at explaining.....). The idea behind this program is to give your butt lift. If the pencil stays put, that means your butt is kinda floppy. My pencil stayed. So therefore, after doing the pencil test I kinda felt like crap, thought my ass was gigantic, and ate some food. XD j/k Anyway. So yes. Workouts are good.

I would write some more, however, I have to pee. Really bad. So... yes.

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I'd hate to, once again, bitch, whine, and complain. But seriously. This time, if I don't vent, I just might end up going all Godzilla all over the place. So please, bear with me, one more time.

Let me tell you a little story. This little story is called "Jess and Josh's Tax Return of 2008 Which Was Completely Fucked Up Because We Were Told We Could File As Common-Law".

Yes, quite a lengthy title, but it fits anyway.

Now, for those of you who don't know, every year, millions of happy little Kanucks like myself trot off to their favourite tax destination to file their taxes for the last year. So, last year, Josh and I filed our 2008 taxes. Now, I've always gone to H&R Block to do my taxes since my parents went there. Each year, we were treated with good service, got our money quickly, and really it just takes the pain out of filing your taxes. And, Josh had a miserable experience with Tax Tyme, so he figured he would also do them through H&R Block. And, because we're such a cute little couple ,we do cute little couple things, like file our taxes at the same place.

So long story short, we went there, and the guy told us hey, since I've been living with Josh since June, I was common-law now with him, since apparently common-law was 6 months (Or, so we were told.). He told me that if we did that, it would benefit me, and long story short, I ended up getting back a whopping 1400+ before the H&R block fee. So I walked out with about... I dunno, over 1300. Awesome, right? Sure. Sure it was. It wouldn't have been so awesome if I knew the shit that would happen after the fact.

So, off I go with my check, excited to spend it on useless crap I didn't need.

Scan forward, sometime in the early summer. We get a letter from The Canada Revenue Service (I used to look forward to my Canada Revenue Service letters. They used to always give me money. Now everytime I get one, I pretty much feel my blood boil and wonder what the fuck else they want.), saying that basically, my boyfriend owes 500+ dollars because we weren't commonlaw, or some other bullshit reason. We stared at the letter, which, just so you know, Canada Revenue Service letters DON'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE, and he called into the CRS, and found out the reason he owed the money is because apparently, we filed as commonlaw, and we weren't commonlaw when we filed our taxes, and that to be common law was 1 year (which is what I always assumed, but I figured the guy knew what he was doing, since, you know, thats his job.), and that the only way to get that rectified was for...

Okay, get this. For us to send in, basically, an apology letter, saying that we filed for common law when we weren't, include our SIN numbers on the paper (which I wasn't cool with. I deal with telesales over the phone, and people take other peoples socials security numbers in the states and commit fraud. So the chance of someone sifting through mail, stealing my Social insurance number was a bit...err...unnerving.), and basically send it off.

I basically freaked out, because you would think that CRS can just...OH...I DON'T KNOW...TYPE SOMETHING IN THEIR COMPUTER AND SAY THAT? But no, everything in Canada must be done snail-mail and AS SLOW AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

Okay, so basically, we get that part fixed up. Josh didn't have to pay his 500+ dollars.

And then I get another letter from Canada Revenue Service. This time, it said that because we filed a commonlaw, they have been paying me too much for my GST or some other bullshit like that, and that I had a debt with CRS for 57 dollars and some change.

So after talking to the dude over the phone, because once again when I read the letter I didn't quite understand what the hell the CRS letter was trying to tell me. And so, a few weeks later, I take my remittance slip to the bank, pay the fucking government their damned money, and get that taken care of.

So, thinking that we got everything cleared out, we happily go about our business.

And then, yesterday, as I go to my mailbox, because I'm waiting for some things in the mail, I notice...

Another letter from the Canada Revenue Service! Two of them, in fact, one mailed to Josh, and one mailed to myself. We thought it was just a confirmation of our GST checks (which we FINALLY get now, AS COMMONLAW, just so you know. Because, apparently, now, we are common-law, for reals.)


And so, I open up my letter, addressed to me, which basically stated this:

We have re-assessed your taxes for 2008. Random babbling about shit I don't understand.

More random babbling about shit I don't understand.

What the hell are you tryign to say? I don't understand you.

You now have a debt of 1599.07. Please pay by Febuary 15th, or else we will charge you an interest of 58.90.


Now. Let me tell you something. The first thing I saw, when I opened up this envelope, was a remittance slip, with the amount owing of 1599.07. Now, this GUARENTEED me a "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" .

So, apparently, CRS has decided, upon reassessing my taxes, that I now have to pay 1599.07 to them, pretty much EVERYTHING I got back for my taxes, by, Febuary 15th.

I get this letter YESTERDAY.

Oh. Okay, Canada. So, you give me two weeks to pull out 1500+ dollars out of my ass. First off, I don't work for the government, making a shitload of money like you peices of shit, and second, WAY TO GIVE ME A NICE WARNING.

HEY! I know, say Revenue Canada, Lets tell this Jess person that she owes 1500* dollars RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS, and HEY! Right before the 2009+ taxes! SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN LOL!

I DON'T EVEN HAVE 1500 DOLLARS I CAN EVEN GIVE ANYBODY! First off, any money I get is going to my credit card (I owe 1300+ on that. Goodbye, nice bonused paycheck.....), secondly... I have like, 800$'s in my bank account right now.

And what I'd like to understand is how they figure out that I own them back 1599.07, when I got back 1607 and some change (we looked yesterday....). So, what? Does this mean that originally, for my taxes, I should have gotten about 5 dollars? Because that makes no fucking sense, because whenever I filed taxes on my own, I always got back at LEAST 200$'s, and if I did them on my own, I would of had rent into the equation, which mean if I filed them on my own and not as commonlaw, I probably would have gotten back like, I dunno. 300+ or something. So the whole fact that I owe THEM that INSANE amount makes no fucking sense to me. To make things worse, Josh apparently owes 280 something dollars because they reassessed his taxes. I know thats not a lot, but he doesn't have a job right now, and when you don't have a job, 5 dollars is too expensive.

SECONDLY. If something is my fault, I admit it. Like the whole fact that I owe 1300 dollars on my credit card because I'm stupid, THATS my fault. HOWEVER: We did NOT mean to fuck the government. We are not those types of people. Josh and I are honest people who are just trying to get by. We didn't file as common law because we thought we could get away with it.  WE FILED AS COMMON LAW BECAUSE WE WERE TOLD THAT WE COULD. What the fuck do we know? H&R Block people should know their fucking jobs! I just did what I did because we were told that we could, and they said it would benefit us. But NOW, because of their incompetence, they have put us through 8 FUCKING MONTHS of this BULLSHIT, and NOW, I have to pay Canada 1500+ dollars because of some fuck up that could have easily been avoided if they knew what the hell they were doing. THIS IS -NOT- OUR FAULT.

Of course, tho, Canada Revenue Service won't give a flying shit, and will make me pay it anyway. So now, I have to figure out how to get 1500 dollars by Febuary 15th or else they will charge me interest. (WTF? Now they can charge interest??? Look, Canada, I know we're in a recession, but this is just a dirty way to get more money.) So, the only way I've thought about doing this is: A) Whore myself out on Queen St. B) Strip at The Riverport. C) Stand in the front entrance of Walmart, dressed in drag, and say I'm collecting money for Haiti (NO WORD OF A LIE. I ACTUALLY -SAW- THAT TWO DAYS AGO.) C) Sell nearly everything I own on Ebay. D) Attempt to win Cash for Life E) Scoot my ass over to Europe and claim refugee status and maybe it will just go away.

But seriously tho. I'll NOW have to sit there and swallow my pride and probably ask my mom for the money. I really really don't want to, but I guess I honestly don't have much of a choice. I'm not going to pay my credit card because I owe the government money (which, in my opinion, is absolutely absurd.) and risk me getting past due and fuck up my credit, thanks.

Well, because I have a darling of a boyfriend, he's going to look into it and try and get it resolved. H&R Block should be kissing our ASSES that we're even CONSIDERING going back to them. Needless to say, we're not going to be making thier jobs easy for them this year. They better compensate us for 8 months of this bullshit caused by them. Bitchy Jess is going to come out. And she doesn't make her appearance often. However, I'm probably going to let my boyfriend handle it because he's much better at this crap.

So, I'm not paying anything until we figure out what the hell is going on, because again, Canada Revenue Service letters make no sense. I could be mistaken. But when you see a remittance slip saying how much you owe, well........

This is absolutely absurd. I'm completely LIVID, I'm FURIOUS, and I could seriously bust a nut right now. This is NOT cool. NOT COOL AT ALL.

I'm not showing too much "true patriot love, in all thy sons command" right now. I'm seriously thinking about packing up and moving out of this country. And even tho it's not his fault, I feel like blaming Steven Harper.

So, if anyone else has horror stories due to stupidity, I'd love to hear them. It's fun to bitch and share!
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OH HAI GUYS! :iconlarryplz:

So lemme tell you whats been up lately.

As some of you may or may not have known, actually I don't think any of you know, I've recently invested in a new Mac Mini. Mine right now (formally my boyfriends) still works, but its been acting a little wonky lately, and plus its really just time for me to get a new one. This one is going to my boyfriend once I get my new Mac Mini hooked up (he doesn't have a computer right now).

So, I anxiously wait for my cute little Mac, and there it comes, on a Thursday afternoon... all cute, and tiny, and in a nice little square box that, just like pretty much all products by Apple, has perfect little edges and looks all sleek and snobby against all my other electronic devices. I open up the box, and there it is... so pretty. So new... so Apple.

So, my boyfriend and I hop along into my room to set it up. So exciting! So brand new! So nerdy!

And thats pretty much where things went downhill.

It all began when we were trying to hook up the monitor. Now, you would think this would be a pretty easy process, right? You just take the monitor plug, and plug it into the back of your computer. Easy as pie. But no. You see, things don't usually turn out that way for Apple. Apple likes things to be their way. Infact, Apple decided that for their latest version of the Mac Mini that they were going to make...A MICRO DVI CONNECTION for the monitor! So, when I tried to plug my monitor into the back of my Mac, I basically got a "LOL WHOOPS DOESN'T FIT HUUURRR!!!!" So, after screaming for a few minutes, my boyfriend and I decided that the best thing to do would be to get a new connection thing (basically a micro DVI to VGA cord. Yeah, I dunno what it means either. I just know its supposed to work.) since stuff was still open when I got home from work, off we went. So anyway, long story short, we picked up what we thought would work from Future Shop. We thought, okay, so we get this cord, we take this extension, and then we plug the monitor in, and TA DA! Monitor! *cheering all 'round.*

Doesn't work like that, apparently.

Turns out, we didn't buy the right connector in the back. Because it STILL DIDN'T WORK. So, once again, I decided to vent out my frustration with a bunch of "fucks" and "shits" and "NYARGHHH!!!'s". And then I had no choice. I had to buy one from Apple (because I guess they really just want you to buy all Apple.)

So NOW, I have to wait 2-3 business days for my stupid little connector to come to me, AND IF IT DOESN'T WORK I'M GOING TO FREAK OUT. But thats not the end of it. So, I get the shipping confirmation in my email from Apple, saying my product shipped, heres the tracking number, yadda yadda. OH YAY! Now I can track my package, and make sure I'm home for it!

Doesn't work like that either, apparently.

You see, when I tracked my package, apparently... MY TRACKING NUMBER DOESN'T EXIST! WTF OMG. I gave it about 24 hours - working at a call center, I know sometimes things just take a bit to transfer to all the different systems. So the next morning, I track my package. And apparently it still doesn't exist. So, still pissed off, I ask Josh if he could call UPS and ask them what is going on while I'm at work.

So, when I get home, he basically tells me that they told him that Apple hasn't released any information or some other crap like that and thats why they can't find them. So guess what? I HAVE TO CALL APPLE.

Now, I work at a call center. I know EXACTLY whats going on here. At my job, when one department says, "I'm sorry, you're going to have to call X department, and they should be able to tell you whats going on", that usually means that THE OTHER department doesn't have a fucking clue whats going on, and is probably going to just tell you to go BACK to the department you came from, thus having to make you spend 8 bloody hours on the phone and getting absolutely nowhere. I can already forsee it happening:

Apple: Thankyou for Calling Apple, how can I help you?
Me: Yeah, so you guys said you shipped my product, but then UPS said they couldn't find the tracking number and told me I had to talk to you.
Apple: Oh! I'm sorry to hear that, Ms. Rat. (Because they all call me that.) Let me get your tracking number and we'll look into this for you right away!
Me: *gives guy tracking number*
Apple: Well, it looks like we shipped it, your tracking number is: yadda yadda
Me: Yeah, but see, thats the problem. They said I have to talk to YOU.
Apple: Oh.
Apple: Well, we can't do anything. You'll have to talk to UPS.
Me: trying not to freak out on guy who's just trying to make it through college.....

And so, I will call UPS, and basically this will happen:

UPS: Thankyou for calling UPS, can I have your tracking number please?
Me: Yeah, its yadda yadda....
UPS: Okay, great, thankyou Ms. Rat. Let me look that up for you. Oh, it looks like we can't find it.
Me: Yes. Thats why I'm calling. Why can't you find it?
UPS: Well, it looks like the sender hasn't processed that it's been shipping. You'll need to contact the sender.
Me: trying not to freak out on girl just trying to make an honest living..... But see, they told me to call YOU.
UPS: Oh.
UPS: Well, we can't find anything. So you'll need to contact the sender.

And so, I would go through basically, a whole day trying to figure out who has what up thier asses, and trying to figure out who actually knows the truth and can't tell me because of some stupid conspiracy.

So thus, I am not going to go through that. Because I know exactly what will happen, and I really, really, really, don't have the patience for it. I'm, like, two days away from my period and my patience is smaller then a microbe.

So, four days later, I still do not have a new, working Mac Mini. All because of the fact Apple has to be annoying and has to have things their way.

And yes, I understand that had I honestly read some of the other facts about the product, I would have already known I would need that connection. Seriously. But when I ordered it I was in a rush (my computer was having a seizure or something... 0.0) but I just figured that it would have came with the right parts like most of the products I've gotten in the past. But evidently, I'm a noob at Apple and things don't work that way with them, because they ALWAYS have to be the first to come out with the latest technology things that no one else has. I mean you would just FIGURE that they would know that probably 80% of the population STILL has VGA connections for thier monitors, and I'm not about to purchase a new #$%@$#%# monitor just so I can use my Mac Mini. And also, if Future Shop would have had the part that I was looking for then I wouldn't have to go through my UPS dilemma either. (They sell them, they are just all sold out, because things like this happen whenever I get new computers.)

And, on another note, I also had a very annoying situation in which the handle of my coffee mug broke clean off yesterday morning before work, thus making me spill coffee ALL OVER my WHITE sweater and thus making me have to attempt to get it out by washing it in the sink. And also, coffee got on my keyboard (thank god it works. I'll give Microsoft that, they make keyboards for food spillers like myself.) and getting on some of my paper, but not completely destroying anything. This, my friends, is why I #$!#!#$!$@ wear black all the time. Because I always spill things on myself, or, you know, handles MAGICALLY slide right off my coffee mugs (I'm still trying to figure that one out. I mean it was FINE and then it was all like "LOL HEY WATCH ME DO A TRICK! crack ... Nice sweater by the way! HURRR!!!!"

Well, as a result I decided that from this day forth, I'm going to hold my mugs by thier sides, and not thier handles. Evidently, handles are useless.

So yes. That, in short, has been my weekend. I'm going to try and track my package again just incase it needed a business day or something to update. I'll probably not bother calling Apple and just pray that to the Parcel Gods that my package will come unharmed so that, a week after getting it, I can FINALLY use my new computer.

And  you know whats really annoying? I find it really amusing how since getting my new Mac my current Mac seems to be behaving. I had electronic equipment. I seriously do.

In other news, I've been really feeling like drawing lately, and not really finishing anything. Probably because I'm not going to scan anything until I actually get my new computer hooked up. So, seeing as I have to sit around waiting for UPS today, and that its actually really miserable and rainy out and will be for the majority of the week, I'll probably do some colouring, drawing, and most importantly, going through all my crap and start getting rid of things. I'm surrounded by clutter 0.0 (That, and Josh says that because I got like, five pairs of boots, I have to get rid of like, five pairs of shoes I have already. XD)

And my boyfriend and mines 4 year anniversary is coming up on the 5th of February and I have no idea what to get him. And I have no idea what to get him for Valentines Day either. (We're both all chocolated out after Christmas, so thats not an option...And even tho I know he'd LOVE  a new kitteh, he won't let us get  a new one because of our Kiki. Something about her like, freaking out or something over a new cat and then hating me for the rest of her life. Because she's a vengeful kitteh.) Maybe I can just get a new kitteh and he won't notice. XD

Anyway, so yes, I'll eventually get around to responding to the god knows how many messages I have right now, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm alive :D

Now, if you guys don't mind, I'm going to go and figure out whats going on with my package....*puts on boxing gloves.....*
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