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Hi Friends! 

 Long time no write, I know.... I'm terrible these days. 

Anyway, I hope you are all living your best life and that things are going well for you! It's my most favourite time of year, and I'm looking forward to Christmas! I am still incredibly salty over's incompetence, but anyway... (long story.)

So today as I was sketching out a picture, I had...a dilemma. Now, I've had said dilemma quite often, but this time it's kinda just...hit me in the face.

My dilemma is really, a stupid easy one, but it's still a dilemma nonetheless, especially for a creature of habit like myself. A time has come where I've...really been considering getting rid of my characters tails. 



 I mean, often when I'm doing my artwork, I just...I just don't know how thier tails are supposed to work. Or even what the point of them would be other than cuteness. Which I mean, in and of itself is a great reason to have a tail, but logically in the world they live in it kinda doesn't. 

 To explain, my characters are supposed to be...very human like. Technically, one could consider them aliens. I mean, they live in...basically an alternate universe to our own, but like things are the same kinda thing. Anyway I'm not gonna spend a zillion years talking about alternate universes and stuff (because I totally could), but essentially they are just like...humans with animal characteristics? I guess? 


Anyway, I just don't know how tails are supposed to work. I mean it just seems like they would make clothes awkward. Especially stuff like dresses or things like that. Ugh. I dunno. I mean I'm really attached to some of thier tails, like Ricky's. But I dunno. 

But then one would confuse them for elves or something without thier tails, since they have pointy ears. And they aren't supposed to be elves really. 

Ugh. ARGH. SFAFDSADFASf *random screaming* 

Anyway, in other news, Tumblr is apparently imploding on itself, which I honestly saw coming but still. I've been wanting to spend more time on here anyway, so maybe if Tumblr becomes a barren wasteland I'll have no choice. I've all but decided to not post artwork there anymore anyway (thats a whole other can of worms....) so it's not like I was using it for artwork anymore, but I made friends and it was a way for me to discuss other things I liked, and I also didn't realize there was even a hockey fandom until like, a few months ago.... (Not that that particular fandom was going to be targeted or anything but....) 

 So yeah. How have you all been doing?? 
Hello everyone! 

 How are you all doing? I know I've been rather quiet, in general I'm actually kinda busy offline and not really around all that much.
I have some new art tho I will eventually get around to posting so..stay tuned if you are interested! 

Anyhoo, now that I have your attention, I'm gonna reach out to everyone on here as well. I recently reached out to people on Tumblr in THIS post here:… , looking for feedback 

Basically I'm looking for people to let me know what some of thier frustrations are regarding feedback, or lack of feedback, or in general what irritates you - is it lack of comments, lack views, etc. etc. For example, many people have given me feedback how for example, on Tumblr, they get many likes but no reblogs (for anyone who is familiar with Tumblr, reblogs are like, pretty much what you need to get your art out there), but also people have said they feel unmotivated to keep going because it seems people aren't interested, etc. 

 So I'm interested to hear what some of your guys' feedback frustrations are. This isn't necessarily geared towards DA or Tumblr or whatever, I've had many people tell me their feelings about sites like Archive of Our Own (AO3 as it's more commonly known.) and things like that. I'm not just talking about writing or art in general - also any sort of content you guys create like needlework, this or that. Whatever! 

 BUT I'm also interested in hearing about some positive things too - where you think the best place to post your content is, what motivates you, maybe advice for others...

 Basically as stated in the post, I'm working on a post to sort of gather some of the frustrations and try and, ultimately, help us as creators. Because honestly, I am seeing more and more artists (myself included) getting frustrated, feeling like they suck, etc, etc. I think maybe if we can come together and figure out what some of the big issues are, maybe we can help each other! 

So! Any thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Feel free to comment on this, or just send me a private message! 
Hello my dear friends! 

 As some of you may know (or probably don't know but I'm going to pretend you do anyway tee hee), I'm trying to get back into doing art trades.

 So, is anyone out there willing to do an art trade with me???? I look forward to hearing from you all! 

I'll keep it to about four right now, since things are a little busier these days! One slot is taken, so...three! :D :dance:
....Ya know, drawing your characters after such a long period of time is a really interesting thing. 

I actually thought that I'd go into complete meltdown mode because I had forgotten how to draw them, or something like that. But surprisingly, that appears to not be the case. Save for a few stylistic choices that come with time (change in how I draw hair, faces, bodies, whatevs.), it's been pretty easy, but also fun. 

But it's also interesting because there are certain characters that I've needed to revamp for a while, so it's interesting to see how they have changed all this time. 

Considering how I've been feeling the last Mahal knows how long...this is something really, really comforting. 

Anyway, I'm really wanting to be a lot more serious in doing my comic (remember that old thing? "Welcome to Everglades", or at least that was the title for it, which seems to stick even to this day.) See, when I moved to this house, I had gotten rid of like, everything (LONG STORY SHORT), including any work I had done on said comic. 

 There was a point where this made me feel REALLY sad, and defeated. But one day, I was out walking, which for some reason is where most of my creative ideas come from, I thought...THAT was a really good thing, and that I've been wanting to make some serious tweaks and changes anyway. Even with the characters that were going to be the focus (one day I was like, JFC, you have WAY TOO MANY main characters in this thing!)  So anyway, I'm hoping at some point I'll be able to finish some of my more recent drawings.... 

 In other random news, I apologize I'm also very terrible at replying to comments - these days I am spending much less time online (I see this as a good thing, actually.)  and when I am online it's actually usually on my iPhone, and I've yet to download the DA app yet (altho it's getting pretty terrible reviews, so....) I would like to say that I am open, should anyone be interested, in getting back into art trades again, so hit me up if you are interested. 

 Also, if we started an art trade like five zillion years ago and I have yet to draw your picture...Yeah, please hit me up to, chances are life got the better of me and I completely forgotten. *SMASHES FACE INTO WALL* 

 Anyhoo, hope you all are having a good day! 
Hello all once again! ( As you can see I still haven't posted much of anything. )

Okay, so... It's been clear to me that I've missed many, many, many things. 

Which is to be expected when you've been gone for like, four years.

So please be patient with me with comments and just going through my notes and whatnot! Also posting things, as I actually use my laptop a lot and all my files/art files are on my regular PC lol! 

It's been nice to chat with you all again! :D
It's kinda been a while. 

Like, apparently the last time I posted something here was 2014. 

I actually never meant to leave, really. Needless to say, without going into the long, boring details (because you ain't got time for that, I'm sure) has gotten the better of me over the last while.

Many crappy, negative things have happened. But, also, very happy, wonderful things. I suppose that's the circle of life, perhaps. (Should we start singing or??) 

Anyway, as previously mentioned.. I honestly never meant to leave....Recently I've felt like I should come back to this account again, it feels like...well it kinda feels like home, really. There are certain things that provide me comfort here, something that I've only since realized how much I've missed...

So I hope you have all been well, whoever out there is still even following me after all these years (THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL). I will be back to posting art here soon - I will be posting some select fanarts that I have done first, and soon I will be posting OC stuff again. So just...a word of warning, I guess :) But I hope you guys will like them anyway! 

 As of right now, tho, you can find me on my Tumblr account (which I think I linked here somewhere?) but please be warned that it is pretty much JUST FANDOM STUFF (The Hobbit, LOTR, Hobbit cast stuff....) so if you have absolutely no interest in that stuff then I'm probably not the Tumblr blog for you *giggle* While I have an art blog there (also just fandom stuff), I've been considering not really doing much else with it. Kinda a long story, I guess, on that one but anyway, I'm not getting into it. 

 So... how have you all been? :D Happy Easter!


 Yes. Yes I am alive. First off, I want to say, Hi, to all of you who may have possibly missed me and were considering calling the authorities because you thought I was brutally mauled to death by aliens. However, if I was mauled to death by aliens the authories would probably do a cover up, and in which case, I would be announce as never existing and it would all be a big conspiracy.


 So... How the hell are you all? I will write a journal letting you all know where I've been for the last, like, four months or whatever, but right now I just want to let you all know the jist of everything:

 My apartment building complex was shit and gross, and my boyfriend and I decided to move, so we bought a house.
 Because of the issues with my apartment, we literally had to get rid of EVERYTHING and pretty much start over from scratch which has been very frustrating and very, very, VERY expensive.
Because of everything I've barely drawn a damn thing.
I think I've drawn like, once or twice in the last two or three months, which is really wierd for me because I always drew a shitton
But now that we've moved, we're both much happier now, despite everything, and our lives are getting back to normal now. Well, as normal as they could be.
Luckily, there have been no ghosts yet in the house, altho there may have been/might be mice that were never dealt with but compared to the shit we had to deal with mice are nothing. We have cats. Dumb cats, but cats nonetheless. They will at the very least alert us if theres little mice hanging out. We don't leave food out so... hmm. I dunno yet.

 Anyway. So thats the jist of it, and I'll get into it later on, but right now I'm not going to because of time. But I hope everyone has been doing well during all this time! Have fun everyone! :iconsmilesplz:
Hey everybody!

Well it's been a while, hasn't it? Thought I'd update my deviantART account.. I think I see some tumbleweed blazing through these parts <--said with a terrible southern accent, because Jess can't do accents at all.)

 Anyone else sick of fuckin' winter yet? Do you guys think spring is coming, one of these days? :iconmadlynotimpressedplz:

 Anyway. So how have you all been? I've been pretty well for the most part. Things so far are actually getting better for us (my boyfriend and I). We found out that we should be able to finally move out of this damned apartment in hopefully a few months, which is great! Our neighbours above us have moved out in the meantime which is just AWESOME because they are just...:iconnotimpressedplz: So we're pretty happy. We've been looking at moving into a townhouse, and then maybe in a year or two, move into a for reals house or condo once we save up the money for one. We've decided we're probably going to move to a central location in the city since it'll be easier for us to get to places like downtown if we had to. Altho we live in a great part of town right now (everything is pretty much in this end) things like friends and family live closer to downtown, and also downtown is nice in the summer and really it'll just be easier for us in the end I think. But honestly whatever we are able to get I guess is the main thing. It'll be a pain in the arse to have to move but we're going to get rid of some of the furniture that we have so...That'll be less stuff we have to move right? :D We're getting a new living room set :D

 Anyway, I started my at-home position... honestly? It's really nice working from home. Seriously, it is. But there are so many annoying downsides. First, we had to change our internet plan for my job which ended up being more expensive (and slower, as well.) and that's really annoying. Second, it seems like they still have all these stupid problems at work that make it kinda frustrating to work because you can't get shit done easily and you have to call this person and this person and nothing is done locally. It's just...REALLY annoying. >.< My boyfriend got a new job so he's quitting in a few days, and I've applied to another job that I'm OVER QUALIFIED for so...yeah. I'm going to keep applying to places and hopefully I'll hear back from someone. We've both decided that we should just have new jobs. Honestly working from home makes me feel a bit like a hermit, I miss going OUT and talking to real people; a lot of times I just feel like I'm sitting on my ass all day and doing nothing, which is really annoying for me since I'm an active person. It is nice to be able to wear whatever the fuck I want UP TO AND INCLUDING PJ'S hahaha, but...yeah. Plus, before my boyfriend got his new job we were working opposite shifts; my boyfriend worked days and I worked nights. It was just...annoying. Anyway. So hopefully everything will work out and I can find something new.

 I'm watching all 3 seasons of The Almighty Johnsons (UGH Dean O'Gorman! :iconflyingheartsplz: )  and the Aidan Turner (UGH Aidan Turner! :iconflyingheartsplz: ) seasons (1-3) of Being Human UK (because to be honest those are the only seasons I give a shit about, I guess the Lenora and Russell leave as well...), and then on to Pushing Daisies (UGH Lee Pace! :iconflyingheartsplz: to appease my fangirl feels for The Hobbit cast while I not-so-patiently await for The Hobbit : There and Back Again to come out in December....Altho Guardians of the Galaxy comes out in August (I believe) and I'll have some Lee Pace-ness there :iconpervplz: My Tumblr followers know how crazy of a Hobbit fan I am, so...yes. After Pushing Daisies... I'll probably catch up with Sherlock (UGH Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman! :iconflyingheartsplz: ) since I need to watch the third season....I'm hoping all of that will take me until December but...I don't know. I just don't know. *stares forever into the distance.....*

 ANYWAY. I'm going to try and post some more art here. I have stuff to post, I just haven't really gotten around to it. I've actually been feeling a little unmotivated these days with my art, like everything I do completely sucks. *groan* I hope this is just a small slump and I'll be able to get out of it eventually. I've been trying to ink some things that I could colour them and maybe just take a break from drawing for a while, but...even the shit I have to ink look...crappy. I dunno. Anyway. So I'll keep you all posted on my job sitch and...Yay!

Have fun, everyone!
Welp, it's the time of year again!

 It's the time of year where I go through my gallery and select some of my personal favourites to share ALL IN ONE JOURNAL! with all you, my friends and watchers. I like to call it a little year in review. Dunno why I started to do these each year, it's just kinda fun. As per usual, a good number of these drawings are not necessarily ALL drawn in 2013 - these are drawings that I've posted this year and because I'm a slow ass at posting things they could be carry over drawings from 2012 as well but anyway. Not the point. They may not be your favourite pictures I've done, but these are the ones that I'm proud of for my own reasons :D
 But first, before I astound you all with my, I'll leave you all with a babble. 2013, when I look back at it, was... it was tough for a lot of it, wasn't it? People I know, personally, have experienced deaths, the weather was less than nice to a lot of us as well (my friends in the GTA, I hope you are all right!). Myself, I had moments with my job (but luckily things turned out okay with that). A lot of issues with our apartment have caused us some stress that we really didn't need. But you know what? I've been really blessed too. This year, Josh and I gave a second chance (thanks to my sister and family!) to Callie and Cleo, our two precious tabby cats who had the misfortune of being neglected and hurt (this is a very, very long story.). They're now healthy (relatively speaking, Cleo is terribly fat.) and very, very, VERY happy and spoiled (thanks to me.). I also, recently, been having a lot of personal revelations about how I treat MYSELF as a person and hopefully in the new year I'll continue on a path of...self realization (I guess?) We've had a lot of laughs and a lot of awesome time spent together with friends and family. :D

 I want to thank everyone for stickin' with me after all these years and all the comments and favourites you've all given me. I know sometimes I really suck at commenting but I just have to say that I REALLY APPRECIATE all of them, words cannot express how much I appreciate them! You are all very special to me and your encouraging words and critiques always make me smile! Thank you so much,everyone, for spending another year with me and I look forward to new year and all the art and fun we'll share together! :D Also, I just want to say that sorry I haven't commented on YOUR guys' work often either! I mean seriously, you are all so talented and awesome, it's just sometimes my message page gets really overwhelming and I can't keep up with it because of life. I adore you all!

 And, of course, I must thank my characters for letting me torture and make fun of them for yet another year. I love you guys, what would I do without you? :icondurrhurrplz: Everything I draw with you guys, tho, is drawn with love! :iconlarryplz:
 Again, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you guys, seriously. You make my life so...enriching and fullfilling and just...just awesome!

 So, my friends and watchers.... here, I present to you... The Best of 2013! Please note that theres not a particular order to this or anything. I just went through everything I posted this year :) It's PRETTY EXCITING.

Sidenote: ....I would also like to thank Peter Jackson and co. for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. You have truly caused me to become less productive because I'm spending much time fangirling.

The Best of 2013

Headshots of Abbey and Heath [Monster High] by calicokatt Calico Is On A Tree by calicokatt Molly Sits By A Big Window by calicokatt Taylor Hassa Cuppa by calicokatt
Have Some Coffee by calicokatt Hey Thar Taylor by calicokatt Talking Over Lunch by calicokatt It`s Meko by calicokatt
Fun In The Park by calicokatt An Emperors Life For Me [Contest] by calicokatt Four Corners by calicokatt Art Trade : Taryn Lacy and Chislett's Snowman Fun by calicokatt Kissy Kissy by calicokatt Look At This by calicokatt ...And Dance Again by calicokatt Bad Dog by calicokatt Brothers From Anudder Mother by calicokatt
Just a quick message to all my friends and watchers here on DeviantART because I probably won't be online for a little bit or until later on Christmas or something I dunno.

 Anyway, I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas! :D I wish all the best and you guys are all awesome and I love you all!


(AND, on a side note...If you haven't seen The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug yet...GO SEE IT. (My tumblr followers probably know I'm having...issues. FANGIRLING HARRRDDDD! HAH! Anyway.)

So there I was today, just looking through my

I have a lot of stuff in there. Some of it is new. But some of it is old. Like, old as in I don't know if I even like this anymore kinda old.

 Then I got to thinking. I don't really want to clutter up my gallery with these older drawings that I don't really care about or particularly like.....

 So then, I thought I'd ask you guys to help me make a decision, or what would you do in this situation that plagues me so.

 Should I just suck it up and post them to my gallery anyway, or should I just shove them all into my Scrapbook, which was what I was going to probably do initially?

 I was just thinking of shoving them all in my scrapbook, even tho they aren't necessarily scraps perse. I honestly just don't want to waste the time and energy to post and write descriptions for (because lets face it, my descriptions are, like, encyclopedias of useless information you probably don't give a shit about.) all these crappy drawings I don't really like.

 Maybe I could just not post them at all?

 So yeah. Just some thoughts would be cool. This is the kinda stuff I think about when I'm bored on a Monday night. DERP.

LOVE YOU. :iconomgsocuteplz:
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 I have some good news, I thought I'd update everyone on it because I like to pretend people care about me HURRR! :icondurrhurrplz:

 Well, I was accepted as a home agent from my job, meaning I will still have a job in April! YAY!! Everything is still...a little up in the air for Josh at the moment, and hell, even for me (some confusion regarding our internet service and yadda for doing the job) BUT... that's okay, we'll worry about it when the time comes and deal with it. The important thing is that at the VERY least, I still have a job and we don't have to worry about losing our jobs in April. I'm very happy :D

 I've been getting artwork done relatively quickly as well too, so that's also good. I want to apologize, however, for not being quick with actually posting said artwork. EVERY time I want to sit and work on my artworks descriptions in my STA.SH one or both of my cats insist on wanting to sit on my lap or just be super annoying when I'm trying to type. Like, right now, for instance. Anyway. I'm going to try and get back to posting things every Friday or whatever like I used to do at the beginning of this year.

 Anyway. So yes. Things aren't so terrible right now. And I finally got my Ancient Aliens Season Five: Volume 1 DVDs today. GAWD. I only ordered them months ago 0.0 (I'm still trying to figure out why they called this Volume 1 because so far there is still the same amount of episodes as they've always had in thier seasons...

The answer MUST be Aliens.)

  My cats are creepy and always staring at me.

 Anyway. YAY! :iconbummiesplz:

    Okay, quite honestly, I don't like to bitch about my personal life online. I really don't. It happens tho, right?

But holy shit, I need to vent.

....I have begun, in the last, hmmmm...three years or so, have really REALLY started to hate this fucking apartment building. Seriously.

 When I first moved in, our apartment landlord was, to be completely blunt, a cleaning Nazi, a NO NOISE WHATSOEVER Nazi, and, to be honest, it seemed a little annoying at first. Our building, however, was...IMMACULATE. Clean, and shit got done. You put in a complaint, and stuff got fixed.

I really, really miss it. In the last few years, this building has gone down completely. They hardly clean anymore, and some of the tenants. Oh dear lord, some of the tenants they let in here. I swear our old landlord had a bit of a screening policy or something.....

 It happened at the beginning of the year, probably around..March. Maybe before it started to get warm again. Underneath our sink, we noticed a bug.

Now. I'm a bit of an idiot sometimes, and I just thought it was a regular old bugs. We get bugs. Everyone gets bugs. My boyfriend was trying to kill it but he couldn't get at it, because it would scurry away. I said, well it's probably a little beetle, we'll get it. His response? IT BETTER NOT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS.... Are you all thinking what he was thinking?

 Before this, I had NEVER, EVER, EVER seen a cockroach. In fact, I didn't even THINK cockroaches really were all that common in Canada. Stupid? YES. Incredibly stupid of me. But this is what I believed.

 Suddenly we started to see more six legged friends. It became apparent that we, somehow, had a roach problem. AWWW HELL NO. So, we had a guy come in and spray. It wasn't until the supposed bug guy at our apartment complex said "we would really like to just nuke the whole place but the company says it's not in their budget." when I started to get...just a tad annoyed.

 I shuddered suddenly, because even tho I originally thought, for whatever reason, that our third floor apartment was their favourite place to hang out, that, oh no.

 The infestation is in our building.

 This has become also apparent; I've seen some crawling around on the main floor of the lobby (the little baby ones, they look really odd and the first time I saw one I actually thought it was a tick or something.) And just today I saw a keeled over one on the floor too. 

 You see, this is what happens when people, in your building, are disgusting pigs who never clean, and OH, YES, take shit out of the GARBAGE CANS AND CURB SIDES like mattresses and couches and all that fun stuff. Okay, now, we all know, YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT. At least, that's what I've always assumed anyway myself (I would think other people think this too?), especially since this whole bed bug scare and stuff that I'm sure many of you have went through as well. We've had a moment where bed bug infestations were running rampant in our city (thank god we've never had any.) I mean I've even seem them have COUCHES on their porches outside too. Not to mention, the apartment managers just...just...GAH. I mean honestly. They barely clean, or get around to doing much of anything. We've had water damage in our unit, specifically in my room where I do my art. Josh and I were woken up one morning because water was coming from our FIRE ALARM, also coming from our light socket in our closets, and my carpet in my room was wet, ruining some art I had gotten from people (I was PISSED.) and some paper I had as well. Because of this, we actually had to TURN OFF the fuse thingie that controls our fire alarm in our apartment because that was the only way we could turn it off. To this day, it's STILL off. WOW, THAT'S SAFE, EH GUYS?  When we told them about the water damage, the first time (yes, this happened twice........) they said they would check on it and never did. The second time, they just said "oh, it's because of the hurricane." (that happened, like, the fall before. You know, the big hurricane that happened last year? We got the back end of that here. It was pretty fuckin' terrible still.) WELL THEN. When we told them about the fire alarm and the light socket? "We didn't see anything." Well, yes, that's because THE WATER IS DRY NOW BECAUSE IT'S DAYS LATER WHEN YOU CAME UP TO SEE IT. :iconnotimpressedplz:

 The water dripping from the light socket happened in our utility closet, where our cats litterbox is. That was NOT fun, because the water from the light socket dripped down so much that it made the litterbox a swimming pool of shit and cat piss. They had no where to go to the bathroom that night, the poor things,  because I guess the water had been dripping all night when we were asleep, so they had no choice but to go on our floors. (I never get mad at pets when they go to the bathroom on the floor, because I believe there is a reason for it 99.99999999% of the time.) I was terrified for days after this incident, because I thought a fire or something would happen. To this day I still am freaked out the, if we get a big storm again, am I going to get MORE water damage? I collect dolls, and I'm so scared they are going to get ruined!

 Well, back to the roaches. So we get them exterminated. All was fine for a few months. Until recently.

 I had one who wanted to take a shower with me one morning (I had Josh kill it as I stood there naked outside the bathtub going EW EW EW EW EW for like five minutes.), and now it seems there is a new breed of them that has breeded in our building. They're tiny motherfuckers.

 Look. I get that roaches are a problem for a lot of buildings, and they are really hard to get rid of. But the thing that REALLY PISSES ME OFF is the fact that the apartment complex said they don't have enough money to do the building, MEANWHILE they've done/are doing the following repairs:


...And the latest one:

-Ripping up ALL THE CONCRETE of the first floor apartments, repaving them. This MUST cost a lot. Really.

 ....OKAY NO WAIT. So, lemme get this straight. You can do all this shit, find money for all this shit BUT YOU CAN'T EXTERMINATE THE ROACHES IN THE BUILDING?

 I mean...HEALTH AND SAFETY??? Really?

 I realize it's annoying, and costs a lot, but...I mean..we have an infestation, douchebags.

 Honestly, Josh and I just don't see the point of even telling them we've seen roaches again. (The whole process of them exterminating them is a WHOLE OTHER JOURNAL.......) I mean if they aren't going to take care of the building, and do what they need to, what's the point? They're just going to come in, spray disgusting, smelly chemicals in our unit AGAIN, only having us still know that those mother fuckers are still crawling around everywhere in the walls and only to have them come back 3 or 6 months later.

 We've been proactively cleaning as much as we can, but as we all know, bugs don't give a flying shit how clean your home is. I mean, sure, we get a little lazy once and a while and maybe half assedly clean, but...We still clean regularly. Moreso now that we've had...issues.

 There's so much we can babble about, how our irritation with this place has been increasing over the last few years, but really... This is the last straw. Really. I mean this is just..I get so frustrated, all I can do sometimes is just cry. Because we're stuck. We can't move out because we have no money to do so, so we just feel...Stuck. And everything going on with our job is making it even more difficult. At first we were going to move into a townhouse, but now? I just want to get the fuck out of here. I don't care if we live in a goddamned camper, I just want to get the hell out of here. I've suggested once we know whats going on with money we can just move into another apartment for a year and then get a house or something. I'm just tired of this shit. I just....

 I just need to complain. I'm sorry.

 At this point, I guess I'm just trying to find at home solutions, but all the at home solutions that I've found include toxic chemicals that I simply cannot have around my cats. Cleo will eat EVERYTHING and I'm so scared she'll try and eat some of the concoctions you can make. Some suggestions we just can't do (like caulking and stuff) because we live in an apartment and we can't do this stuff because we aren't allowed to.

 At this point, I've really, really REALLY debated seeing if I can get the government or city involved in this, if they can. I mean, I'm not even worrying about myself here - we DO have a lot of families, elderly people, and non-gross people who actually make an effort to clean that live here and having roaches is NOT safe for ANYONE. Lord only knows how many my cats have munched on thinking it was something to play and chase after. Anyone have suggestions?

 I've thought about emailing, anonymously, the management of the company for the building  we live in, but honestly? Would they even do anything? They probably wouldn't. I mean, you know, roach extermination isn't in their budget and all. (But making sure we have nice pretty tiles is - tiles that get cleaned very, like, 6 months? Maybe at the soonest?)  We've been keeping ALL of our food in the fridge (like, literally, everything) because I just figure thats the last place they would go to hunt for food (being cold and all.) Our fridge is getting really cramped.

 I'm kinda hoping when the winter sets in, and when it becomes unbearably cold in here (because we're too cheap to pay for heat....they'll just...go away. But evidently, cockroaches are the most resilient pieces of shit on the planet and NEVER DIE.

 I'm so god damned frustrated. If I knew I had a job in six months, you best be sure we'd be out of here. But...we just can't. Because we don't know what's going to happen. I really needed to vent. I mean last year our building had a serious problem with ants. And THAT was really pissing me off.

 ....I will gladly take the ants back. Somehow, they seem much less worse. At least you could kill them without the fear of them releasing their eggs everywhere.

 ...Thanks for letting me vent, you guys. Any helpful things that maybe you've tried would really be appreciated.


Commissions! HURRAH!

So, heres the deal - For my first offering of commissions, I will be offering full coloured bust shots of a character of your choice. The drawings will be in this fashion:
L-L-L-Lollipop by calicokatt
Gal Pals by calicokatt
So basically, a drawing of a character(s) from the ribcage/shoulders up. At the current moment, nothing more.


$10.00 USD - this INCLUDES full colour with coloured pencils, background (if you wish) done with watercolours (unless otherwise stated), and shipping, as drawing will be done traditionally and you will recieve the original drawing (unless, er, otherwise stated. XD) 1 character is included with this price. If you'd like an additional character, like in the picture of Alex, Clarice, Amy and Melanie for example, shown above, an additional character is $3 USD extra.
ALL drawings will be done on Canson Mixed Media 7 X 10 paper, with coloured pencils and watercolours.

So, Jess, What WILL You Draw?

Pretty much any character or characters, beit your own or characters from your favourite show or whatever. Human, anthro, alien, yeti, flower person, whatever. XD Male or female! I'm not sexist! REFERENCES REQUIRED PLZ.

What Won't You Draw?

...Porn, basically. I'll draw tasteful nudity, altho I don't particularly know how...porny a drawing of this kind would be. XD

Why Won't You Draw A Full Bodied Picture?

At the moment, I still have a full time job so I don't have as much time, and I feel these can be done more efficiently. I will open up full bodied commissions eventually, just not right now.

I will have three slots open at a time!  These will be first come, first serve basis. So, if Jill, Joe and Bob are the first offers I get, but you come after Bob, you will be added into a queue, and when finished Jill, Joe and Bobs commissions, I will then add you into the next slots.
If interested, please MESSAGE ME VIA A NOTE (PLEASE don't requests in a comment, just note me!), or EMAIL me via ! We will make arrangements regarding payment through email or notes. :D
Payment accepted is Paypal of cheque (at your own risk). PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE I WILL START THE DRAWING. END. OF. STORY. If you are unable to make the full payment right away for whatever reason, I may be willing to negotiate something with you - just ask! :D
FULL refunds, obviously,  will be given if I am unable to complete your commission for whatever reason (like, I have been abducted by aliens or something.)
Please ask any questions you may have!

Commission Slots:
1: <available>
2: <available>
3: <available>


Hey everyone!

After about a million cups of tea, a million hugs from cats, and a few moments of OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GONNNNA DOOOOOOOOO!!! ....I've had time to calm down a little bit regarding my terrible news and had time to just think about what we're going to do. I've applied for the at home positions that they had opened up, but I won't find out about whether or not I have that until the end of November the earliest so... Yeah.

In the meantime, Josh and I have decided to try not to stress out about it - we've NEVER fought about money (or really anything, for that matter.) and we really don't want to start now. So, we've decided to save as much money as we can and spend as little as we can as well. We've decided to stop eating out (we are notorious for going for coffees and such - it doesn't cost a lot up front, but 6 dollars here, and 6 dollars there or whatever every day or every few days? That shit adds up a month.) and only eat out once a week at the most. We won't buy, er, useless things, unless we have the money for it. We've cut down on bills as well and just doing as much as we can. I just want to assure everyone that I will still have a job until April it's just...

Time flies, so I'm sure April will hit us in the ass before we know it.

If we don't find anything we do get severance after all of this, so..that's...Good...I guess. I THINK it's based on how many hours worked during the time you were there instead of how many weeks you were there (like it normally is done from what I understand) I doubt I would get all that much, but it would be enough to pay the bills and rent for maybe two or three months.
The important thing is not to sit on our asses and wait for that to happen, so we'll keep an eye out for jobs. In the meantime I'm focusing on being as healthy in mind and body as I can since that does help out tremendously with all of this.

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm going to be offering commissions to help earn some money, so I will have a seperate journal regarding that once I get my prices in order. So if you are interested, keep your eyes open! :dance:

I want to thank you all for your concern and encouraging words! It really means a lot to me. I know I haven't been the greatest at responding to messages recently and such but I really do appreciate all comments, you are all so sweet and I love you all!

 ...On another note, my salad was really gross. Molty lettuce leaves are not appetizing at all. 0.0
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Well, Shit.

 Now, I typically don't like to babble about my own personal life online, to a point. But.. today, I need to... I guess just vent a bit..or something.

 Today, I found out some pretty crappy news. Altho, I'm not terribly surprised by this news since I started to see this was going to happen earlier on this year, but basically, without REALLY saying it, but we all know that they were saying it just in the nicest way possible...

My job is closing. In six months. So in April...yeah.

 I told myself to not freak out, because I'm terribly prone to freakin' out and it doesn't get me anywhere, but it's just..REALLY hard not to. Basically, they will still have home positions that are available BUT only a certain amount of those positions are going to be available. I just have no idea what I'm going to do.

 This really sucks because both Josh and I work there, We both decided that we're going to hope for the best and apply for the home positions but I dunno.. I really don't know.

This really puts a damper on a lot of things. First, we NEED to get out of this apartment (for reasons that needs it's own journal entirely.), but now we simply CAN'T afford it. I mean not that we could afford it anyway, but we were hoping that sometime at the beginning of the new year we would have been able to. We just have to stay put, until we know whats going on with our jobs.

 In the meantime, I guess the only thing left to do is try and figure out where my resume is on my Mac or like, make a new one. The job market here is NOT very good so...gah.

 So, I've decided that perhaps one day, I'll get super lucky and win McDonald's Monopoly game because I only need like, 1 stamp in each spot for the 20000, 50000 and stuff. We'll see how that goes. /sarcasm.

 I'm debating opening up some kind of commissions or something, but I dunno. I really don't know. For my own reasons I haven't done commissions all that much but it could help us save up some money.

 Well, the good thing is that this whole thing has kinda spark something inside me (again, because I'm a dolt and magical procrastinator....) to try and get my comic going, since I actually have these little art fantasies of doing my own comic. But anyway. I'm going to try and get that going or at least get back to it. I was doing really well with it and then it just stalled because real life got in the way.

 And I found 50$ on the sidewalk two days ago. I was going to use it to buy a new outfit, but I guess I should save it, eh?

 And I'm having a period-induced fat day. :iconnotimpressedplz: And headache. :iconimrlynotimpressedplz:

 When it rains, it shitstorms, doesn't it? 0.0
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 Holy scheisse, it's been quite some time since I've updated this motherfacker, hasn't it?

 Just a quick journal just updating you all about Jess things.

 For those of you who care, I have a Tumblr! If you are interested in watching me or following me or whatever the hell they call it on Tumblr, I'm over at </b> My blog will basically update you whenever I post new artwork, and I'll share other artwork related things that I've found on the internetz, as well as goofy little things. It'll mostly be regarding art, but I'm sure a few cats will pop up every so often. :iconlarryplz:

 I've actually had my tumblr for a while now, I just never advertised it but I'm starting to use it more so...yes. If interested, feel free to tumble on in. I'm also interested in finding other artists to follow there too so...

TEEE I'll follow you back! :iconteheplz:

 Anyway. I appreciate you all being super patient with the Jess as she has been extremely behind in everything. I've been a little more busy as of lately and haven't gotten around to being able to respond to my messages. I read and appreciate all of my comments and feedback! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!

 Anyhoo, again, if you are interested, feel free to follow me on Tumblrland: . IT JUST MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

(but probably not.)

 I'll write a more exciting journal later, but in the meantime...have fun everyone!
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(The awesome pun you saw on the a picture on the UPS Store door, Jess? :iconnotimpressedplz:

.....Yes, Brain. Yes. Anyway.

 So this is my first journal in like, what? 6 months? Something like that? I have a lot of stuff I want to write about to catch you all up on my VERY INTERESTING LIFE (which really isn't that interesting. ) but because it's my wonderful nations birthday, I feel compelled by the giant maple tree outside my apartment unit and by the talking jar of Maple Syrup that is in my fridge, and the flock of Canadian Geese that just flew by to pimp Canada Day!

 So, Happy Canada Day everyone! Go fry up that peameal bacon, feed those Canadian Geese at your local park, hug those adorable little beavers, and watch Sidney Crosby's and Jarome Ignila's awesome winning goal at the Olympics for the millionth time! Riot with those hockey sticks, wear your red and white proud and strong! Be totally bilingual and RAISE YOUR CUP OF TIMMIES, BECAUSE....

 Oh Canada, we stand on guard for THEE!

Canadian Please
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
Even if in winter things tend to freeze
We've got the world monopoly on trees
And our country's bordered by three different seas
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

We invented the zipper, we've got expertise
We made insulin to combat disease
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

Brits have got the monarchy
The US has the money
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
The French have got the wine and cheese
Koalas chill with the Aussies
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

Et si ce n'était pas assez
On a deux langues officielles:
L'anglais et le français

Ooh la la

Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
Where else do you find mounted police
Or go to the hospital and not pay fees
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please

And when freshwater is in high demand
We've got the world's largest supply on hand
So you know that we could make a pretty good friend
But it's even better if you can be…

So you're thinking to yourself,
"How do I live in this beautiful country?"
Well we've got some steps for you to follow…

STEP 1: Lose the gun
STEP 2: Buy a canoe
STEP 3: Live multiculturally
STEP 4: You're ready, there is no more!

We got beavers, cariboo and moose
We got buffalos, bears, and Canadian goose
And we're sorry about Celine Dion
But she did do that good song for James Cameron…

Brits have got the monarchy
The US has the money
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
The French have got the wine and cheese
Koalas chill with the Aussies
But I know that you wanna be Canadian

The Greek chilled out with Socrates
Can't build a wall like the Chinese
But I know that you wanna be Canadian
In Kenya they have safaris
We've missed lots of other countries

But I know that you wanna be Canadian…
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(I'm posting this journal, even tho right now I'm so fucking pissed off its not even funny, and I seriously want to write a rant journal right now... but I'll do that later. When I've calmed down. Since I pre-wrote this journal earlier this week, I'll post this right now since that was the original intention.)

Well, it's that time of year again!

And by that, I mean its the end of the year, when I share with you my personal favourites from my gallery with all of you! Because...I lke to pretend that you all care. XD

2012 was an interesting year, non the less. We've all survived the apopcalypse, which is great. Honestly, this year went by so quiickly, I hardly saw it! Before I knew it, it was December. But... it was a good year. I've sorted out a lot of things personally, this year. I realized what is really important in life, and I discovered that I'm truly happy. Before I was always down on myself, but I've overcome a lot of things that I've been going through personally (which for the record I tend not to babble about online)... .It's a journey, and I' can honestly say that I'm not 100% "there" yet, but man...have I realized a lot of things this year. And I've never felt better!

Artistically, this year has been one of my best years, in my opinion. I think I grew a lot as an artist. I just want to thank EVERYONE out there here who has stuck with me and went along with me on my artistic journey. I love you all! I know I've been really shitty with commenting these days, but I really appreciate all that you guys say, and all the support and favourites and all that jazz! It means a lot to me that I can share my passion with the world. You are all so talented, and amazing, and wonderful, and thankyou to all my new and old friends here on DeviantART! You truly make it worth while to keep posting up my brain farts to share with the world! I hope that you all realize how awesome you are! Please never give up on your dreams, and your artwork - you are all truly inspirational!

And once again, I shall let out a big thankyou to...yes...My characters. I know most of the world probably figures you are just the brainchildren of a really bored 28 year old, but dammit, you guys have been there for me since I was a youngin; You've been my friends when I had none, and you've helped me deal with a llot of things that honestly, I don't know if I could deal with without you guys. I know I can be pretty mean to you guys sometimes, but dammit... I love you all, my special little minions.

So, friends, may I present to you my Best of 2012! Once again, I'll say that these are just the best drawings of my choices that I've posted this year, in no particular order. They may not have been necessarily done this year, because I'm a slowass at posting up my stuff, but these are just some of my personal favourites. I hop e you all enjoy, and thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU everyone for your never ending support and love!

Also, I encourage every single one of you to also do a journal or something of the sort like this; It's really fun to see how you've improved throughout the year! :D

The Best of 2012

Lovin By The Sea by calicokatt Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime by calicokatt Art Trade: Svenn and Funday by calicokatt LISTEN TO ME by calicokatt Let's Write by calicokatt Lets All Hangout Awkwardly by calicokatt Hey There Rage by calicokatt Remember Movember by calicokatt They're Single Ladies by calicokatt Sam Is Adorb by calicokatt Art Trade: Sybila by calicokatt Imma Just Marking Stuff by calicokatt Longest Walk Home Ever by calicokatt We Holdz Hands by calicokatt OH HAI ITS KAI by calicokatt Best Friends Different Fan Clubs by calicokatt
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Well, it's good to know that I'll completely miss December 21st... Because I will be dead before that date.

Okay, okay. I'm just overexaggerating. I'm not dying. I've apparently gotten some kind of flu. As someone who doesn't get sick often, Jess...does not like flus. This is pretty terrible. I haven't slept very much in the last few days (only today I realized why I haven't slept well, its because I got the flu but my symptoms didn't start until today... Great.). The sleepless nights ARE NOT HELPING. I pretty much just dose in and out of conciousness every couple of hours for about 30 minutes and then I wake up... My boyfriend was sick so I guess I got it from him. I'm not nearly as terrible as he was, but ughhhh...... This totally sucks. I'll probably take some NeoCitron and hope that helps me sleep for more than just 3 hours at a night.

Honestly tho? I'm glad I'm sick NOW than being sick sometime next week. I spent one Christmas sick...definately don't want to do it again! But the good news is that I'll be either couch ridden or bed ridden so I can take some time and just draw and watch hours of shows. If I feel better tommorrow Imma gonna try and get some colouring done... But honestly I really need to do some groceries XD

I'm thinking the messed up weather isn't helping either with being sick. Seriously. We've had spring-like temperatures and rain. I just want snow, and cold,  so I can actually sleep at night dammit. I shouldn't have to open the window and turn on fans to get it cool in my room at night in December! (I honestly think I was like taht because of this flu, but Imma just saying.)

Anyway. Thanks again to everyone who responded to my last journal about the art trades! Just for the record, they are ALWAYS OPEN (well, right now anyway) so...yeah. If you are still interested, anyone out there, lemme know and we'll talk.

I'm also stoked that my work has given me Boxing Day (the 26th) off this year! Yay, three days off!! I refuse to go anywhere (For the record, Boxing Day in Canada is basically like the American's Black Friday.) but it'll be nice to have the holidays off!

My head hurts. And my body doesn't know if it's hot or cold.

Welll, thats it for now. I can't type very well. If we all die on the 21st, I just wanna say...IMMA LOVE YOU ALL! Ahhh I''m sure we'll be alright. The aliens will save us. Or something.
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